An Easy Day - Tuesday - January 17, 2012

We finally had a very easy day today.  We did get our morning powerwalk in before breakfast and packing up the van.  Of course, packing up with the van takes a whole 10 to 15 minutes depending how fast or slow I move ;o)

We pulled out of Hillsborough River State Park about 10:30am. 

We followed this van out of the Park. 
02 - leaving park following ourselves
It looks like we are following ourselves;o))

After a quick stop for some groceries, we had a leisurely 85 mile drive to Myakka River State Park in Sarasota. 

We took Exit 205 off of I-75.
04 - Exit 205 for Myakka SP

Hung a left down the road to Myakka SP.05 - Road to Myakka

Waiting our turn at the Entrance Station07 - Myakka SP Entrance Station

Nancy went over to the visitors center
while I went in to register.
08 - Visitor Center

Much of Myakka SP was built by the CCC.09 - CCC sign

It had a very nice visitor center
with many window displays. 

Nancy here:
This picture of the snakes window is for Gail of Gypsy Turtles. 13 - Visitor Center - Posionous Snakes

Stay with me Gail… This is very important information!!

13b - Visitor Center - Posionous Snakes sign

So you no longer need to fear snakes!!

But please be careful of bees and lightning storms ;o))))

Myakka SP has three different campgrounds. 

We are staying in the oldest of the three – Big Flats Campground. 

It is about 3 miles down the road
near the Upper Myakka Lake, Outpost and Boat Basin.

Sherry and David have a campsite in the newest
and most modern of the campgrounds – Palmetto Ridge.

This is the left turn into Palmetto Ridge Campground.14 - Large rig campground entrances

We continued on down the canopied main road
towards Big Flats Campground.
15 - Driving through the canopy

Crossed the bridge over
the Myakka River and the alligators.16 - Crossing the bridge alligators

Further down the road…just beautiful !!!17 - Continue through the Canopy

Past by the prairie and made the turn to our campground.18 - Continue driving through the prairrie

Big Flats Campground is small. 
It has water and electric only. 

The sites are for smaller rigs
although there were a few that were about 30-35 ft.  20a -View of campground from our site

Our site was near the trail to the Lake and Outpost.20 - our site

Our backyard
20b -our backyard

About sunset, we walked the trail to the outpost.20c -The Outpost

The Vultures roost in the trees along the trail!!21d - nightly vulture party
They are everywhere… it’s a little creepy ;o((

But it was a beautiful way to end the day!!!21 - watching sunset


  1. Love the pictures. They make such great memories for me of happy times.

  2. I guess I'd better take that bee out of my bonnet and replace it with a rattlesnake so I'll be safer! ;c)

    Looks like a really nice place, even with the vultures.

  3. Well, I'm not Gail ... but I don't much care for snakes, soooo .... sorry; I still don't like the thought of running across one of them slithering away on a trail :-)))

  4. OK. I got as far as the snake window and my finger fast forwarded right to the bottom! I hope there wasn't anything important after that!!!! :) But, thanks for thinking of me :)

  5. Looks like another very nice place, less any snakes of course:)

  6. Nancy & Bill,
    I wanted to send an email but can't seem to find a "short cut". I have a couple of house selling questions I would like to ask. ( If you could provide an email address I would appreciate it. Thanks