Totally Cool, Dude - September 4-12, 2012

Yes... Totally Cool is what the past week at Huntington Beach has been.  Fantastic weather, visits with friends, time with mom and lots of walking, biking and fishing!!!

During one of our beach walks to the Jetty,
we actually saw a Green Sea Turtle!!
We immediately thought of Crush, from Finding Nemo!!
Not sure if it was a Dude or Dudette;o)) 
Just know it was a symbol of the
week we have had here!!!
We did a little surf fishing with
our good friends, Bill and Cris.

Cris was the only one to catch a real fish!!
Nancy and I managed to catch those ugly Puffer fishes;o((
But of course it really isn't about the fish,
it's about time with friends!!!
(Sorry Bill J. must have a spot on the lens;o))
Bill J. and I managed to get in a round of golf as well:o))

We had a surprise visit from other friends.
Steve and Evin, RV-Dreamers, who are headed to Florida
manage to snag a site next to us for one night.
Their new Ellite Suites fifth wheel is beautiful
and REALLY huge.  Makes Baby look like a preemie;o))

They are on their way to Knights Key in Florida for the winter. We appreciate the fact that they came out of their way to visit with us.  It was nice to see them again!!
Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!
We spend a lot of time at Huntington Beach State Park because it is only 3 miles from where Nancy's Mom lives.  We had Sunday Brunch at her beautiful dining room.  Also, Nancy took her shopping for some things for our trip to Pennsylvania the end of September.  The weather was nice enough for Mom to come here for dinner and sit outside to watch the birds at our feeder. However, even if Mom wasn't close by, we would spend a lot of time at this 'Totally Cool' state park. 
We finally got to do some REAL bike riding.  There are lots of places to ride and we can easily rack up some miles and beautiful views!!!

Nancy spent many, many hours walking the Causeway and Boardwalk over the Salt Marsh.  Just so much nature to see in both these places:o)))
Roseate Spoonbill

Tri-Colored Heron

Turf Wars...
Great Blue Heron, Wood Stork, Snowy Egret

Juvenile American Bittern

Green Heron

Juvenile White Ibis

One of our favorites....The Osprey
Of course, we love to see the Alligators!!
Notice the fish getting out of his way;o))
This time, at low tide, we saw some alligator action
we have never seen before...

The alligator and birds gather in the small tidal pools.
The alligator would roll and the fish would jump.
That gave the birds a chance to feed and
he would then take a big BITE!!

Down the hatch!!!

This action continued over and over!!
I guess alligators prefer fish to poultry?!?!?

We racked up many miles enjoying
the 'TOTALLY COOL' beach:o))
The Dunes

The Waves

The Jetty



and all the many TREASURES!!!
This last photo is really what it's all about....
Spending time doing what you love
with your BEST buddie!!
Yep, it was a 'TOTALLY COOL' week!!


New Favorite Holiday - Monday - September 3. 2012

Today is Labor Day...our New Favorite Holiday!!!  Today is the day that summer vacation time ends!!!  Today is the day we watch them all pack up and leave:o)) Today is the day the campgrounds and state parks take a big breath and let out a BIG SIGH;o)) 

We spent our time here at Myrtle Beach State Park with thousands of campers and beach goers.  There are over 300 sites and not one was empty and many had several families on the same site.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, campgrounds at the beach are booked solid, traffic is a nightmare and everybody is in a hurry to do everything ;o((

We spent our weekend getting errands done for ourselves and mom, riding bikes away from the beach, doing a little fishing at the FAR end of the beach and taking evening strolls when it wasn't SOOOO HOT!!  But basically, we were just waiting for the craziness to end.

Friday and Sunday morning, we were out early to beat the crowds and the heat.  Across the street from the State Park is a bike trail that winds though some quiet residential areas over toward the airport and Market Commons.

Only ones on the trail:o))

New Bike Lanes !!

Market Commons Shopping District

We really enjoy surf fishing.  We found that low tide works best for us.  This weekend, low tide was late in the afternoon.  Most of the beach goers have retreated and are preparing to get in the lines at one of the 1500 restaurants on the Grand Strand!!
Looks like we are all by ourselves...
we are if you just don't look in the opposite direction;o))

Nancy caught the first fish -- a whiting!

I was not going to be beat...
I caught spots...two at a time ;o))
Each evening we walked out on the Fishing Pier.

This photo was taken Sunday evening about 7:30.
The last HOORAH of Summer!!
Most will be leaving in the morning...HOORAY!!
Monday morning, Labor Day, we took off for our walk.  As we walked through the campground we could see folks packing up.  When we got back to the campground we saw the Great Exodus!!  The camp host said they had 187 of the 320 sites leaving today.  Well, with only one dump station, you can imagine the line that formed!!

There is only one way out and the dump is at the exit.
 Even people who didn't need to dump got stuck in line ;o((

When we got back to our site,
this was what we saw :o)))
This little Nuthatch seems to be saying...
Where'd they go!! 
 Don't know, don't care, just enjoying the solitude!!
Tomorrow, we will head south to Huntington Beach State Park for a week.  Until then we are going to enjoy the end of summer vacation here at Myrtle Beach State Park.