Travel to Rainbow Springs SP - Saturday - January 21, 2012

Today was a moving day for us.  But first, we walked our normal 4 miles and viewed the wildlife one more time at Myakka State Park.  This morning we saw deer, including a big buck, wild turkeys, boars and countless birds. 

We drove over to say our goodbyes to David and Sherry.  It has been a great couple of weeks spending time with them.  I’m sure we will be together again soon!!

We were on our way by 10am.  Nancy had printed out directions and a map to get to Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida.  According to Google Maps it was to be about a three hour drive of 155 miles.

Our plan was to stop for lunch at a rest stop on I-75 and then stop at a Wal-Mart just off the interstate to do some grocery shopping.  We did both of these things as planned.

Then the day took a turn,

and another turn,

and another turn??? 

Turns out Google didn’t know how to get us where we were going!?!?!  We were within 5 miles of the Rainbow Springs Campground and ended up driving another 40miles, mostly in circles or dead end roads, trying to find the campground. 

Come to find out—Rainbow Springs has three entrances. 
 01 Map of Directions to Rainbow Springs
However, only one will get you to the campground.

Who knew??

So when you Google the Campground, be sure to get the exact address for the campground (S.W. 9th Street) or you will be sent to the Headsprings or Tubing Entrance.  Anyhow, we got here in just under 5 hours—sheesh;o((

Our site #48 is terrific!!
There are 3 loops and site 48 is in the loop at the top of this photo. 02 - Rainbow Springs Campground - All Loops

Here is a blow up of our loop.
03 - Rainbow Springs Campground - Our Loop - Site 48
(Click to enlarge any photo.)

Our site is really quite private with the
trees and fence surrounding us on 2 sides!!04a - Our Site #48 - we liked it04c - Our Site #48 - we liked it - wooded privacy04b - Our Site #48 - we liked it04d - Our Site #48 - we liked it

Since we arrived later than we expected, we decided to do some laundry and then just settle in for the night.  A great spaghetti dinner and a glass of wine made us both feel better.  Oh well, it was suppose to be a travel day anyway—we just didn’t plan on a Lewis and Clark Day!!

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