A Site to Be Seen–Friday–April 27, 2012

Nancy here:

Well, if you read our last blog, you know I have been having a time getting Live Writer to post to Blogger.  Gail, of Gypsy Turtle, suggested it may be the picture size. So this is a test of the 800x800 max picture size to see if that will correct the ‘403’ forbidden problem!!

I needed a bunch of photos to test this theory.  Since we are at Huntington Beach State Park, I decided to take photos of all the sites that folks have reserved for the Carolina Clan Reunion the first weekend of November.  So if you have reserved a site and let me know, you can see it below.  If you haven’t reserved a site and still want to come to this crazy gathering of friends…still lots of sites available the end of October through the beginning of November!! Between October 29th and November 13th, folks have made reservation for various lengths time.  So check Reserve America and see what is available and come on down, up or over;o))

I am just listing them by site number…you should know what site you reserved;o)) There are two views of each site!!

Site 3

Site 16

Site 17

Site 18

Site 19

Site 21

Site 23

Site 24

Site 26

Site 27

Site 99

Site 102

Well, it did not work at 9:30 pm. Got the ‘403’ forbidden error again;o))

Will try to upload early in the morning to see if that will work with a less crowded network. Sherry, of In the Directions of Our Dreams, suggested that might be the problem.  Sure hope it works!!

I tried at 5:10am this morning to upload this blog from Live Writer to Blogger. I figured most people are still sleeping and the network would be less crowded.  It made no difference…still got the ‘403’ forbidden error again ;o((

So I am doing the copy and past to see it this will upload. Well, I copied the entire blog to a new blog in Live Writer.  It uploaded fine, but I had a small version of the photo in Live Writer.  When I tried to make the photo larger, the quality went down the tubes.

I give up.  I guess I will just do what I can do.  Perhaps my photo blogs are a thing of the past.  Just very frustrated:o((  But still loving this wonderful life we are living:o))))))


  1. Some of us are awake at 5:00am. :-) The first few pics were larger than the rest. When I clicked on them to enlarge, they weren't really larger. I'm sorry I can't help. I'm techno-challenged. :-)

  2. I am so sorry that didn't work :( I was sure hoping. Did you check to see if 800x800 was really the limit? I can't remember exactly. I resize mine smaller than that for faster uploading, but they're still enlarged (although not as big)when you click on them. Maybe do a "test" post with just one picture and keep playing with the size :)
    Thanks for the pictures of the sites though! They look wonderful. Nice tree buffers and privacy. Perfect!

  3. 800x800 isn't a limit, I post pictures 3 times larger. There is a tool in the pictures section of Live Writer that lets you dafult to the original size of the picture so when somebody clicks it it will open to full size.

    Play with the picture tools within Live Writer and do a few test posts, you'll find it how easy it is to use. I have mine open in a different window.

    Good luck!


  4. I have not had the issue with Live Writer that you're having but I can't seem to find out how to move my pictures to center. They default to the left.

    We'd like to come to the Carolina Clan meet up, if you can make room for a couple of Da** Yankees. ;c)

    Would you email us the details?

  5. Do you use labels (categories) if so check to see if you're using an apostrophe or ampersand; Blogger does not like them in labels and I've seen an error because of that. The 800x800 I've seen as a suggested size for blogs because of the width of the main body of the blog in a lot of templates is about that size.

  6. Can't wait for the 2nd meeting of the CC! Will be tons of fun for sure!

  7. We're still hoping to be there. All depends! Getting this rig outta the 'hood isn't easy. Getting it back in is even more difficult. Like George says..'if we pull out, I'm not coming back!' We're both praying that the whole thing will be over by then, and we will be heading south!

  8. I'm stumped at the problems you are having. I never resize my pictures and post a lot of them although perhaps since my camera isn't the calibre of yours that they are not as large. But since you reduced them, that can't be the problem. And you weren't having any trouble with it, it just happneed all of a sudden???
    Makes no sense to me. I really wish I could help.

  9. Thanks for the pictures. They're better than the ones on the park's website. I use Chrome and was able to enlarge them individually.