Just Chillin' - Tuesday - April 24, 2012

Woke to some chilling weather this morning. However, I had a dentist appointment early and then took the Tahoe in for an oil change, so cool weather did not affect my morning. Nancy just did what Nancy does. She can always find things to do. It doesn’t take much to entertain her;o))

It was after lunchtime, by the time we were ready to find something in the park to do. They winds were blowing so the beach was out. Yesterday, when we checked in, we saw a notice about the Snowbird monthly rental.

Since we need to be in this area for the holidays, we decided to find a FHU site we liked and go ahead and reserve it from November 25 to December 25. After walking the campground and comparing all the FHU sites, we decided that we wanted to be in the sunshine that time of the year. So our best options was site 95.

While we were checking out sites, a couple saw us photographing different sites. They were in one of the sites we might be interested in. Fred and Joan assured us we did not want that site as it was very uneven.

One thing led to another and before long we were chatting about this and that. This turned out to be one of those “It’s a Small World” encounters. Joan finally said, “Where do I know you from?” Nancy gets that a lot as people know her from Home Depot. But that was not the case. We finally figured it out. They were in the same driving class as us at Lazydays and we were actually in the same Motorhome on the same day for the driving portion. Great folks and hope we meet them again down the road:o))

After we made our reservation at the office, we walked out the salt marsh boardwalk before heading back to the motorhome to fix some dinner. Nature was just waiting for us to arrive!!

This is so much fun just going with the flow…
Life is Good!!!


  1. It is nice in this big world to see that it really is a small world :)

  2. Great bird photos. Sounds like a good deal on the campsite.

  3. How wonderful to be able to make plans so far ahead and take advantage of specials! Great pictures as usual. Love to see them.

  4. It really is a small world!

    Glad you got your reservation in early so you could choose your favorite site.

  5. I'm kinda partial to the pelican pictures, dontcha know? :-)

  6. That is a very reasonable monthly price. Nice to be able to plan that far ahead knowing that work will no longer get in your way.

    How did you get that pelican to stop in mid flight long enough to snap its picture?

  7. Paul, the pelicans are just smart! They have good MawMaws and PawPaws.
    We enjoyed a month there last year at that time. Looks like they've added a couple of Parks and the rates are just a bit higher too. Must be popular. I saw that Jekyl Island GA is doing that also.

  8. It is a small world and amazing how often those chance meeting take place:)

  9. Yes Paul, All our Pelicans are very bright and so well behaved;o))

    Those monthly rates are with all taxes included, not $300 plus taxes like last year!!