A Visit With Brian and Chris - Friday - April 20, 2012

Yesterday, we left Buck Hall and arrived at Sesquicentennial State Park, Columbia, SC.  It is a beautiful park and only a couple of miles from our son and DIL’s house.  The campground is located in the pines and there are a few tight drive through spots;0))

08b - Entering the Campground_thumb[2]

Our site is a great pull-through. 
Even though it is close to the road,
08c - Site 84 our site pull through_thumb[2]

08d - Site 84 our site pull through_thumb[2]

our patio side is wooded and private:o))08e - Site 84 our site_thumb[2]

08f - Site 84 our site_thumb[2]

Both of the kids had to work today.
Once we got set up, we went for a walk around the state park.

The state park is set amongst the Longleaf Pines.9 - A walk in the Park - Pines and Playground_thumb[2]

The focal point is the lake and the trails around it.9b - A walk in the Park - Approaching the lake_thumb[2]

You can use your own or rent a kayak to use on the lake.9c - A walk in the Park - Canoe and Peddle Boat Rental dock_thumb[2]

This park was built by the CCC .
There are beautiful picnic shelters with fireplaces and terra cotta roofs.9e - A walk in the Park - Picnic Shelters_thumb[2]

The trail around the lake is BEAUTIFUL!!!9d - A walk in the Park - Walking Trail around the lake_thumb[2]

9f - A walk in the Park - Lakeside Trail_thumb[2]

9g - A walk in the Park - Spillway_thumb[2]

9h - A walk in the Park - Bridge over Spillway_thumb[3]

9i - A walk in the Park - View of Lake from Bridge_thumb[2]

After our walk, we called the kids and
arranged for them to have breakfast with us today at the campground.
Nancy cooked her delicious buckwheat pancakes and made fruit smoothies. 
We all enjoyed the great meal!!
01 - Pancake Breakfast_thumb[2]

We showed off our new home to them and
Brian found his favorite spot;o))
02 - Brian finds his favorite spot_thumb[2]

They had to go home early afternoon to put their house back together.  Yesterday, they had all the carpets and big furniture pieces steam cleaned.  They wanted to put the furniture back where it belongs.  After they got their chores done, they came back for a cookout!! 

03 Bill Getting Fire Going_thumb[2]

04 - Chris Cooking the Dogs_thumb[2]

05 - Enjoying the picnic_thumb[3]

You can’t have a campfire cookout without
Smores for DESSERT!!
06 - Must be time for Smores_thumb[3]

However, we took it up a notch!!
We used Crunch Bars instead of Hershey Bars and
spread the graham crackers with Cashew Peanut Butter;o))07 - Peanut Cashew Butter Smorsies_thumb[2]
This is GOOD stuff!!!

We swapped stories and had lots of laughs
as we caught up with the activities and events in their lives. 08 - Enjoying the fire_thumb[2]
It was a great day!!

Tomorrow we are going (rain or shine) on a guided kayak trip
 Brian and Chris gave us for a Christmas Present!!

That should be lots of fun!!


  1. Looks like a terrific park. Very beautiful pictures. How great that it is literally just down the road from your son and DIL.

    Love the smores upgrade! I want those next time we see you. That's some pink chair you've got there Nancy. I've got a couple of Flamingos you might need to go with it. :-) Maybe George will disappear and Flora and Flossie Flamingo will take his place.........who knows.

  2. This is too funny, our daughter's family lives just a couple of miles from this campground, too.

    I see some meet ups with you here. We can talk Journey to Journey. ;c)

    Those s'mores look deadly!!!

  3. What a nice park! In Michigan, we learned to make s'mores with peanut butter cups instead of hershey bars...just sayin' :-)!

  4. You are making me hungry for s'mores now. :)
    Lovely park!

  5. Sherry,

    The Pink Chair belongs to my DIL. It will not be traveling with us;o)) Also, we already have our own Flamingos...just a bit too chilly to let them out of the cage!!

  6. Looks like we need to add this SP to our list of "go-tos"!!

  7. I love wooded, private sites like the one you have. State parks and Corps of Engineers campgrounds are almost always a good bet. The RV Dreams Rally starts today. Linda is as bubbly as ever.

  8. The water is very inviting. I'd like to join you in a paddle. So much green! I just love Spring!

  9. South Carolina certainly has some beautiful parks. I love this one too :)
    Family fun is what it's all about. You'll probably see them more often now that your house moves! :)

  10. Well then compliment your D-I-L for her good taste in flamingo pink. Maybe she needs some flamingos to go with it! :-) Remember that at Holiday time. Now that you mention it, I do think I remember some yard art in one of your previous blogs. A welcome home flamingo gathering was it?