Hillsborough River - Thursday - January 12, 2012

Well, we had a great day yesterday at the RV show,
but today our heads were spinning. 
Lots of stuff to figure out!!

What would be the best rig for us??

Where should we buy it??

When should we buy it??

Etc, Etc, Etc…

So today, we were going to let our heads clear
enjoy a wonderful paddle on the river!!!

But first,
we needed to wish Gin and Syl good luck
as they packed up Wanda for the last time.

Today, they are moving to Lazy Days
to take delivery of their new motorhome “Tawanda!!”

Some lucky RVer will get to enjoy ‘Wanda’ soon;o))02 - Moving Wanda to Camp CC

Do these two look happy or what !!!01 - Gin and Syl a little excited
These are two of the nicest people you will ever meet
we are very lucky to be able to call them “FRIENDS!”

With hugs all around,
we wished them well
made arrangements to meet later this week to meet

Right now, it was time to get on the river.
I was ready…
03 - Bill ready to go kayaking

The kayaks were ready…
04 - Where are the paddlers
Just need to find my Three Amigos
get this paddle going ;o))

Our sites are just a short distance from the launch area.

We could carry the kayaks.
 05 - Ready to launch
No need for wheels this time!!

It is so nice to have assistance. 
We get to launch and keep our feet dry :o))

Sherry was next.
06 - Sherry launches

Then David got himself launched.07 - David launches

While the Silver River was all about the wildlife,
Hillsborough River is all about landscape.

As soon as you make the first turn down river,
you get the feeling you are in the JUNGLE!!

The trees form a beautiful canopy over the river.08 - River Canopy like a jungle

Rocks and tree stumps keep you on the lookout.09 - River rock obsticles

Low hanging branches could cause some damage.10 - River Low Hanging Trees

But having those branches close enough to see the
Resurrection Ferns and Air Plants up close10b - Low Hanging Trees - Resurrection Ferns and Air Plants
was worth the risk!!

David and Sherry were the scouts ;o))

They would head out first
and be sure
there was nothing that would cause us a problem in our inflatable.11 - Hard Kayak Scouts

As long as this fellow stayed put,
we would be just fine!!
12 - Lone Alligator

We paddled the river to the end of the State Park.13 - Leaving Hillsborough River SP

Then continued down the river towards Dead River Park.13b - Entering Dead River SP

This is further than we went last year
as we were cautioned that this section of the river could be difficult.14 - Deeper into the jungle

We were so glad we had our scouts along
so we could explore this section of the river.15 - Sunlight on trees

Just a few places got a little tricky ;o))16 - Low clearance

This is a BEAUTIFUL river!!!
17 - Spot of Color

Wonderful Colors and Reflections !!18 - Beautiful Reflections

Our scout, David, found it very relaxing as well ;o))19 - Just Chilling

We approached the take-out area21 - Almost Home

but decided to head up river a little ways.22 - Continued on to the rapids

David and Sherry guided us under the bridge.

Then David proceeded into the small rapids
approached the suspension bridge.23 - David continues on to Suspension Bridge
We just sat back and watched.
Too many poking things for an inflatable in that area ;o((

We paddled the river for a couple hours.25 - Heading Home
It was so peaceful and beautiful!!


  1. Looks like a very nice paddle! See you soon!

  2. Those two ladies have some silly grins! Must be crazy or something.
    You two are very special folks to us also.

  3. Nice river..good thing those scouts were there, or you would be one flat Sea Eagle :)

  4. Even though they are inflateables the Sea Eagle brand is much more durable then most others we've looked at. The ability to store it in the trailers basement also made it our choie. Maybe next year we can get together.

    It's about time.


  5. Looked like a very nice paddle. Glad to see you didn't need a bear to protect you from any of those jungle creatures :)
    I'll bet Gin and Syl still have those big grins on their faces :)

  6. Lazy Days is a great place to buy an RV.

  7. Just a FABULOUS picture of Gin and Syl. And a wonderful rendition of what a great day we had. We'll be your scouts any place, any time!

  8. That time on the water hopefully helped you to answer those RV replacement questions:)

  9. What a beautiful river!! Great place to clear your heads.