For The Birds - Tuesday - November 27, 2012

Bill and I had a great weekend with the family.  We are back at Huntington Beach State Park until after Christmas.  They have a great monthly rate this time of year.  I believe they are attempting to get the snowbirds to spend their money here rather than Florida. Well this is one of our favorite parks so it works for us:o))

Bill was a little under the weather today... a present from the Grand-daughters;o))  Nothing serious, just the sniffles, but he just stayed put and stayed medicated today!! 

I headed to the nature center boardwalk.
You never know what you might find and today was
"For The Birds!!"
(click on any photo to enlarge it)
Hooded Merganser
They show up here each winter.
Tricolored Heron

There was a Brown Pelican at the end of the boardwalk.
He let me walk right up to him... 
Perhaps this is close enough... 
Yep, he's out of here... 
See you later ;o))) 
at "Pelican Place" ;o))))
I didn't now what this bird was?!?!
After a little appears to be a
Juvenile White Ibis...who knew!!
Next, I headed down the road towards the Causeway.
I could not believe my eyes!
Right in front of me, high in the trees
was a pair of Bald Eagles!!
This is the second pair I've seen in less than a week:o))) 
They are so majestic!!! 
 He's got his eye on something???
He took off after it.
When I got to the causeway,
I found out what he was after....
an OSPREY!!!
I quess he doesn't share his fishing hole!?!?! 
Once he had scared the Osprey off,
he would perch on this dead tree.
Waiting and Watching....
Each time an Osprey ventured into the area,
the chase was on AGAIN!!! 
It was amazing to watch!!! 
This spectacle went on for quite some time.
Then the Eagle just left the area.
It really seemed like a Turf War;o))
There were still a few more things to see on the Causeway...
Great Egret..........  Beautiful!!
This Sandpiper is having crab for dinner!!
This Belted Kingfisher was busy catching his dinner. 
What a wonderful afternoon :o))
Nature is AMAZING!!!

Family Time - Part 2 - Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012
Sunrise over the Intercoastal Waterway
Just about the time the sun came up, we pulled out of Buck Hall Recreation Area and headed towards Sesquicential State Park in Columbia, SC. We are going to continue with family time:o))  Julie, Steve and the grandchildren are headed to Brian and Chris' house in Columbia...we're on our way!!! 
Our trip was really easy...we avoided the interstates and had no Black Friday traffic problems.  We arrived at Sesqui, got set up and drove the 2 miles to Brian's house.  We arrived just in time for Bill to play a little family football:o))
We are the CHAMPIONS!!! 
After the game, we got some lunch,
then headed to the Columbia Zoo. 
It was a perfect weather day.
The animals were enjoying it as much as we were:o))

Emily's Favorite - The Koala
Samantha's Favorite - The Black Footed Cat
It looks like a kitten, but it's full grown!!
Julie's Favorite - The Flamingo
Emily, Andrew and Steve got harnessed up
to climb around on the giant
Jungle Gym called Sky High Safari!!! 

Emily moving up to the next level.
Andrew crossing the rails !!!
Steve made it all the way to the top!!
Then he did the "No Hands" move ;o))
Next we headed through the African Plains....
At one point, the tribal drums started to play...
the "Natives" started to dance ;o))
After all that fun,
we returned to the house
where we enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner!!!
Thanks Brian and Chris...
Can't wait for tomorrow ;o))
Saturday, November 24, 2012
Well, the beautiful weather turned COLD!!
We woke to 29 degrees;o(((
When we got to Brian's,
the Ladderball competition was already underway!!
It's never too cold for Ladderball ;o((
Brian wanted a rematch with me;o))
It's tough to be beaten by your mom...
We even had an official score keeper...

 One of us tossed a ball in the storm drain;o(
Once the equipment was retrieved,
Brian went on to beat me solidly;o((
Meanwhile, Grandpop entertained the troops!! 
Emily entertained the rest of us:o)) 
Watch out 'America's Got Talent!!!'
Brian and Chris worked on yet
another Thanksgiving Dinner!!! 
What a spectacular dinner it was!!!
With just a bit of daylight left,
the family moved outside for one more game of
The last event of the weekend,
watching the movie RV:o)))
Thanks Brian and Chris for
a wonderful time and lots of special memories!!!