Good Hike…Tired Feet–Monday–April 16, 2012

We got up early as usual but decided to do forego our early morning power walk as we planned to hike a portion of the Palmetto Trail.  After breakfast, Nancy packed our lunch and we gathered our stuff: cameras, walking sticks and binoculars.

We were at the trailhead by 8:20am and away we went.03---Palmetto-trail-sign-start_thumb04---starting-down-the-trail_thumb2

We were not sure how long or how far we would hike. Our plan was to start at Buck Hall and go as far as the canoe launch on Awendaw Creek and then back to Buck Hall.  Looking at the map, we figured that would be somewhere around 9 miles or so!!

We had put on plenty of bug spray, but the mosquitos were still there in force at times;o((  If the breeze was blowing, we were OK.  If not, they were EVERYWHERE;o(  I had made note of a geocache located along our hike.  The mosquitos were the worst right about the search location. 

However, after about 10minutes, I found the ammo box and signed the log book so we could get out of there!!

Nancy snapped a ton of photos as we walked.  Quite frankly, there was very little wildlife along the way.

This was the closest we got to a wildlife sighting…11--Bird-feathers_thumb2
Poor Birdie;o((

However, the trail took you in and out of
different habitats.

Longleaf Pines

Pine Needles everywhere

Hardwood Hammocks

There was one tree with branches larger than the surrounding trees!!09a---Hardwoods-Habitat--huge-tree_t

Our favorite was the Salt Marsh

All along the trail we did see pretty flowers.




When we finally reached the canoe launch at Awendaw Creek, we realized the map was not real accurate and our walk would be slightly over 11 miles.

These folks were crabbing at the canoe launch.11b---Awendaw-Creek-Dock_thumb2

Awendaw Creek
We want to Kayak Awendaw Creek if the winds die down and we can figure out the tides;o))

We turned back at the canoe launch
found a nice bench to enjoy our lunch :o))12---lunchtime_thumb2
Good breeze and NO mosquitos!!!

It was a longer walk than we thought it would be. By the time we got back, we were both tired. Our GPS indicated we had wallked about 11.5 miles!! Nancy took a power nap and I went to the bath house to take a long, hot shower. I know we both will be in bed early tonight.  We need to do a lot more hiking and biking to get our legs in shape.  As Nancy pointed out to me today, “We don’t have to do it all in one day!!”  I guess she is right;o))


  1. Wow, that's quite a hike! You guys are going to be keeping in awesome shape!! I am so looking forward to the day we are on the road and have time to do hikes as well as some biking. :)

  2. Looks like a nice hike --- the kind Dianne likes without the hills. The mosquitoes are bad here in south TX, too. We went from a drought to a lot of rain. The little, black dive-bombing mosquitoes are really happy.

  3. I'd hate to see what you do for a long hike!

    Good thing you had the mosquitoes to keep you motivated to keep going. ;c)

  4. 11.5 miles I'd say you're pretty darn close to being in decent shape! I couldn't do that many, the knees just couldn't handle it.

    Have fun, it looks awesome!


  5. Overachievers!!!! 11.5're putting the rest of us to shame :) (well, most of us anyhow)

    Seriously, I wish we were closer. I could use some motivation of the type you dole out :):) Maybe November!

  6. Good grief you two sure don't build up to things do you? 11.5 dogs would be barkin' too! Great pictures - but this is one rare time I'll have to say I'm glad I wasn't there. Mosquitoes are much too crazy about me for us to be around each other at all. I'd have to hike in an entire mosquito net suit.

  7. Oww... my knees hurt just thinking about all that walking!

  8. That's quite a hike! No wonder you guys are in such good shape!

  9. I'm with Sherry, the mosquitoes would really make me crabby :-). They seem to love my blood. Love the pictures of your hike, thanks!

  10. The only thing I would like more than hiking is driving that big bus, well at least in the beginning. After a long hike your feet are sore simply because they were inside shoes and you walked on mostly flat trail. Had you hiked barefoot, I don't think your feet would hurt, but they will need a bath with scrubbing. Anyway, check on amazon product "foot massager balance". Basically it is a piece of pipe attached onto two wood blocks, but removes aches and pains from feet like a hungry beast devouring his prey. Small but very potent contraption. If you ever near Los Angeles, let me drive your bus and go on a hike with you and I will build that contraption custom made for you.
    Enjoy what outdoors have to offer. I'm very glad someone does.
    Sincerely, Alexander Nestoiter