No Kayaking for You ;o(( - Wednesday - April 18, 2012

Kayaking was not going to happen this trip to Buck Hall.  The winds were just too gusty to put the Sea Eagle in at the landing.  However, we will be back in a few weeks and hopefully will get a chance to do some paddling.

We spent our day piddling around.  Early this morning Nancy headed over to get some sunrise photos while I had my wake-up coffee time.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Looking Northeast

Looking Southeast – sure looks calm!!

The Early Bird :o)

Beautiful Reflections

Here comes the Sun

Cloudy but Beautiful!!

Sure looks calm enough for a paddle although a bit cool!!  When she got back, we went out for our morning walk and by the time we returned the winds had started.  There would be no paddling today;o((

Instead, we just tinkered about the motorhome this morning. I needed to learn how to check some fluids.  Looks easy enough… Transmission and Oil!!

Boy these had a couple of LONG dip sticks!!

Right next to these was the power steering fluid. You can see if the level is OK in that container.  Ok, I didn’t find the break fluid fill yet, if there is one!?!?! Didn’t look very hard, but if you know, let me know.  It would be nice to be able to stop this big bus;o))

Then off to the back of Baby.  Had to top off the DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid).  Need to get a funnel to make that task a bit easier;o))

Next I moved on to checking tire pressure.  Tahoe tires were a little low, so took care of that. 

Baby’s tires are filled with Nitrogen.  We had a Tyron Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System installed.  Everything checked out on Baby’s tires.  However, does anyone know where we can get Nitrogen for the tires??  Someone mentioned Costco and Flying J??

Nancy was busy taking pictures and posting a blog.  I think she might have made some potato salad as well:o))

New bird feeders finally have visitors!!

This guy was exhausted from his multiple unsuccessful attempts at getting on the new feeder;o)) He had several dangerously close near misses!!

It is amazing to me how we managed to tinker away the morning. 
But it sure is nice to be able to do that!!

Just before lunch time, Nancy's brother called.  He and his new wife, Carrie, were visiting Nancy's Mom.  He lives in Maine and doesn’t have the opportunity to come down this way very often. They wanted to come see us and our new home.  So in about hour Rick, Carrie and Mom arrived for a nice visit.  It was fun sharing our new way of living with them.  Also really enjoyed meeting Carrie.  She is a special lady and Rick seems so happy:o)))  Unfortunately, Nancy simply forgot to get a photo…Maybe next time?!?!

After they headed back to Mom’s, we got a little dinner and walked down to the water.  It was still windy and still rough!!  Even the ducks were hiding amongst the piers to stay our of the rough water. Anyone know what these ducks are?? They look like Mallard Ducks on Steroids!!

Tomorrow, we head to Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia, SC. 
We do have some fun plans with our Son and DIL, so come back and visit!!


  1. Forgetting the camera just means that you get a chance to enjoy the moment. We had to get a funnel for our DEF tank too although we haven't topped it off yet. We haven't driven it enough I guess.

  2. Bill not sure but aren't the brakes on Baby Air Brakes. If so there is no fluid and you have to bleed the air seperator that removes the moisture from your airlines.

    About the Nitrogen in the tires it is put in at tire service centers and is not cost effective for any individual to own such a system. Once you have added any air from a pump or your own compresser just keep doing that until you need a tire repaired or replaced.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. What a gorgeous sunrise. I love being in a campground where you can just walk out and get a beautiful sunrise. Maybe I need to find a lake. Don't think there are any campgrounds actually on the ocean or the gulf. They all seem to need a drive unfortunately. Well except the lucky folks in the keys of course.

    You seem to be adjusting very well to the life, but then you had a trial run! :-)

  4. Love love love the sunrise pictures! My kids and I always called them "cotton candy skies" because of the blues, pinks, and purples.

    Sorry McGiver doesn't know anything about nitrogen in tires (and neither do I but that was a given!!!).

    Don't you just love piddling a day away!

  5. Bill,

    You have air brakes, so you'll drive yourself crazy looking for a master cylinder with brake fluid...there isn't one.

    However, there are three air tanks up front that need to been drained periodically for a couple of seconds. Behind your front tires, on one side you'll find two wires with loops in them sticking out from holes in the frame rail, and one wire with loop on the other side. With your awning rod, hook the loop and pull on it and let the air bleed for about 10 seconds (per tank). This drains out moisture that collects in the tanks.

    Also, you can electronically check your trans fluid from the dirver seat using the transmission selector pad.

    With the transmission fully warmed up, stop on a level surface, put the trans in Park, set your air parking brake and press the up and down arrows at the same time for a couple of seconds. The transmission will check itself and in about 30 seconds you'll get a reading, OK, Low, etc on the pad.

    You can find this information in greater detail in the Freightliner Owners Manual.

    As for nitrogen, can't say for sure where to get some. I don't use it so can't help ya' there. :c(

  6. You'll learn all there is to know in time. Love the pictures, Nancy! What a serene shot...

  7. What gorgeous sunrise pictures! I have to enjoy sunrises through your eyes cuz you know I don't get up that early!!! :)

    Wish I could help you with the nitrogen but we just use plain old air :)

  8. We have so much to learn. That's why we are scheduled for Camp Freightliner School in June. Maybe they can teach old dogs new tricks! Thanks for your info. Bill

  9. Boy that new rig on your header picture is pretty! We've had our DP almost a year and are still learning about it!