Paddling Rainbow River–Tuesday–January 24, 2012

We didn’t walk this morning since we were meeting Dan and Tricia at 8:30am to paddle Rainbow River up to the Springhead. We decided to go early in hopes of seeing more wildlife.

Off to the boat launch… hang a right;o)01 - Hang a right to the Kayak Launch

We hadn’t even made it to the boat launch and Nancy was busy snapping pictures of wildlife.  I guess early is better!!

Red Headed Woodpecker getting breakfast.
02 - Red Bellied Woodpecker  02b - Red Bellied Woodpecker

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

We were first to arrive at the boat launch.
 I proceeded to get the kayak into the water.03 - getting read to launch

Nancy, on the other, proceeded to snap more photos!!

This Anhinga was all curled up trying to stay warm.04 - Ahinga trying to stay warm

This fish picture was taken from the dock. 
The water is incredibly clear!!
05 - Fish in clear water at dock

Just about the time we got our boat in the water,
Dan and Tricia (aka MacGyver and Conniver) rolled down the path.06 - MacGyver and Conniver arrive at the launch

Here’s a close-up of MacGyver's prototype
PVC Kayak Cart.
06b - MacGyver prototype kayak cart
He has already developed several upgraded models;o))

In short order, we were headed up river
towards the Headsprings.
06c - MacGyver and Conniver heading up the river

What a difference a day makes. 
 We were the only boats on the river. 
Early weekdays are the best!!

The paddle upstream was easy and took slightly over an hour to reach the Headsprings.  This trip was much nicer and more peaceful than Sunday.  Wildlife was everywhere!

Green Heron crossing the river
07a - Wildlife - Green Heron Flying

Anhinga drying its feathers
07b - Wildlife - Ahingo Preening

Great Egret among the grass
07c - Wildlife - Great Egret in Grasses

These two women enjoyed a swim to the Headsprings.07d - Wildlife - Women swimming towards Headsprings

The water is a constant 72 degrees.  One woman wore a wetsuit, the other wore only a swimsuit.  They were the only people we saw all morning :o)

Before long, we had reached the Headsprings.
Dan and Tricia are approaching the swimming area.08 - Entering the Headsprings

The colors are amazing!!
08b - In the Headsprings

We paddled around searching for the source of the spring.
We think we found one!!
08d - Think we found one of the Sping Flow holes

Dan was attempting to get a closer look!!08e - Dan getting a real close look

Once we had explored the Springhead area, we literally floated with the current back to the launch area. The two hour float back was very peaceful and serene. The four of us chatted quietly and enjoyed each others company along with the sights and sounds of nature:o))

American Coot07e - Wildlife - American Coot

Cormorant and Wood Duck sharing a branch07f - Wildlife - Cormorant and Wood Duck sharing a branch

Close-up of the magnificent Wood Duck07g - Wildlife - Wood Duck Closeup

Green Heron
07h - Wildlife - Green Heron in the grass

White Ibis
07i - Wildlife - White Ibis

Cormorant with a REALLY big fish!!07j - Wildlife - Cormorant caught large fish
Can’t imagine how he could possible swallow it.

Lovely Anhinga
07k - Wildlife - Ahinga

Difficult to photograph….  Belted Kingfisher!!07l - Wildlife - Belted Kingfisher
They rarely stay still long enough to get a picture.

There was so much wonderful wildlife!! 

However, the scenery was just as awesome.

Spring colors are beginning to show up.09a - Floating downriver - Spring is Coming

Fantastic tree roots and reflection09b - Floating downriver - Tree roots

If it was a little warmer may have given the swing a go ;o))09c - Floating downriver - Tree Rope Swing

The contrasting colors makes this a favorite photo.09d - Floating downriver - Contrasting Colors

This paddle was so different from our Sunday trip up the river. 
This was a special treat
we really enjoyed sharing it all with Dan and Tricia.10 - Great Day on the River - Dan and Tricia
Hope we can do this again real soon!!!


  1. Beautiful wildlife photos! I almost didn't see Dan in his camo. Almost invisible.

  2. Yeah! Brings back so many good memories!! What fun we had.

  3. If I had survived the 33 mile bike ride the previous day, I would have LOVED this paddle. Gorgeous!