Georgia to Florida - Saturday - January 7, 2012

Nancy here:  Well, today is actually Saturday, January 14th and it has been a week since we have blogged about our vacation.  We have been a little busy.  Have you heard,


Well, it has been a whirlwind of things going on and now we hope to catch up with the blog so we have a record of this time in our life.  It is such a fun ride!!

So here we go, backing up and catching up with what has happened this past week!!!!

Today as everyday,
Nancy is up very early and working in her office ;o))

Just before the sun came up,
we headed out the door to do our morning power walk and
were greeted by these two cuties!!
02 - Black Rabbit03 - White Rabbit

During our walk, we could hear the roosters and finally found them. 

Doesn’t this look like a 3-headed rooster?!?!?04 - Three Headed Rooster

After our walk, we packed up and hit the road for Florida!!05 - Entering Florida

We were headed to Silver Springs State Park near Ocala, Florida. 
We were meeting Sherry and David there.

Our first stop was the Florida Welcome Center where we intended to have our breakfast.  As we were approaching the rest stop, a car kept passing the Van and then backing off and getting between the Van and the Tahoe.  Well sure enough as we pulled off, they pulled off and followed us to our parking spot.  We then realized they were really interested in our Van and we spent almost an hour talking about and showing it to them. 

So a quick breakfast stop turned into an hour and half rest stop.

They wanted to know why we brought our car and the Van. 
Well, our car is really our garage.
It carries the bikes, kayak, hiking gear and
whatever else we can’t fit in the van ;o)) 
 08 - Tahoe Garage

We will be looking for a new garage when get our Motorhome. 
We kinda liked this toad that pulled in next to us.
  07 - Tow Vehicle Truck

After a quick bowl of cereal,
09 - Breakfast Time

we followed 295 around Jacksonville and
across the St Johns River. 
 10 - Foggy I95 across St Johns River to Whole Foods

Nancy wanted to stop at the Whole Foods Store
 before turning south on Rt 13.
11 - Hwy 13 South to Hwy 16W

We took Rt 13 south to Rt 16 west
back across the St. Johns River.
12 - Hwy 16W across St. Johns River13 - Hwy 16W across St. Johns River

Once across the river,
we turned south on 17 to Hwy 19 through the Ocala National Forest. 
This whole trip shouldn’t have taken more than a few hours. 
However, after spending so much time at the rest stop and
then the Whole Foods Store,
 it was taking a little longer than planned. 

We got a call from Sherry wondering where we were. 
We told her we were almost there... or so we thought…

Well, as it turned out we were a little lost;o((

  We had missed a turn onto Rt 314
which was a direct connection to the State Park. 
Instead we went the long way around. 

We finally stopped to get a quick lunch at the Juniper Spring Wayside.16 - Rt 19S Juniper Spring Wayside for lunch miss rt. 314

Finally, late afternoon, we arrived at the park and got checked in.17 - Silver Springs SP Entrance

As we came around the corner to go to our site,
not only were Sherry and David there to greet us,
but Gin and Syl
(who are heading to Lazy Days to pick up their new motorhome)
were there also.  

What a great surprise!!

We had the Van backed in and plugged in quickly so we 
could spend the next couple hours enjoying time with all of them.19 - Silver Springs SP site 43 with friends20 - Silver Springs SP site 43 with friends21 - Silver Springs SP site 43 with friends
We didn’t get to see Gin and Syl for very long. 
They are staying outside the State Park.
In the morning, they are heading to Hillsborough so
 we knew we would be seeing them again in a couple days!!


  1. So glad to hear about your news! Even though it seemed like forever, now the next phase...buying your next home ( on wheels!)..:-)

  2. Nice summary of your trip and arrival. I've decided I'm going to Nancy optomistrist and get glasses so I can have her eye sight. You got much better brochures on hiking and kayaking than I did at that same welcome center AND your jacks didn't act up either (oppps the Pleasureway doesn't have jacks does it??)

  3. Between you and Gin & Syl and Sherry & David, this time in your lives will go down in history :)
    We are so very happy for you...and await your post of the "day"...or should I say "days"?