A Windy Day–Tuesday–April 17, 20123

We woke to a windy morning.  Since our feet were a bit tired from yesterday’s hike, we decided to get the bikes out for a short ride.  We rode the campground roads which makes a 2 mile loop from our campsite to Hwy 17 and back.  Wanting to build up our bike legs, we did 5 laps for 10 miles. 

When we finished, we knew the winds were not about to subside enough for us to get the Sea Eagle in the water;o((  So we decided to drive to The Whole Food Store in Charleston to get some items Nancy can’t get anywhere else.  She loves that store and now that we are mobile, we will be able to find them.  That makes Nancy a happy camper!!!  Of course, a stop there and then a stop at Wal-Mart took us the whole morning.

When we got back, the winds were still blowing, so I grabbed my fishing pole and headed down to the dock. Nancy stayed at the camper to plant some herbs and put up our new bird feeders;o))

Basil, Parsley, Oregano, and Thyme01---Herb-Planters_thumb6

This is a larger feeder.
Our other feeder was too small for birds to perch on it.

Once she finished those tasks,
she grabbed the camera and headed down to the dock. 

Our current back yard…Not Bad!!03---Our-Backyard_thumb2

This sailboat is loving the windy day :o))04---Sail-Boat-Day_thumb2

Laughing Gulls along the Oyster Beds05---Oyster-beds-and-gulls_thumb2

Out on the fishing pier

Flags are whipping in the wind!!

Nancy hung out waiting for me to catch something. 
Of course that didn’t happened. 
She decided to head back to cook something or another!?!?!

Going after the BIG one;o))
08 - Bill going after the big one_thumb[1]
I only caught one…about a 3 foot shark,
but no one was here to take the picture;o(((

I’m fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway. 
This section runs from Georgetown to Charleston Harbor.09 - Intercoastal Waterway_thumb[1]

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Nancy here:
Back at the camper I decided to make some Sweet Potato Chips.  I had a couple sweet potatoes that needed to be used. Bill and I are working real hard at getting the fat out of our diet.  He loves chips and this is a healthy alternative that tastes good also;o))  Thought I would share the recipe and technique with you!

This is a silicon baking sheet.  I am trying this for the first time. Usually, I make the chips right on the microwave tray. But they can stick a little, so I thought I would try the silicon.
11 - Silicon Baking Sheet_thumb[3]

The silicon sheet fits perfectly:o))11b - Silicon Baking Sheet on Microwave Turntable_thumb[2]

Just scrub, but do not peel, the sweet potatoes. 
Then slice the potato into thin disks.11c - Sliced Sweet Potatoes_thumb[2]

Spread them single layer on the silicon and
sprinkle lightly with salt if desired.11d - Spread Sliced Sweet Potatoes on Sheet_thumb[2]
Apply salt before cooking as it will not stick once they are cooked
since you do not use any oil :o))

Microwave for 7 to 9 minutes. 

My old microwave took seven minutes. 
When I checked these at 7 minutes,
they were still chewy;o((
11e - Microwaved Sliced Sweet Potatoes on Sheet_thumb[4]
So back in the microwave they went for 2 more minutes.

Finally, crispy, tasty, oil-free, healthy chips :o)))11f - Cooled and Ready to Eat_thumb[2]
Oh, nothing stuck to anything, just rinsed off the silicon sheet:o))

Well, the winds are still blowing,
but we had a great day anyway. 

Maybe tomorrow we will be able to get the kayak in the water?!?!


  1. Mmmmmmm those chips look great. So your new microwave works fine I see.

    Where will the herbs ride? Love the color of the pots! Can't wait to see what birds show up at your feeder.

    Your pictures are a terrific look at a great day in the life!

  2. I will have to try my microwave at 7 minutes without turning the sweet potatoes. I was turning them every couple of minutes because they were wet underneath, but that was way too much trouble.

    Nice back yard and great idea to bring herbs and invite birds! Great way to live.

    BTW, I think i ineed either a new bike seat or a bigger butt. Ten miles and my kiester is sore. Maybe some more practice.

    Stay well,


  3. Another great day, even if you only caught a 3 foot lawyer, er, I mean shark. The old bad day fishing... ;c)

    Interesting potato chips, can they be made with regular potatoes? Me and the sweet ones don't agree. I usually see the sweets twice, once going down and then coming right back up. :c(

  4. I'm going to have to try your recipe. I would have never thought anything would come out crisp in the microwave. Glad to see I was wrong :)

  5. Sherry, the herbs ride in the shower!

    Paul, the regular potatoes did not work in the microwave. However, this same process works in a regular oven at about 450-500 degrees with regular potatoes. I have not tried regular potatoes in the micro/convection...that's on the test kitchen list since I don't have a regular oven in the motorhome;o)

  6. You shopped at my Whole Foods. I work right across the street and live a couple of miles away. It's the only place I shop and I've told hub that we will have to plan our future full-time routes based on where the Whole Foods are located.

    I'll have to try those chips - sounds easy peasy.

  7. Yum! We both love sweet potatoes..we'll have to try them too. Good idea growing your own herbs. We always had a big pot of basil, parsley, mint, oregano. Never would have thought to do so in the RV too.

  8. We both love sweet potatos so will have to try the chips. They look yummy. I've also had blue potato and beet chips - will have to try those your way as well.

  9. Thanks for the instructions. I tried it before but they came out chewy.

  10. Oh no......... plants traveling in the shower! Dianne lugged a lemon tree around the country in a plastic pot for two years. Every time we stopped at a campground, I lugged the tree out of the shower and into the campsite. It was a topic of frequent discussion between the two of us. We ALMOST lost it when a jack rabbit ate half of it in NM. But, it survived. Darn! The lemon tree has now been planted in our back yard in TX. I will be hiding your post from Dianne, lest she get the idea that our shower also needs an herb garden :-).

  11. Yum...thanks for the instructions for sweet potato chips... will definitely give it a try! They look delicious!

  12. Looks like a great place to be! We don't do too good with knives and hard taters but we'all try it some time.

  13. Nice back yard!! Like sweet potato fires, we will have to try chips.