Pancake Breakfast :o)) -- Saturday -- July 23, 2011

Nancy here:  Before I share a wonderful Pancake recipe I just found.  I want to share the last few photos of the kids camping visit.

Bill spent yesterday morning with the kids and grandkids playing in the ocean!! He had a ball and was really worn out when he got back after lunch.  Later that evening, we went back for one last visit. 

When we got there, I asked the children to get together for a group picture.  Well, they were not real excited about that idea.  After three attempts, I called it quits and will share the best of the three photos ;o))02  - kids

Bill, Steve and the 2 boys went to play miniature golf while Julie, the girls and I went for a golf cart ride.  So nice to spend just a little more time together before they have to head back to Raleigh in the morning.

While we were there, Steve wanted Bill’s help with packing up a few of the harder things like the awning and the canopy.  My job was to entertain the children so they wouldn’t get in the way :o))  Now, what better way to keep the children busy and happy then to give them CHOCOLATE!!!03 - kids and chocolateEven my oldest child, Julie, has a smile on her face!!

Of course, Grandpop had promised them ice cream once he got done with his chores if they behaved ;o)))04 - Kids and Ice CreamNow there is a happy gang.  We just love the time we get to spend together.  We hope to have a lot more time in the near future to make a lot more memories!!01 Sand Heart

Now let’s talk pancakes!!

I am the pancake lover in this family.  However, I never make them as I have never found a recipe that meets my requirements.  I usually just get pancakes when we go out for breakfast and consider it a special treat!!

I really prefer to eat low-fat vegan.  Now that means the pancakes would have to be whole grain with no added oil, eggs, or dairy.  Try to find a pancake recipe that doesn’t taste like cardboard with those requirements!!!

Well, I have found it :o)))

Buckwheat Corncakes01 - Blueberry Buckwheat CorncakesHere they are with blueberries

01 - Bill and CorncakesEven Bill liked the ones I made for him without blueberries!!!  His comment, “This recipe is a keeper!”

After I ate one plain and one blueberry while I was ‘testing’ the recipe, my final plate included three Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes with Fresh Sweet Queen Anne Cherries.
03 - Corncakes with CherriesUnbelievably Delicious!!!

Here is the recipe which I put into Mastercook format and then took a photo of it.  So if you cannot read it, just click the photo to enlarge it.
04 - RecipeFor those who do not use Soy Milk, I am sure the regular milk would work just fine.

05 - Directions

Nutritional Analysis (per pancake)05 - Nutritional analysis

Happy Birthday JULIE !! - Wednesday - July 20, 2011

Today is our daughters 38th Birthday.  She and her family have rented a Pop-up Camper, their first camping experience as a family!!! They are staying at the Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach along with 20,000 of their closest friends;o))  Ocean Lakes is one of the largest campgrounds in the country and even still, this time of year, the campground is full and campsites are at a premium!!

They wanted to try camping before they put a lot of money into the equipment needed. Nancy and I give them a lot of credit for renting a pop-up for the six of them.  As our son Brian said, “that does not exactly sound like a formula for success – six in a pop-up!!” However, Julie, Steve and the kids are having a blast.
01 - Pop-upTheir Rented Pop-up!
01a - Pop-up - Corner CampsiteTheir Site on the Corner!
01a1 - Pop-up - Street where you liveView down side street of neighbors and the walk way to the beach!
01a2 - Pop-up - Street where you live & bath houseOther side street with bath house and neighbors!
01a3 - Pop-up - Neighbors - Nobody Walks hereBackdoor neighbors across the main road.  By the looks of all the scooters, I don’t think anyone in this group walks anywhere!!

The close quarters of the campground is a non issue to them.  They have the beach, the pool, a rented golf cart and lots of sun and heat.  To them, that’s why they came to the beach!!

We caught up with them at the beach early Wednesday morning and spent a short time watching them enjoy the ocean. 
 02b - Beach - Julie, Steve, Samantha, Andrew, Daniel
02c - Beach - Andrew on Boogie BoardAndrew riding the waves!!
02d - Beach - Samantha and Daniel jumping wavesDaniel and Samantha jumping waves!!
02e - Beach - Big Sis Little SisBig Sis…..Little Sis!!
02f - Beach - Andrew and PelicanAndrew and the Pelican!!
02g - Beach - Emily riding boogie boardSurfing Emily!!
02h - Beach - Samantha and the shovelSamantha having shovel problems ;o((02h1 - Beach - Samantha and the shovelI know I can make it work….02h2 - Beach - Samantha and the shovelMaybe this will work better…. not really ;o((02h3 - Beach - Samantha and the shovelOK….Now I’ve got it :0))))

Nancy really should not be in the sun too long. She is on a ‘just in case’ antibiotic and sun is a NO, NO!! So we agreed to meet them back at their camper for dinner.

We brought three large Pizza Hut pizzas, a gallon of sweet tea, a six pack of apple juice, strawberries, watermelon and a dozen cupcakes for Julie’s Birthday Dinner!! 03a - Happy Birthday - Julie and kids
03a1 - Happy Birthday - Make a wishMake a Wish…Julie!!
03b - Happy Birthday - Grandpop I need the PINK oneGrandpop… I really need the pink one!!
03c - Happy Birthday - Sugar for EVERYONEEveryone getting their sugar fix!!
03d - Happy Birthday - Andrews Big BiteThe BIG  BITE technique!!
03e - Happy Birthday - Daniel Icing First TechniqueThe ICING FIRST technique!!
03f - Happy Birthday - Samantha and Emily Sugar High!!Oh, perhaps we’ve had a little too much sugar!!!!!

