A Little Walk, A Little Paddle, A Little Company–Sunday–January 22, 2012

Nancy and I have been sleeping 8 to 9 hours every night.  Every evening, one of us says, “It’s dark, it must be bedtime!”  OK, it gets dark between 8 and 9PM. I know we are real party people;o))  But we get up early, so it all works out!!

We walked this morning, then Nancy cooked us
a fabulous pancake breakfast.

Buckwheat Corncakes… Boy were they good!!
01a - Buckwheat Corncakes for Breakfast  01b - Oh They Taste SOOOO Good!

Afterward breakfast,
we took our time to blow of the Sea Eagle and walked down
to the Kayak Launch here at Rainbow Springs.

Past the Campground Office and Store…02a - Walking to Kayak Launch - past campground office

Hang a right toward the river…
02b - Walking to Kayak Launch - hang a right toward the river

Through the lovely park…
02c - Walking to Kayak Launch - beautiful walk to the river

A few rules to know…
02d - Walking to Kayak Launch - river warning sign

OK, we have arrived at the river!!
02e - Walking to Kayak Launch - launch ramp


View up river toward the head springs.3a - View Up River toward Springhead

View down river towards Dunnellon.3b - View Down River toward Dunnellon

We were on the water about 11:15AM and paddled up toward the head springs.  The current was against us, but it was not a difficult paddle. The paddle to the head springs was pleasant and we saw a little wildlife.

Cormorant catching rays on a log.
4a - On the River - Cormorant Sunning and clear water

The color of the water is breathtaking.4b - On the River - Beautiful Water and Reflections

So clear you can see the fish.
4c - On the River - Fish in CLEAR water

As we paddle up the river,
there are lots of homes on the left and the state park lands are on the right.4e - On the River - Dive Bouy & Houses on left - SPon right

We did get a good look at a Red Shoulder Hawk
in one of the backyards.
4f - On the River -Red Shoulder Hawk front4f2 - On the River -Red Shoulder Hawk back

Approaching the Head Springs
4g - On the River -Approaching the Head Spring

Kayak Launch area at the Head Springs4i - On the River -Headspring kayak launch

Swimming area at the Head Springs4j - On the River -Headspring swimming area
There are people in the water which stays at 72 degrees.

The water is crystal clear!!!
See the clouds reflected on the water:o))4k - On the River -clear water

This is a HUGE turtle that never budge as we approached.4h - On the River -Large Turtle

It’s January and you can see the spring blossoms.4l - On the River - Spring beginning to bloom

Our trip back down the river was not the best.  We spent a great deal of time dodging submerged divers and weaving in and out of pontoon boats filled with people who were learning to scuba dive.

The flagged buoy indicates a diver is present.4d - On the River - Dive Bouy

Pontoon boats delivering divers
4m - On the River - River getting crowded

Divers in the river
4m2 - On the River - River getting crowded

This was not the kind of paddle we really enjoy.  We really had to keep an eye out for all the divers and boats.  I think because it is the weekend, it is 80 degrees and we didn’t get on the river much before noon, there is a lot more traffic than we are use to. That being said, we will be back on the river early the next time and see what we can find then;o))

Just before we got back to the kayak launch,
we spotted a family of river otters.
4n - On the River - River Otters
This photos for you, Sherry!!

Back at our campsite, there was a note!!40 - On the River - Jello Shots

It wasn’t long before we hooked up with Dan and Tricia.  So good to see them again.  We parted ways for dinner and then all gathered back at our campsite for a campfire.

4p - Campfire

We got caught up about what has been going on in each of our lives.  Then made a plan to do a Rails to Trails bicycle ride tomorrow.  We didn’t last to long as I require my 9 hours of beauty sleep;o))

What a great day!!  A little walk, a little paddle and a little company.  We left some RV-Dreamers yesterday and met up with other RV-Dreamers today—Life Is Good!!


  1. Jello shots?! I knew who it was!
    I sure do miss that clear water.

  2. Loved your pictures. We were just at Rainbow Springs in the end of February. Karen and Al told us about the park. It was wonderful!

  3. Fun times! Rainbow Springs is such a pretty SP!

  4. Jello shots, huh? I think I heard stories...... :)