HOT...HOT...HOT!!! - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our time is up at Myrtle Beach State Park for this visit.  We traveled today to Sesquicentenial State Park in Columbia, SC. 

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We will be at Sesquicentenial for 3 days. We plan to see our son and his wife, visit Congaree National Park and check out the South Carolina State Farmers Market.  Our site is great, but we only have 30 amp service.  Wish it was more as the temperature climbs above 100 degrees;o((

We left Myrtle Beach State Park about 9am.
Going to miss this view!!

We crossed the intercoastal waterway.

We only stopped once during the 3 hours trip to Columbia.

We borrowed SPARKY'S parking lot for a quick pit stop;o))

Shortly after noon, we entered the state park.
This picture does not show how steep the roads are  in the park.

We arrived and got set up just in time for lunch!!

 Site 37

It was an easy travel day and the rest of the afternoon, we didn't do much but stay inside and try to stay cool.  Just before sunset, it had cooled enough to walk down to the lake and take the trash to the dumpster.

Pretty walkway around the lake

Nice view of the lake

Tomorrow, we hope to get out early
to enjoy a couple adventures before the REAL heat sets in!!

Fun Times at Myrtle Beach SP - Jun 21-27, 2012

We return to the beach regularly to check in with Nancy's Mom.  During our stay this time, we visited her home twice and brought her to the campground for dinner and a walk out on the fishing pier.  She really enjoyed being outside and seeing everyone catching fish.

Bill and Mom enjoying the relaxing place;o)

Food always taste better outside!! 

Nancy looks so tall next to her Mom;o))

Mom watching the fisherman.

Yep.... They were catching Spots!!! 

Most mornings, we walk the beach or ride our bikes. 

Sunday mornings are our favorite time to ride bikes
 as there is very little traffic.

Getting ready to head out.

Directly across the highway from the state park
is a nice bike trail that runs back into Market Commons.

 How about a self-portrait of the Photographer ;o))

It was a beautiful morning for a long ride.
We found some new roads, complete with bike lanes!!

We had to watch out for the wildlife back there ;o)) 

This area is just being developed behind the Myrtle Beach Airport. 

Eventually, there will be more houses and people.
That will help make Market Commons a success.

But for now, we get to enjoy a great ride in a nice setting.

As we left Market Commons,
we past Warbird Park.

 Of course, we had to stop and see the planes!!

On the days we don't ride,
we hit the beach early for a walk.

Walkway to the Beach from the campground.

 Early morning they get the beach ready for the sun bathers!!

Interesting to see the Least Turn, the are rather rare here

Here's a Portuguese man-of-war!!
We have never seen one on the beach before.

Heading back to the Campground

The campground is full.  For some that may mean moving from one site to another in order to stay for an extended period of time.  We once had to move 3 times to stay here for two weeks.

However, these guys found a cool way to move to a new site...
Pick it up and walk it down the road ;o))

We love to surf fish and spent a great day doing that
 with our good friends, Bill and Chris!

I decided to try out my casting net. 

I caught 3 on the first cast!!

That's 2 more than I caught with the fishing pole ;o((

We wanted to get a kayak trip on the intercoastal waterway.
However, the weather and the tides did not cooperate...
Maybe next time!!

 Our last day, we decided to try pier fishing.

We packed our lunch and drinks,
paid our $5 fishing fees,
 found our special spot on the pier
waited for the big one to bite!!

Did I mention it was windy!?!?
Yeah, like 20mph winds ;o((

But, the fish don't know it is windy...right!?!?!
and so we waited and waited and waited ;o((((

 Nancy entertained herself taking photos of things other than fish ;o((((

The BIG dogs were out!!

These pigeons befriended us!! 

This bird was trying to land at the airport without topping the trees!!

We spent the entire day at the pier and finally left for dinner.  Of course, we came back after eating to try one more time.  The pier was almost empty, but we hung in there. Finally, we both caught a sand shark just before sunset;o))

Finally.... A fish picture!!

Back In Myrtle Beach - Wednesday - June 20, 2012

We arrived back at Myrtle Beach State Park on Monday, June 18th.  This is not the best time to be here if you can't stand crowds.  But it is the closest site available at the beach anywhere close to where Nancy's mother lives.  We did manage to snag site 313 on the back row.

Site 313, 50amp and water

We like the sites on the back row.  It is just quieter and they seem to have a little more room between sites.  There are some full hookup sites else where in the park, but they are in very congested areas.  We are fortunate to have LARGE holding tanks, so a sewer connection is not critical.

Our loop, looking right...

Our loop, looking left...

Once we got set up, it was off to the grocery store.  Traffic is terrible!!!  The park entrance is on Business Hwy 17 , one of the busiest roads in Myrtle Beach.  It took at least 10 minutes to make a left turn out of the campground;o((  We stopped at the produce stand just outside the park and then headed to Walmart to replenished our fridge and cupboards.  We seemed to be able to go two weeks between fill-ups;o))  That's nice until you get to the checkout and have to pay;o((  But except for a visit or two to the little produce stand, we are set for the length of our stay!!

Once we got the groceries put away and had some dinner, I was beat.  Hard to believe we had breakfast at Lake Wateree, moved to Myrtle Beach, got set up, did the grocery shopping, had dinner and there is still daylight left!!  So I decided to just enjoy the rest of the evening from my relaxing spot;o))

Tuesday morning, June 19th, we were up and out walking early.  This is the best time of the day as most campers are still sleeping!!  We walked the State Park roads as it was high tide and walking in the soft sand is just too difficult.

Fishing Pier from a distance

Fishing Pier Tackle Shop and Souvenir Store

Early Birds catch the FISH!!

View to the south - ocean was sooooo calm :o))

View to the north - Yes, that is Myrtle Beach downtown :o((

As we were leaving the fishing pier, we saw this enclosure and sign on the beach.  They make a real effort to protect Loggerhead Turtle nesting sites.  I guess they know when to remove the grate and fence in order for the baby turtles to make their way to the ocean :o))
Along the state park beach property we have seen about 6 of these grates and signs.  There is a stiff fine for messing with these nesting sites !!!

As we finished our walk and headed back to the motorhome,
we passed some really pretty flowers :o)


After showers and breakfast, we headed to our post office;o))
We are so lucky to have good friends, Bill and Cris, 
who are willing to accept our mail
until we change our residence to Florida in October.

After a too short visit with Bill and Cris, we headed down to see Nancy's mother and have lunch with her.  Nancy left her camera in the car so no photos until next time.  After taking care of a few things for her and enjoying a nice lunch, she was off to a foot doctor appointment. 

We had an appointment at the laundromat as well ;o(( 

We used this laundry last time we were at Huntington Beach SP.  It was clean, empty and air conditioned.  So we drove a little further to use it again.  Well it was still clean and air conditioned, but it wasn't empty.  Oh well, we still get all our laundry done in just a few hours every two weeks and we have more storage space by not having our own washer and dryer.  Much about this life style is all about trade-offs!!

Now it has been two days of travel, errands and visiting. 

Today, Wednesday June 20th, was a planned DO-NOTHING day!!!

That is exactly what we did :o)))

But there is always TOMORROW ;o)))