Christmas with the Family - Sunday - December 25, 2011

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Christmas morning came bright and early. 
We heard the kids up in their room about 4:30,
but they didn’t come down stairs until around 6am.

Santa had definitely been here :o))03 - Santa brought Presents
Good Morning Julie!!
04 - Good Morning Julie

Good Morning Brian ;o((
05 - Good Morning Brian

Entertainment while we wait for EVERYONE to get up!!09 - waiting for everyone to wake up

We had our customary Christmas breakfast…
Dunkin Donuts with a side of Tastycakes! 01 - Breakfast is ready02 - Christmas Donuts

Of course the kids really didn’t spend much time with breakfast
as there were still unopened gifts.
06 - Good Morning Samantha

Emily, our Christmas Ninja was ready to get started!!07 - Emily the Christmas ninja

The kids, big and little, had presents and wrapping paper all over the place!! 10 - Opening Packaging10y - Opening Gifts - Everyone10z - Opening Gifts - Everyone

Everyone had a great time :o))

I’ll let the photos tell the story….
10a - Opening Packaging - Andrew10b - Opening Packaging - Samantha and Emily10c - Opening Packaging - Daniel10e - Opening Packaging - Emily

A little explanation needed on my gift....

I like to drink coffee out of styrofoam cups. 
They made me a complete set of “Coffee to Go” cups. 
Each cup comes complete with
instant coffee, creamer and plastic spoon ;o))10f - Opening Packaging - Grandpop

Great Grandmom got a box of yarn to make afghans!!10g - Opening Gifts - Great Grandmom

Nancy got “Pink Sparkle” Converse Chucks !!!
10h - Opening Gifts - Grandmom sparkle shoes

Nancy and the girls were so excited!!10h2 - Opening Gifts - Grandmom sparkle shoes
Sparkle shoes for all of them!!!
14 - Sparkle Shoes for all14b - Sparkle Shoes for all

Of course, Andrew is growing up so it was time for him to get
his first pair of “Plaid” pajama pants ;o))
10i - Opening Gifts - Andrew Plaid Pants

After all Andrew is taller than his Mom!!

Steve and his “NEW” twin brother !!10i2 - Opening Gifts - Steve Twin

What a beautiful basket for Great Grandmom!!10j - Opening gifts - Great Grandmom bowl

Julie got her own bead set!!
10k - Opening gifts - Julie bead crafts
10l - Opening gifts - Daniel Starwars
10m - Opening gifts - Samantha and Emily Pink Legos

Once all the gifts were opened, we gathered up the trash.
The bag was as big as Great Grandmom !!
11 - Trash Lady

We spent most of the day playing games (inside and outside) as well as doing arts and crafts.12 - Crafty Ladies13 - Uncle Brian the Rubic Champ

Andrew and Daniel also spent time building Lego kits.
These are the smallest Legos I have ever seen!!10d - Opening Packaging - Little Legos

Later in the afternoon,
when we thought the gift giving was over with,
Julie and Steve had saved a “special” present
 to give each of their children.

Andrew got a new bicycle!!
19 - Andrews New Bike

It jumps curbs great!!
19b - Andrews New Bike- yep this will work

Look Mom, No Hands!!
19c - Andrews New Bike- yep this will work without hands

Daniel got a Legos video game!!
18 - Daniel's Video Game

Daniel told us, “I really needed this!!”18b - Daniel's Video Game I really needed this game!

Emily and Samantha got a 6 foot high castle
a 4 foot high cardboard house.
 20 - Samantha and Emily's new castles

Once assembled,
the girls
 20b- Samantha and Emily's new castles we fit
little and big
20c- Samantha and Emily's new castles Julie's hideaway
can color and decorate them.
 20c- Samantha and Emily's new castles painting the house 20d- Samantha and Emily's new castles painting the house 
This will keep the girls entertained for weeks to come.

Before the day ended,
but unfortunately after Brian and Chris had left,
we managed to take a family picture.

What a wonderful time we had!
Every time you would turn around there was
another grandchild with another smile.

Samantha with their new pet penguin and monkey!15 - Samantha and Pet Pequin and Monkey

Daniel just so happy!!
16 - Daniel's Happy

Of course,

what would such a wonderful gathering be without

“The Diva”
17 - Samantha the Diva

It doesn’t get any better than this!!

Still smiling, we left for home early Monday morning.
After dropping Nancy’s Mom off at her house,
we made one more stop at Huntington Beach State Park
to say hello and happy holidays to fellow RV Dreamers
Bruce, Laura, Dan and Tricia.
26 - Dan and Tricia and Brua and Laura
Our visit was a short one, just long enough to share a few laughs, wish them a Happy New Year and promise to get together in our future travels. It was a nice ending to a Christmas weekend!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas you had! The kids were grinning from ear to ear in each picture :) I do think the very best gift though, was Nancy's sparkling Converse Chucks! Awesome! :)
    The family picture at the end was pretty awesome too :)

    Happy, Happy New Year to you both!

  2. Great smiles from a great time! I liked that quick and easy breakfast, who has time to eat when there are loads of gifts under the tree?

    Really thoughtful gift of all those pre-set coffee cups. Can you say "addiction?"

    Nothing better than a family Christmas. :c)

  3. Isn't family time grand!? Happy New Year to you both. Hope our paths cross again soon!

  4. 4:30AM I remember those days. Such excitment. This looks like just a wonderful day. I really loved all the pictures of your happy family having so much fun. 4 generations, lucky you two!

    I am SO ENVIOUS of those shoes Nancy. I mean I LOVE sparkles. I just can't understand how Santa forgot me when he was giving those. Hmmmmm what size is your foot? Maybe it was a mistake.

    Now Bill are those biodegradable styrofoam cups? You LIKE to drink out of those? We'll have to discuss this soon.

  5. What a great Christmas day you had. I can't pick a favorite picture. Nothing beats time with family. If you head towards Florida, let us know - we miss our Carolina Clan. Happy New Year!!! Jill and Paul

  6. I can certainly tell that the grand kids have grown up during the past year or so. Andrew is growing like a weed. Great holiday times.

  7. Looks like you had a great Christmas...nothing better than spending time with family!
    Happy New Year!

  8. I love the pictures of all of you together. Reminded me of times past, when my kids were small, and we were all together.

    Great shoes, Nancy!