Windy, But SUNNY!! - Monday, October 29, 2012

We got up and walked this morning
before leaving Buck Hall.
While the wind was blowing, it was so beautiful!!
Looking north on the intercoastal waterway.
Looking south on the intercoastal waterway!!

About 10am, we pulled out and headed north on Hwy 17.
We saw what looked like a mountain range?!?!
It was actually the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy;o((

When we reached Pawleys Island
it looked like snow covered mountains;o((
This is a huge storm.
We feel bad for the people in its path!!!

Not quite an hour after we started,
we pulled into Huntington Beach State Park.
Crossing the causeway is so pretty!!
Looking left, over the salt marsh,
you can see those outer bands again :o((
Fortunately, we are far enough south to avoid the storm.
It is windy and will be windy again
 on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Here's Baby all tucked in Site 21 :o))

Our back yard is empty and waiting for everyone!!!
Several couples have arrived already. 
Each reported strong winds.
So take your time and get here safe and sound.
The Sun is Shining Brightly!!!

A Pretty Travel Day - Sunday - October 28, 2012

We left Walkabout Campground in Woodbine, Georgia about 9am and travels 238 miles to Buck Hall Recreation Area in McClellanville, SC. We had a beautiful drive!!
The traffic heading north was light.

We did see a lot of emergency equipment heading north.
We crossed the Savannah River to South Carolina.

About 30 miles north of the South Carolina border,
we picked up HWY 17 toward Charleston.
This is one of our favorite drives.

Beautiful scenery through the Low Country!!
You can see the last of Hurricane Sandy's clouds:o)

We decided to avoid downtown Charleston traffic.
Instead we  picked up I-526 around the city.
Crossing the Cooper River on I-526

We still got a view of the beautiful Ravenel Bridge!!

We arrived at Buck Hall about 2pm.
We were suppose to have Site 5, but got moved to Site 14.

Oh faces the intercoastal waterway ;o))
Tomorrow we will head to Huntington Beach.
It is only about 45 miles north.
Family and friends have told us they
only had a bad rain storm and nothing more.
Here is the weather for the next 5 days. 
Looks like it will be clear, but be sure you
have some clothes for cool weather!!!
There was also a weather alert for Monday afternoon
through Tuesday afternoon for strong winds.
Just seeing the movement of Hurricane Sandy,
I think this alert may be lifted later tomorrow.
But better safe than sorry!
We should get to the park before noon on Monday.
If we have any issues, we will blog ASAP!!!
Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!!

No Travel Problems - Saturday - October 27, 2012

WOW...two blogs in one day;o))
Just wanted to let you know that our travels today from Tampa, FL to Woodbine, GA were completely uneventful.  We had overcast skies and a mild headwind.  Actually, it was a pleasant trip!!  No issues with Hurricane Sandy.
We traveled north on I-75 then picked up HWY 301 at Ocala, FL. 
We were able to find WALDO;o))
Caravans of tree trimming trucks were the only sign
that there are problems coming. 
They were heading toward I-95 for places in the
Northeast where things are suppose to be bad:o((
As we approached I-95 just north of Jacksonville,
the clouds were beginning to break.
How about that gas price!?!?
Those were the days :o))))
We arrived at Walkabout Campground around 1:30pm.
We love the welcome committee:o))
After setting up and taking a little break,
we walked down to see the waterway.
The winds have subsided and the clouds are leaving.
As I type this blog, this is the view out front:o))
Red at Night, Sailors Delight!!!
Tomorrow should be a pretty day:o)))
Heard from Bob and Pam, CC friends, camped at Huntington Beach already.  They said it was raining with a little wind, but nothing bad.  Spoke to my mother who lives 3 miles from Huntington and she said the same thing.  So we will head to Buck Hall Recreation Area about 45 miles south of Huntington tomorrow and will report on conditions.  Lets keep those in harms way in our thoughts and prayers.  Having spent 17 days without electricity during Hurricane Hugo, I hope the storm does not do that type of damage!!!

Heading to Huntington Beach SP - Saturday - October 27, 2012

This will be short and sweet.  I just read Gail's Blog, Gypsy Turtles, who have been evacuated from Cedar Point on the North Carolina Shore.  They have moved to the Raleigh State Fair Grounds.  So if you need a place to hang out until you travel to Huntington you can join the gang there!!

Bill and I are finally leaving Lazydays today.  We will only travel to the Georgia/Florida boarder today and then on to Buck Hall just north of Charleston on Sunday.  If Sandy has moved as predicted we will arrive at Huntington Beach SP on Monday.

