We’re On Vacation–Yeah!! - Friday - January 6, 2012

Nancy and I have been looking forward to starting our vacation to Florida for some time.  Boy, did we get an early start—4:45am we pulled out of the driveway.  We left the house clean and ready to show to the next future owners;o))  The only difference this time is that we lowered the thermostat on the heater and shut the water off to the house.

While driving down the highway, we got a call about showing the house at 10:30 today.  Great…let’s sell the house while we’re in Florida.  I know Nancy and I would be thrilled.  Later in the day, we got another call saying they wanted to come back and see the house again this afternoon.  That’s two couples that have come back at least two times.  Our time is coming!!!

Back to vacation!!  We got through Charleston, SC before rush hour got too bad.  It was still dark.  Just south of Charleston, we stopped at Burger King to use the bathroom and buy a couple cups of coffee.  It was the worst coffee we’ve had in years.  I think it was brewed yesterday or maybe last year ;o((

Nancy was driving the Pleasureway Van and I followed her in the Tahoe.  We talked occasionally on the walkies, but for the most part it was a quiet and uneventful trip.

Leaving South Carolina and entering Georgia finally the sun came up!!01 - Leaving SC heading to GA

Breakfast at the Georgia Welcome Center rest stop.02 - GA rest stop breakfast
We have to take two vehicles because the van can’t hold all our toys.  Our Tahoe carries the bikes, kayak and all the gear associated with them…helmets, life jackets, pumps, paddles, etc.  Throw in all our hiking equipment and now the Tahoe is full;o))  It takes both vehicles to carry everything needed for a month long trip of fun in the sun!!

We arrived at Blythe Island Regional Park Campground in Brunswick, Georgia
just before lunch time. 
03 - Blythe Island Campground map

Campground Office
04 - Campground Office

It is a nice campground, about 100 sites. 
All the sites have full hook-ups
with cable TV and on site WIFI that works really well. 
It is a little pricey at $36 per night but
we were happy to have a great site for our first night of vacation. 
In addition, we got site 13… Nancy’s favorite number. 

We’re off to a good start!!
05 - Site 1306 - Site 1307 - Site 13

We left home so early because we thought we might be able to put the kayak in this afternoon.  This campground has a lake and also has a dock and boat launch on the South Brunswick River.  Well, as you will see, the lake is a little low and we were told that the River has very strong tides and can be a problem.  So, we decided to play it safe and instead went for a nice leisurely walk.

We headed over to check out the lake.08 - Bridge over lake

Not sure what type of duck these are. 
I could not get a better shot even with my zoom. 
The closer I walked, the farther they swam away!09 - Ducks

These Muscovy (I think) Ducks were just they opposite. 
They came right up and started to follow us!!10 - Muscovy Ducks

We crossed the bridge and walked to the other side of the lake. 
You can see our site from there.
11 - View of Site from across the lake

Did we mention the lake was a little LOW ;o))12 - Big Step low lake

Next, we walked through the campground to the other side
along the South Brunswick River.

Spanish Moss hangs from most of the trees!!13 - Spanish Moss

How about this for a LONG pull-through site14 - Long pull thru site

This is the bridge to St. Simon's Island.15 - Bridge to St. Simons

Large tanker headed toward the ocean.16 - tanker

View across the Salt Marsh.
17 - Salt Marsh

After enjoying our time on the dock by the river,
we decided to try and find the only geocache in the park. 
We followed the start of a mountain bike path and
then made a turn off the path to find the cache.18 - Geocache hike

There it is in the underbrush!!
19 - Geocache canister

Always fun to read and sign the log book ;o))20 - Signing the geocache log

With the afternoon temps in the mid 60’s and sunny,
it was a great start to our vacation.

Tomorrow we will travel about 200 miles to
Silver River State Park near Ocala, Florida. 
We plan to meet RV-Dreams friends, Sherry and David,
to do a little kayaking, hiking, geocaching, laughing
ice cream eating ;o))


  1. Can hardly wait to see you!!! BUT are you going to be knocking on our door before the sun comes up???? Someone's in site 44 tonight so wake them up first OK??

    You two are a riot! I'm laughing already but have refrained from having any ice cream until you get here. Hope you've researched this Bill. I was out once today and all I saw was a Dairy Queen.

    BIG BIG HUGS!! Safe travels!

  2. You've picked a great campground. I've spent lots of time in that area during my Coast Guard years. You made a great start on your vacation.

    Soak up lots of that sun, sounds good that you're having repeat looks at the house. We're hoping you get the good news on your vacation, it'll make it all the more special.

  3. I have my fingers crossed for good news for you soon!!

    Love the pics! Have a great time on your vacation. :)

  4. We love Silver River! Hope you see some monkeys.

  5. Glad you guys got off to a great start. Enjoy your vacation and hope to meet up with you soon.
    Sounds like we need to put Blythe Island on our ever growing campground list!

  6. This vacation might be the one that does the trick!!! Have fun, especially with all the dreamers :) Before you know it, we might all be on the road together :)

  7. What a great start for your vacation! And, a lot of interest in the house too! Enjoy your time. You certainly deserve a little R&R!

    Sending you good vibes from Site 13 here in Texas!!

  8. Continue to have a safe trip down and may the house fairy sprinkle some magic dust on two buyers so you can have a price war (hey, it can happen)!

  9. Fingers crossed! Looks like a great campground. We are looking forward to your fun in Florida.

  10. Welcome to Florida! Enjoy every minute of your vacation as I know you will. Fingers crossed for sale of the house - 2012 is the year. Hopefully we can get together before you head back north. We were a short distance from Ocala last month but have since moved to the west coast. Have fun - stay safe. Jill and Paul

  11. Oh my, there's a critical mass of my favorite bloggers in one spot -- stay tuned for a cosmic event OR the greatest entertainment for me, an envious PleasureWay RVer from North Liberty, IA.
    I write to wish you safe travels and fun times but more so to thank you for the entertainment and RV education. We'll be reading with great anticipation about the Tampa RV Show -- enjoy!
    We plan to hit the road to Texas for six weeks at the end of February.