It DOES Get Better!! - Monday - January 9, 2012

After all the activity and excitement we had yesterday,
we started at a much slower pace today.

Nancy and I went for a powerwalk
and then
invited David and Sherry for Buckwheat Pancakes around 10:30.
1 - Breakfast group

We were still talking about the amazing day we had yesterday
when my phone rang. 

It was our realtor and he said we had an offer on the house!!!2 - Bill gets offer and counters

It was a good offer,
 but we wanted to counter offer
to try and get them to take the house furnished ;o))

Our realtor agreed and now we wait…….

What better way to wait then kayaking the Silver River. 
It would be hard to top the wonderful paddle from yesterday,
but perhaps there would be enough adventure
to take our minds off the OFFER!!!

When we got to the kayak launch ramp,
we met the Welcome Wagon ;o((
03 - Alligator at River Put=in
He was a little alligator that people have been feeding so he hangs around the launch area looking for handouts.  There are signs that you will be fined for feeding the animals.  It makes them aggressive and will only get them destroyed.  So while it seems harmless, you should not do it.  This guy is still little, so we could scare him away and launch the kayaks without a problem.

We hadn’t gone more than a few hundred yards when
we spotted the Monkey Troop!!!

They had moved down stream from where they were yesterday. 
We spent about 30 minutes watching these adorable animals.

(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)
04b - Rehsus Monkey  04 - Rehsus Monkey 
04c - Rehsus Monkey  04d - Rehsus Monkey04e - Rehsus Monkey 
04f - Rehsus Monkey  04g - Rehsus Monkey04h - Rehsus Monkey

Then off we headed up the river…
06 - Sherry Paddling

And again, Mother Nature did not disappoint!!

We saw many of the same animals again. 

However, there are several birds that are new to us
we could sure use some help identifying them.

A Snowy Egret walking across the river grass. 05 - Snowy Egret

He thinks we can’t see him ;o))
07 - Alligator hiding in grass

Great Egret amongst the Cypress
08 - Great Egret

These next two birds are new to us.

We will call them Bird 1 and Bird 2.

If you can ID them, please leave a comment!!

Bird 1  ???
09 - Unknown Blue Bird

Bird 2 ???
10 - Unknown Brown and White Bird

Common Moorhens up a tree!?!?!11 - Common Moorhen

A little help PLEASE….

Bird 3 ???
12 - Unknown Bird

You can’t fool us!!

We know what this is
he IS as BIG as he looks ;o((
13 - Big Alligator

Catching Some Rays
14 - Marooned Turtle

Pileated Woodpecker
15 - Pileated Woodpecker

While we love seeing the animals,

the landscapes really are interesting also!16 - Cypress Trees17 Cypress Roots20 - Spanish Moss in Trees

It was a spectacular,
sunny and warm afternoon!!!

We paddled all the way to the Spring Head
floated back down stream again!

Nature, Nature and MORE Nature…


18 - Grebes

19 - Comorant

David’s new pet Cormorant.

He won’t leave home without it ;o))19b - Comorant

Green Heron or Small Blue Heron  HELP???21 - Green Heron

A relaxing Gator!
22 - Relaxing alligators

A REALLY  relaxing Gator ;o))
22b - Relaxing alligators

Great Egret

They stay perfectly still as they stalk their dinner!!!23 - Great Egret on the hunt

We finally reached the boat ramp
just before the sun was going to set.24 - Approaching the Dock


we were not the only ones headed in that direction ;((

Rhesus Monkeys are good swimmers
they had swam across to the boat ramp side of the river ;o((25 - Monkeys at the Dock

The closer we got to the boat ramp,

the closer they moved towards it!!25b - Monkeys at the Dock


they took over the boat launch!!
25c - Monkeys at the Dock

Knowing that we should not approach a wild animal,

we had no choice but to wait until they passed by!!25d - Monkeys at the Dock25e - Monkeys at the Dock25f - Monkeys at the Dock

As is was beginning to get dark,

the last stragglers made their way past.25g - Monkeys at the Dock

At last we could get out of the water. 26 - Sherry paddling to ramp

What an amazing afternoon!!!!


it wasn’t over yet….

Just when I said to Nancy,
“It doesn’t get any better than this,”
my cell phone rang!!
We got a CASH contract on our house…
IT  DID  JUST  GET BETTER :o))30 - Bill accepting house offer

Nineteen months, three realtors
finally the right buyers come along!!
After dinner, we celebrated with Sherry and David.
We  started a campfire,
broke out the wine
enjoyed another piece of David’ Birthday cake;o))
(Check out their blog to see their take on this fun day!!)

Our settlement will take place on January 27th.
We will still be in Florida on vacation :o))

The buyers need to purchase it by that date,
but are willing to let us stay until March 27th!!

So the realtor will handle all the details
we will just sign and email the papers to the attorney!!

It just keeps getting




  1. Sure am glad my post came out first. Your pictures are fantastic. Hope no one will use the link you so kindly provided to go back and see them. :-)

    What a great day. Just shows that patience is a virtue and Nancy was SO right when she said that everything will happen when it should. What's better than cash from people who need to close RIGHT NOW but will let you stay in the house until your new rig can get there??

    It was GREAT sharing all the excitement for you. We feel really lucky to have been part of it all!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. Bird 2 - I am sure of - a Limpkin (one of our favorites). Bird 1- I think -is a black crowned night heron.
    We never saw the monkeys that close to the state park. The population was way down for a while but it looks as if they have rebounded. Again, so happy for you guys.

  3. We are so very happy for you two! It was an absolutely perfect day and great to be with other rvers who understand your joy.

  4. Yippeeeee Skippeeeeee! Congratulations. We are so happy for the two of you.

  5. You are so does get better :) Believe it or not, the best is yet to come!
    Our heartiest congratulations, once again. Be sure to let us know when it's official on the 27th. I'm tired of carrying this bottle of wine around :)

  6. Beautiful pictures we enjoyed seeing all the wildlife. So happy for the two on the sale of your home. Should be an exciting year.

  7. The bird you identify as a Snowy Egret is, I believe, an immature Little Blue Heron. Snowy Egrets have black legs and yellow feet. That's right, they have golden slippers :-)! Bird 1 is a Black Crowned Night Heron and 2 is a Limpkin. The other bird is a mature Little Blue Heron.

    The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Glad to hear it finally sold and saw that you ordered your new Winnebago last week at the Tampa show. Connie and I are in the final design phase for our New Horizon 5ver and planning to hit the road by the end of the summer.

  9. Great pictures , good luck with the house counter.