As of this morning Huntington Beach is not being evacuated and is only under a Tropical Storm Watch, not warning.  If those conditions hold, the campground should be fine.  But better to wait until the Watch is lifted to arrive.  I think the only damage may be minor beach erosion.  I will call the State Park today and let you know if we CANNOT arrive on Monday as planned.

In the meantime, everyone stay safe and those in Raleigh enjoy the early start to the CC gathering;o)))

Celebrating 90 Years!! - Saturday, September 23, 2012

The main reason for this trip to Pennsylvania was to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday. Today, we got the Northern branch of the Watson family together at my brother Barry's home.  It has been a long time since all my siblings and I have been in the same place at the same time.  Couldn't think of a better reason to get together!!!
Mom - Elsie McKendry
Born October 4, 1922
Mom and Dad - Elsie and Russell (Bud) Watson 
Married June 26, 1942
My Siblings - Photo taken about 1956
Barry, Ricky, Nancy, Sandy
The Watson Kids Today 
Ricky, Nancy, Sandy, Barry
It was so great to see everyone and be able to get caught up.
We also were able to get some long overdue photos!!
We'll go in birth order ;o))
Sandy's Family - The Larkins 
Sean, Sandy, Mom, Deke, Shannon
Nancy's Family - The Mills
Had to go to the archives since I forgot to get our photo!
Mills Family Photo - South Carolina Birthday Party!!
Back row: Bill, Nancy, Brian, Andrew, Steve, Julie
Front row: Samantha, Mom, Daniel, Emily, Chris
Barry's Family
Gail, Mom, Barry
Ricky's Family 
Rick, Mom, Carrie
We missed Marielle, Rick's daughter!! 
Final count.........
 4 children, 2 son-in-laws, 2 daughter-in-laws,
5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren!!
After the photo session and Pizza Party,
it was time for Cake and Presents!!
Mom opening the card from Aunt Marge...
Wedding Photo from Rick and Carrie 
Tomorrow is their First Anniversary

Months before we got together, everyone sent me photos from the past.  I stole photos from my mother's collection and we managed to get them all digitized.  The group bought her a digital photo frame and now all her memories are there for her to enjoy all the time!!

Happy Birthday, MOM!!!

Lititz, A Beautiful Town - Friday - September 18, 2012

Nancy here:  Well, it has only been one month since we visited the Pennsylvania Amish County. We have been at Lazydays in Tampa since Oct 1st and I had every intention to get the blog up to day while we were here.  So, I better get busy as I think we are getting down to the end of our time here. 

After our day touring the Amish countryside yesterday, today we planned to visit a couple of the towns.  First on our list was Lititz, home to Sturgis Pretzels and Wilbur Chocolate Factory.

Lititz is a very pretty town
with lovely gardens everywhere.

It is definitely a walking town.
So many lovely old buildings...
pretty flowers...

tree lined streets...

Even the cop walks a beat here:o))

Our first stop was the original Sturgis Pretzel Bakery.

Having grown up just a couple hours away,
Bill grew up eating Sturgis Pretzels.
Pretzels are his all time FAVORITE food group;o))
While the pretzels are no longer made at this location,
it was an interesting tour of the original bakery.

We even got pretzel twisting lessons.

Just a short walk across town,
we found the Wilbur Chocolate Company!!!

You take a self guided tour.
Lots of equipment for making chocolate.

This Chocolatier was working on an all edible design
that will be on display during the Lititz Chocolate Walk.
What is a Chocolate Walk??
Here's what the description says....
"A "Chocolate for Charity" event, the Lititz Chocolate Walk brings together some of the region's most talented chefs and candy makers for a fun and unique way of raising money for local charities.

Walkers with button & punch-card in hand, follow their maps through historic downtown Lititz where chocolate treats are given out at each of the 30 locations this year.

Some patrons refer to it as "trick or treat for grownups" while others just enjoy the chance to sample chocolate goodies and enjoy the ambiance of our lovely community."

Walking is definitely the way to see this lovely town!!


After our walk around Lititz, we headed down the road
to the town of Bird In Hand. 
I could listen to the "clip-clop"
of the horse drawn carriages all day long!!
We came to Bird In Hand to find its farmers market.
It was more "Market" than "Farm" ;o((
I managed to steer Bill away from his
second favorite food group...FUDGE!!
There was just one small produce stand in the entire market so we continued down the road towards the campground.  Just before we got there, we passed a huge store called Shady Maples Farm Market.  It was really a treat.  It is a huge grocery store and the produce section is the best and largest I have ever seen....including the Whole Foods Store!!  Wish I'd thought to take a photo!
It was a great day,
tomorrow we get back to Family Time!!