Part TWO: As The 'Lazydays' Turns - Tuesday - March 27, 2012



OK,  let’s go inside :o))

**** Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge it ****

Entering our motorhome
The little Puppy doorstop was left in the first home we purchased back in 1972. Forty years and 18 residences later, it is still with us. Definitely a Loyal Companion!!!!

Just as Nancy began to take some photos, Tiffany, our delivery coordinator arrived to go over the punch list.
Her great personality and 20 years experience has made the delivery process a great experience:o))

Front Television and Storage Cabinets

Still have some room in the front side cabinets ;o))

Dining and Living Room
Booth Dinette with Underbench and Overhead Storage

Storage Over the Dinette

Storage Under the Dinette

Exercise Equipment Room ;o))
Now you knew that Nancy would find a place for her exercise mat, hand weights and stretch bands ;o))

Sofa and Lounge Chair

Storage above Lounge Chair

Storage above the Sofa


There is a Microwave/Convection oven, but no regular oven.  On the left, under the cutting board are 3 propane burners.  Just remove the counter top covers!

Storage above the sink

Storage below the sink

Seven drawers store most of the cooking necessities

Refrigerator and Pantry

Refrigerator and Pantry Storage Space

Control Centers

One for the coach        One for our life;o))
These Centers are located beside and on the bathroom door.

Bathroom and Shower

The bathroom has an automatic vent fan
the shower has a skylight!!

The is a lot of storage space in the bathroom.
Once we use up the TWELVE rolls of toiler paper

we brought from the house,
we will even have room for a few other thing ;o))

Last, but not least, is the bedroom
We are loving the ceiling fan!!

The cabinets to the right of the mirror are meant to hold a washer and dryer.  Because our unit is small by diesel pusher standards, we opted not to get them.  Instead, we use the top cabinet to store large pantry items and the bottom cabinet for our shorts, T-shirts and sports clothes.

Behind the mirror is the clothes closet.
We are getting the wood divider and shelf removed. The hang bar is going to be extended and raised to give us more storage space for hanging clothes.

Our bed is a king-size Sleep Number Bed!!!!
We removed all the bed coverings that came with the unit.  They were too big, bulky and we do not need 16 decorator pillows;o((  Instead, Nancy is going to make a fitted bed cover that better meets our needs.

There is lots of storage in the deep cabinets overhead.
Perfect for storing bulky sweaters and sweatshirts.

Storage area across from the bed
TV, Six drawers, hamper and cabinet
There are sliding doors to close the bedroom area

So there you have it....   Our Home!!

Hope we can share it in person with you...

Down the Road :o)))

Part ONE: As The 'Lazydays' Turns - Tuesday - March 27, 2012



Well, today marks the end of our first week here at Lazydays. We have been treated like royalty since we’ve arrived. You won’t hear any complaints from us. Heck… they provide us with a personal service coordinator, 3 meals a day, mixed drinks and wine, a heated swimming pool and a free site while we are here. How good is that?!?!?!

We have been sleeping in the Journey for a few days now so we are getting better adjusted to how things work. It took Nancy and I about 3 days to get our things moved in. We put down shelf liner and then tried to do one box at a time.

Nancy worked on the inside and I worked on the outside. I know this stuff will be rearranged another hundred times or so, but it had to be loaded by Sunday. Why?? On Monday morning, they took the Journey to the service bays to get a tire pressure monitoring system installed. They returned the Journey to our site about dinnertime. This morning they came to get her again.

Today was the punch list day. They are keeping her overnight so they can start again first thing tomorrow. We will be sleeping in her again tonight… just this time we will be in the service bay ;o)) Tomorrow when they finish the punch list, she will be going to the paint shop and will probably be staying overnight in that bay as well.

Everything is moving forward and getting done so we will be ready to leave here and head back to SC on Friday the 30th. Of course, Nancy has been taking photos, but we’ve been a little slack in writing our blog. Forgive us, we’ve been a little busy!!

OK, here we go!! More photos than you may ever want to see. Many people have asked us how in the world you fit everything from your “house” life into a motorhome. First step is to eliminate all but what is really important and/or absolutely necessary. What is left either fits or gets eliminated. Here is our home and what she is carrying.

**** Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge it ****

Front of Journey at night
We brought the lighthouses with us.  Doesn't it look like she has eyes;o))  If you open her mouth, you'll find the 8000 watt generator and an air compressor.

Outside Bays on the Driver's side   -   Front to Back

Bay 1 - Breakers                       

 Bay 2 - Storage

Bay 3 - Water & Sewer Controls                     

Bay 4 - Storage
Bay 5 - Power Cord, Invertor
     Bay 6 - Batteries

Back of the Journey

Open the back to find a REALLY BIG radiator!!

Outside Bays on the Passenger's side   -   Front to Back

Entry with Awning and Screened Door

Bay 2 - Storage            Bay 1 - Propane Connections  

Bay 3 - Storage

Outside Entertainment Center - Opened and Closed

Bay 4 - Storage
Bay 5 - Storage
Bay 6 - DEF System  and Storage
DEF stands for Diesel Emission Fluid.  It is a system that must be installed on large diesel engines starting in 2011 to eliminate pollution.  Right behind the DEF system you can see a part of the BIG RED ENGINE which powers our motorhome down the highway!!

Nancy here:
Gave up on Livewriter and I am about to throw in the towel on blogger;o((  Managed to get the outside done so I will post it NOW!!  Hopefully, I can get the inside done without as many issues.