Tampa RV Supershow - Wednesday - January 11, 2012

Last evening we decided to check out the Tampa RV Supershow today.  The weather forecast called for possible showers and perhaps that will keep the crowds down.

We got there early and purchased our tickets.01 - Let the Show Begin
The tickets are good for TWO days ;o))

Once inside we headed to Vendor Building ‘B’
where we met up with Syl and Gin.02 - Checking out the vendors
We walked the aisles and surveyed everything RV !!!

In the next few days,
Gin and Syl will be taking delivery of their new Motorhome,
a Winnebago Journey 40U.

We found one similar to theirs
got a chance to check it out.
Can you say, “WOW!!!”
03 - Gin and Syl's new journey
It has the biggest kitchen I have ever seen in a coach.
What a beauty!?!?

Nancy and I have narrowed down out RV choice to a small diesel pusher.  In 2010, we fell in love with the Winnebago Journey 34Y.   So we headed to Winnebago to check it out.  Unfortunately, they did not have that model at the show.

However, Itasca (which is owned by Winnebago) had a  34Y at the show.  The motorhomes are identical except for color schemes. Just as we got inside the Itasca, the rains came down. 

So we just shut the door and took our time checking it out.04 - Stuck inside Meridan in the rain

No David… You CAN NOT take it for a SPIN ;o)))05 - David is going to drive

Once we finished looking at the 34Y, we headed to Newmar to see their Ventana 3434.  We fell in love with that motorhome at last years show.  Unfortunately, they have changed the bedroom storage and put a TV where a window should be in the living area.  Both of which make it completely unacceptable for full-timing.  That is a shame as it was a wonderful coach otherwise.

We wandered around the show
checking out a couple other rigs and taking in the sights.06 - Lots of characters06b - Lots of characters

Our last stop was Vendor Building ‘A’

This is the original PA camping ;o))07 - Pa Camping

Blog quiz of the day!!!
(Can’t let Sherry out do me ;o))
What are these folks doing???
8 - Back Massage, bus stop, saw a star
A. Waiting for the bus
B. Gawking at a movie star
C. Buying a pair of shoes
D. Getting a back massage

The Supershow is huge. 
You can’t see it all in a day.
9 - Big Show
However, we had seen enough to get our heads spinning.

Time to head home and make some decisions ;o)))


  1. Teacher, Teacher.....I KNOW!! I KNOW!! I KNOW!! Call on me! I KNOW the answer!!
    AND I know all those people too And your pictures are GREAT!

  2. Look like they are trying out massage pillows to me!! Do I win??

  3. Wow, their new rig is beautiful! The trio look way too happy on their bums..me thinks the same as Page..massage pillows? Either that or they're gettin' goosed :)

  4. There was a lot of rv's to look at so it's good to have it narrowed down some. I think it helped to spend some time in the 34Y while it rained. It was quite comfortable.

  5. The look on Gin's face is precious! The Journey is gorgeous!

    Bruce and Laura