How “Baby” Got Her Name–Wednesday–March 28, 2012

Nancy here: Guess you thought we got lost!!  No, all is well GREAT!!  We have been at Myrtle Beach State Park since Sunday, April 1st trying to get settled into our new home. Just as when you move into a new sticks and bricks house, moving into a motorhome means there are many things to get done.  As always, I am way behind on the blog, but I will get it posted a little at a time. We will be here at Myrtle Beach SP until the 15th.  Now, back to our days at Lazydays….

This morning when we returned from breakfast
at the Crown Club,

our motorhome was gone!
01 - Rig missing after breakfast
Actually, that is a good thing:o)) 

She was moved to the bays so they can work on the punch list.

Here she is backed into Bay 511.
 02 - Site 511 at the Bay Lake Villas

Not much room on the left…
03 - Neighbor on the left

A little more room on the right…
04 - Neighbor on the right

Most of the rigs in the bays are very large Tag Axial motorhomes
like this one parked out front.
06 - Our Front Yard - Tag Axel Diesel Pusher

All the rigs look about the same size
from the front.
08 - Villas to the Left

Well, when we walked behind our motorhome,
 it became clear why she was always put into bay 511. 05 - Our Back Yard
Our smaller motorhome is the only one that could fit
into this bay with the big blue storage bin at the back. 

Yes, our 35 foot long motorhome looked like a 'BABY'
compared to all the 42'-45' motorhomes around us;o))09 - Back Yard looking right10 - Backyard looking left

So that is how 'Baby' got her name!!

She may be little, but she is mighty...

exactly like her owners ;o)))


  1. LOVE that last line! She's little but she's mighty, like her owners. AMEN Sistah!!

  2. Haha, great story for her name! Perfect :)

  3. Wow, 35ft is little? Mine is 36ft and it seems huge to me!! Now that I see yours next to the monsters I can see what you mean. :)

    Still looks great and you can get into places those big boys can't! ;)


  4. Perfect name!

    Enjoy getting settled in. That's a lot of fun too :)

  5. Good name. Enjoy getting settled but remember you will still be moving stuff a year later :)

  6. "You must have been a beautiful baby..."

    You made the right size choice, you'll be able to get into those small, lovely spaces in state parks those big ones have to pass up. Smart thinking!

    We'll be in Myrtle Beach the second week in June at Pirateland CG. Marti has to attend a week long seminar on long term care to keep up her administrator license. Let us know if you'll be around in the area so we can see "Baby" live and in person. :c)

  7. LOL on that last comment and so true! Baby is a very good name.

  8. oh i am so excited for you two. love the new "baby". i think the shorter version will suit you two so much better. smaller sites, less fees and less gas, it all adds up. will our day EVER come??? LOL.
    cindy & rick from the little channeling muddy casita.
    you were our mentors at the rv-dreams rally in gaitlingburg 2011

  9. Suits her to a "T". Happy nesting!

  10. What a coincidence!

    We named our rig 'Baby' too, but for a different reason. I had start out looking at the little Sprint motorhomes that were going to be my 'baby'. Somehow we ended up with this 38' diesel pusher so Ken continued to jokingly call it my 'Baby'.

    Hope your 'Baby' and our 'Baby' get to meet each other again soon!

    Ken and Cindy

  11. Congrats on your new beautiful Baby!!

  12. Love love love the name...and how it relates to you both...mighty, indeed!