Geocaching and A Birthday Party - Sunday - January 8, 2012

After our morning kayak trip, we decided to introduce Sherry and David to geocaching.

Today is David’s birthday!!

What better way to celebrate than with cake for lunch:o)) 

Sherry had baked and decorated this beauty last evening. 
Apparently, it is their ‘secret family recipe’ for birthday cake ;o)))02 - David's Birthday Cake

David getting his "FIRST" piece of cake!!
03 - The Birthday Boy

Here is the glamour shot of the “Famous Baker” now!! 04 - Sherry

Once we had our first celebration of David’s Birthday
got refueled on Birthday cake,
it was time to find some geocaches!!

So back down towards the river trails we headed.05 - Birthday Geocaching

The cache we were looking for was a 2 part cache. 
We needed to find part 1 to get the coordinates for part 2. 

On our way to the swamp trail,
we passed the Cracker Village.
 06 - Cracker Village Sign

The buildings have been restored
are used to educate folks about the original settlers in this area.06c - Cracker Village06b - Cracker Village
Now the sign says it should be open today,
but it wasn’t… maybe next time!

no time,
 we are on a mission…

We headed down the swamp trail
to find the first geocache.
07 - Part 1 of Geocache Swamp Trail

The clues told us we were looking for
a dog-tag, near a bridge.

I think we’re getting close ;o)))
09 - Across the Bridge

We searched all over for the military dog-tag
and then…

we saw it!!!
11 - Found the Dog Tag

Not a Military, but a DOG tag ;o)))10 - The Dog Tag

Once we got the coordinates for the cache,
we headed back the Swamp Trail and switched to the River Trail.

Been here before….
07 - Part 1 of Geocache Swamp Trail

We have walked the River Trail before with the kayaks. 

Once we got near the river, we were getting close. 

Nancy spotted it…
the Silver Cache Container in the brush.12 - Part 2 of Cache - Silver Can

This was David and Sherry’s first geocache find!!

I signed the log book,
12c - Part 2 of Cache - Signing the Log

while David and Sherry checked out the cache trinkets.12b - Part 2 of Cache - Contents

Back at the campground, it was time for dinner.

We made ourselves a quick salad
found out that David had CAKE for dinner!!!

There was one more very important part of this
Birthday Celebration to take care of.

Can anyone say, “ICE CREAM!!”

While it wasn’t exactly ice cream weather,
we would not be deterred…

David with his “Jamaica Me Crazy” Cone!!25 - David - Jamaica Me Crazy - Birthday Ice Cream

When Sherry found out it was COCONUT ice cream,
she tried very hard to borrow it from David.

David was not about to let it out of his hands,
but he was willing to share a little :o))26 - Sherry and David Sharing Ice Cream

Back at the campground,
we sat around the campfire
got warmed back up!!

THEN, one more piece of cake for everyone;o)))

What a fun Birthday Celebration for David.

We had a marvelous kayak trip,
had cake for lunch,
found his first geocache,
had cake for dinner,
had ice cream for dessert
one more piece of cake for a bedtime snack!!!!



  1. That about sums it up. Cake, Cake, Ice cream and more cake! Great pictures Nancy! How lucky were we to get to share all of this with you two!!

  2. I'm following closely because I can't wait to see the one about the rig.

  3. I sure enjoy watching you all eat :)

    I fell in love with David's cone on Sherry's blog and here it is again! I must find me one of those! :)