A Little of This & That - Sunday - January 15, 2012

As usual, we were up well before daybreak.  Since it was 32 degrees, we decided to wait until the sun came out to power walk.  After walking about 5 miles, the temperature had risen to about 50 degrees.

Still a little too cool to kayak, we packed the backpack and went hiking the Hillsborough SP Trails. Sherry and David did not join us as they had an important project…CHERRY PIE!!

We hiked to the rapids and then did the Hillsborough Section of the Florida Trail.  All toll, about 6 miles.

Heading on the trail to see the Rapids.02 -  Hike to the Rapids

We went through the picnic area… What great tables!!!02b -  Hike to the Rapids

We arrived at the rapids which are very small. 
However, it is the sound of the water that we love to hear:o))02c -  Hike to the Rapids

We headed back along the river towards
the Hillsborough Park section of the Florida Trail. 
 02d -  Hike to the Rapids
02e -  Hike to the Rapids

I had found geocaches with Sherry and David on the Baynard Trail. 03 - Florida Trail Hike

Today, I needed to find a cache on the Florida Trail.03b - Florida Trail Hike - sign
The 1,400 mile Florida Trail,
is one of only eleven National Scenic Trails in the United States.

Just a short way into our hike, I found the cache;o))03c - Florida Trail Hike - Geocache

Does anyone know
what this large knot is on the palm trees???
It looks likes roots, but is 3 or more feet up the trunk!!03d - Florida Trail Hike - Palm Tree Lump

We were walking this section of trail in the reverse order.03e - Florida Trail Hike - Palm Tree Lump

Just about halfway, guess who we ran into!!
03f - Florida Trail Hike - Sherry and David
They assured us the pie was finished
 ready for transport to Gin and Syl’s new motorhome.

We all headed off quickly to finish our sections of trail!!03g - Florida Trail Hike - along the river

Anyone know the name of this fish??03h - Florida Trail Hike - along the river03i - Florida Trail Hike - along the river

We did not see a lot of wildlife, but the weather warmed up perfectly to almost 70 degrees.  The hike felt great until the last mile of so.  Nancy got a little twinge in her foot and the pack on my back started to get a little heavy.  Maybe it’s because we are getting older… NAH…that can’t be it ;o))  Anytime we end up walking over 12 miles, Nancy calls it a “Disney Day!”  WHY??? Because we typically walk that far at the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT. 

We got back to the campground, had a little lunch and about 3pm, all of us drove over to Lazydays to see Gin and Syl’s new motorhome.  We got a tour of the coach and the Crown Club.

Bill, Gin and TAWANDA :o))
04 - Visiting Tawanda

Tawanda’s tires are over half as big as Sherry ;o))04b - Visiting Tawanda- Big Tires

Beautiful interior
04c - Visiting Tawanda- Living and Dining

Do you think they are enjoying their new home?!?!?!04d - Visiting Tawanda- Gin and Syl

After a tour of the inside and outside.
(Click here to see the outside photos on yesterdays’ blog.)

We got a tour of The Crown Club
which is the upgraded services provided to
those customers who purchase the more expensive RVs.

Tawanda’s current parking spot.
04e - Visiting Tawanda- Street where you live Camp CC
We walked up the street looking at all the new rigs.

At the end of the street is The Crown Club.
Nancy refers to is as “Camp CC!!”04f - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club Building

Behind the Crown Club are the service bays for big rigs.04g - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club Service Bay

Of course, you can’t be at camp without the pool ;o))04h - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club Pool Area

Here is the lobby of the Crown Club.04i - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club Lobby
Downstairs are lounges with TV, puzzles and magazines. 

Upstairs is another lounge, dining room and bar.
04j - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club lounge04k - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club dining room04l - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club bar
When you stay at Camp CC,
they want you to be comfortable while your rig is being work on.

They make sure that your rig is perfect before you leave
that you are taken care of while you wait.

Yes, they even provide 3 meals and drinks
everyday of your stay except Sunday!!

Tomorrow’s Lunch Menu
04m - Visiting Tawanda- Crown Club lunch menu

It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it!! 05 - Cherry Pie - Back to Tawanda


David’s Homemade Cherry Pie
05a - Cherry Pie - David's Cherry Pie

Here is the Chef serving the masterpiece05b - Cherry Pie - David Cutting the Pie05d - Cherry Pie - Enjoying Pie05e - Cherry Pie - David's Cherry Pie 
The pie was awesome!!!

What a SWEET way to christen TAWANDA ;o))

Never had a better pie…
05f- Cherry Pie - David's Cherry Pie
David you rock!!

We got back to the Van about 5:30pm.

Both of us were tired!

By 6pm, we had a sandwich for dinner,
by 6:30pm we had PJ’s on
by 6:45pm it was “Goodnight Irene!!” 


  1. Can you sneak in and spend a month at Lazy Days?

  2. You're right. That was the best pie ever!! I'm so glad that we have had such great friends nearby to celebrate with us. Middle of March it's your turn!

  3. Gee, I wonder why you were so tired??? This vacation stuff isn't for sissies :) Just think. Soon it won't be vacation anymore. Then you'll have to slow down :)

    Two more days, right????

  4. Really nice day y'all had and that cherry pie looked, well almost nicer than Tawanda. Great way to christen a new motor home.

    I had one motor home I should have christened with a bottle of lemon soda...

  5. TWELVE miles and you say you're getting older. What a riot you two are!!!

    Great recount of a yummy day!

  6. Oh olly!! I think I would by from Lazydaze just for the Crown Club. WOW, is that service, or what?

    Laurie and George's Mom, Leanne

  7. Bill... That knot on the palm is indeed a root mass. When they're on the trunk like that they're called "adventitious roots". Most generally they occur at the base of the palm but can extend several feet up the trunk too. It is unusual to see a separate mass of them at that height. Ron Westcott, Certified Arborist.

  8. Hi there,
    We are new to your blog and really enjoyed it. Noticed you travel in a van. We started our travels in a 19' fully self contained Chevy Horizon van and loved it. We want to go back to a van again. Our email address is bjgraffis@gmail.com. Would like to ask you some questions about living 6-7 months at a time (snowbirds) in the van.
    Happy travels,
    Betty and Joe

  9. Thanks for the tour of the Crown Club....we weren't allowed inside :) We thought we got good treatment at Lazy Days but wow!

  10. Greetings from VA, I was so happy to see that someone else is in a small RV. I have been Provan Bengel Tiger...and are just starting out on the whole camping adventure. WE did a month in CO -KS- and points in between. I see bikes and Kyaks ...where do you carry them. WE have folding bikes and Kyaks...and two dogs....
    Any ideas would be wonderfull...Holly Fox VA

  11. Crown Club and pie. Life is GOOD!!!!

  12. Sure enjoyed your hiking pictures, what a beautiful area to be in. Enjoyed the Crown Club tour also. Gin and Syl's new motorhome sure is nice. Bet your looking forward to the arrival of yours.