Everyone enjoyed the party meal even though we had it outside in the 95 degree heat :o((  The kids just take it in stride!!

I went on a golf cart ride with Steve, Andrew, Emily and Samantha.
04 - Daniel Video Games Daniel stayed back to play a hand held video game and Nancy got a “tour” of their TIGHT quarters;o)) 
01c - Pop-up - KitchenKITCHEN
01b - Pop-up - Dining RoomDINING ROOM
01d - Pop-up - Boys and Girls RoomsBoys room in the back, girls room in the dinette area.

Each afternoon, after playing so hard in the ocean all morning, they all take a rest from the sun and heat.  Julie emailed me these next two photos of the kids in their respective room :o)01d1 - Pop-up - Boys and Girls RoomsPlenty of room for the boys.  However, I think the girls may have already outgrown their room ;o)01d2 - Pop-up - Boys and Girls Rooms

01e - Pop-up - Mom and Dads RoomJulie and Steve’s room at the other side. This is not our idea of camping. However, I know the grandkids will remember this for a lifetime!!!!

After being offered a bed for the night!!!01f - Pop-up - Room for Grandmom and GrandpopYes, we were offered the foldout sofa…this pop-up is rated to sleep 8 people ;o((  It was tough to turn it down ;o)) However, Nancy and I left for home about 7:30pm. They were all going to the rec hall to play BINGO!!  We were going back to an air conditioned house.  Good for ALL of us :o))

03 - Happy Birthday - Julie

Shoulder Surgery–Success!! - Monday - July 18, 2011

Nancy here: First off, if you are squeamish about medical photos and stuff, do not proceed to read today’s blog.  Short and Sweet Version… Nancy had shoulder Surgery and it was a Success!! :o)))

For those who didn’t know, Nancy and I had a bicycle accident a couple years ago.  We both were wearing helmets so we came away without any brain damage.  I know a few folks might argue that point, but regardless…..


Anyhow, Nancy did fracture her left upper arm in 3 places.  It was called a 4-part Proximal Humerus Fracture and required an 8” titanium rod and 5 screws to put her Proximal (round part or ball of the upper arm) back together.
07 - Original Surgery XrayHere is the X-ray following the original surgery.

The result of the original surgery was good.  But over the past year, her range of motion has decreased greatly and she gets severe numbness in her forearm and hand. So the Doctor took X-rays which showed that the screws had come loose and were hitting things they shouldn’t be hitting ;o((

So, it was time to take the hardware out.  This past Friday, July 15th, that’s exactly what took place. It was done in an outpatient facility….amazing!!

01 - nancy leaving for surgeryNancy leaving for the operation.

02 - arm pre surgeryNancy’s Arm Pre-Surgery

03 - bill coffeeIt could be a long morning, so Bill stopped for another cup of coffee on the way to the surgical facility!!

04 - carolina bone and joint surgery centerCarolina Bone and Joint Surgery Facility

06 - rod and screws spare partsThey gave Nancy the “Loose” Screws and Rod.  We feel so much better knowing Nancy now has '”Spare” Parts!!!

05 - going homeAll repairs are finished and we headed home.

Nancy here:  The surgery facility was amazing…but the BEST thing was something call Bear Paws!!  They give you those wonderful paper gowns to put on over NOTHING!! Of course, the temperature in these places is extremely cold…you can’t have Doctor’s with sweaty hands;o(((  Well, the paper gown I got was connected to a little fan (the Bear Paw) that blew warm or cool air and was controlled by me.  Well, let’s just say I cranked that baby way up to the heat side of things;o)))  Now that’s a wonderful use of technology!!!!!

Once we got home, Nancy changed into jammies, took her PAIN medication and got the ice pack on the surgery site.  We never did get to see the incision, but it is under here somewhere????
08 - Shoulder Padded after surgery
She spent most of Friday and Saturday on pain meds, sleeping with the ice pack.  By Sunday, she was up and about more and weaning down on the medication, but still applying ice to the surgery site regularly.  She is a good patient!!  She does what she needs to do to get well and always recuperates quickly. 

The only thing that frustrated her was not being able to shower until Monday. The tape from the dressing was really ripping and pinching her arm, so she removed that Sunday night. Here is our first look at the surgery site.  Only 2 incisions which surprised us since the original surgery had 5 incisions???  I guess they have special ways to get to all those screws.  Don’t care, but less is always best when it comes to incisions;o))))) 09 - Shoulder w-o padding pre shower
Believe it or not, the sorest part are the bruises where they must have clamped her arm to keep it from moving!! Nancy cannot wait until tomorrow when she can get a SHOWER!!

Nancy here: You probably are not going to believe this, but I was up very early and felt so great that I held off on the shower until Bill got up and we went for a power walk around 6:30pm.  Now let me be clear, we walked to a 3.5mph beat for 4.25 miles...not a real blowout, but good enough to get a sweat going:o))  Then when we got back to the house, I realized the garden needed a little care, so Bill pulled out what I pointed to ;o))  Then I raked and cleaned it up while he showered.  Then it was MY turn was a MUCH NEEDED shower!!!

The shower itself was sheer pleasure…. funny how something that mundane can be that wonderful. During the shower, the little yellow bandages fell off and that was when I realized…
10 - Shoulder staples after showerI am no longer screwed together, I am stapled together! 

So I am now clean and feeling fine.  Really cannot believe how good the arm and I feel.  I have not had any pain meds since 8pm last night.  I cannot tell how much new range of motion I might get since it is still swollen, but I do know it is already much better than it was....


Stitches/staples come out next Monday and then I can work on building some muscle back up in that arm.  I will be back on the bike and maybe even REALLY paddling, not one-sided paddling, in the kayak before long!!!