Brunch and Mom's Apartment - Sunday, July 25, 2010

We actually got up early and did a 15 mile bike ride before heading to Mom's apartment around 9:30.  We had plans to go to Sunday Brunch with mom.  Every Sunday, The Lakes serves brunch in lieu of an evening meal.  Everybody told us it is great.  Since I usually work on Sunday at 11:00, we decided we best try it while I have the day off.  But first, we had to hang curtains.  You should understand by now that,"WE WORK FOR FOOD!" 

We got the curtains hung and headed down to brunch.
Here's the menu and they didn't even list the dessert table!!

Our Table  - They have just redecorated the entire dining room!

Getting in line for good eats!

Wonderful selection including a carving station and....
The omelet, waffle and fruit station.  Bill is getting his omelet just the way he likes it.

It was a great meal and we truly enjoyed ourselves.  I told mom I may have to get my usual schedule adjusted at work so I can come for brunch regularly.  Breakfast is my favorite meal and the food was outstanding!!

As I said, we hung the curtains before we got to eat...   So here are the "finished" apartment pictures.  There are a couple bare walls, but they will be occupied soon when mom decides which photos go where.

Entry Foyer

Left Side of Kitchen and furry creature....Chippy the Cat

Right Side of Kitchen

Washer-Dryer in Laundry Room

Microwave in laundry room.
Mom is only about 4' 9" tall and the microwave over the stove is just to high for her to use safely. So we brought the one from the house.  Better to be safe than sorry!!

View from kitchen to living room

Dining Area and Phone Stand
We will be adding a white board and calendar above the phone.

Side view of dining area

Living room and door to sun room

Living room chairs and hutch

Living room TV and Stereo Cabinets

Sun Room
Sun room view from Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom and Bath

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bath

Last but not least..........
Chippy is adjusting just fine!!

The Lakes at Litchfield - Saturday, July 24, 2010

WARNING....Lots of pictures!!

The last few days have been very busy, so we took our time getting into the day.  Mom decided she was going to drive to the mall and do her usual walk early this morning.  So we didn't get to her apartment until about 10:00 am.  Once there, we dug in.  Everything got unpacked and the entire apartment was put together except for the curtains.  Tomorrow, we will hang the curtains and then I will take final pictures to share.  

Today, I went for a walk and took lots of photos of the entire complex.  Some of these were actually taken on Sunday, but they are all of the complex so I am including them here. Thought I would share these with family and friends so you can see the grounds where mom will be living.

Ride approaching the Entrance

The Entrance Gate

You've got to know the code  -- we like the security!!
South Side Apartment Entrance  --  Mom's Entrance

First Floor Elevator Lobby  -  Mom's elevator 
The carts are for residents' use to bring their groceries in. 
You just return the cart to the lobby.  They make everything easy!!

Second Floor Elevator Lobby
You will see beautiful artwork in almost every inside picture. 
Many of the works are by local artists.

Mom's apartment door -- tomorrow you will see inside!!
The space where mom has the table and flowers is called the garageIf you need to have an electric scooter, you can park and charge it right outside the door. 
Like I said, "they make everything easy."

All the hallways have directional signs.

Mailbox Hallway which leads to Dining Room at the other end.
You'll see the Dining Room tomorrow as we went to brunch with mom on Sunday.

Family Dining Room is on this hallway also.
If you have a large group visiting or want to have a special party,
they will make it happen here.

Just past the mailboxes, you can go left or right.  This is called the club house hallway and most of the activities take place on this hallway.

This is the fitness center.  Susan is the full-time trainer. 
Mom had a piece of exercise equipment called a Gazelle.  It is a non-impact glider. She gave it to the fitness center and it now sits right under the words Weller Life.
Sorry I don't have that picture yet.

Library and Gathering Room

Mom standing by the fireplace in the library.

Card and Craft Room
Right next door is a large room for doing Tia Chi, watching movies and other group activities.
In the hall was a fun popcorn machine.

Mom and Bill in the Computer Cafe.

Nancy and Mom enjoying the comfy chairs
outside the Computer Cafe.
Notice the beautiful artwork in the upper left corner.

This is a close-up of the painting.

On the other side of the dining room you will find
the concierge's desk.
If you need anything, you dial the concierge's number and talk to Bobby-Lynn (Mon-Fri) or Nancy (Sat-Sun). They will get you maintenance, transportation, dining room reservations for guests or anything you might need. 
Like I said, "They make everything easy!"

Another beautiful area next to the concierge.

Just outside this room is a delightful porch with rockers and ceiling fans.
You can sit, rock and look at the beautiful landscaping.

This is a close-up of the Gazebo in front of Mom's apartment.

View from Gazebo to Mom's second floor apartment.

This is the deck over the lake.  A great place to sit and enjoy nature in nice weather.

The Apartment Courtyard is also a beautiful place to enjoy nature.

Well, there you have it.  I warned you there would be lots of photos.  I promise I will post the inside of mom's apartment tomorrow.  But first, we need to hang the curtains!!