A Smooth Trip to the Beach - Monday - April 23, 2012

After a wonderful weekend with Brian and Chris, it was time to leave Columbia and travel to Huntington Beach SP in Murrells Inlet, SC. Nancy had planned our trip to avoid and evade interstate travel as much as possible. Our trip to Columbia on I-26 was just too stressful ;o(   Today's route, mainly Rt 521, was great and that made the 150 mile trip very relaxing and enjoyable.

Two recumbent trike travelers on Rt. 521
They were loaded down with lots of equipment!!

Past through lots of pretty little towns:o)

Several One-light towns
but NO traffic!!

Pines and Fences
Hate to have to paint this fence ;o(

Vultures keeping South Carolina beautiful!!

While we love the back roads, it is not always easy to find a place to pull over.  However, with patience, we can usually find somewhere to stop and take a stretch break.

Route 521 Rest Stop;o))

Route 521 meets coastal Hwy 17 in Georgetown, SC.  We headed north on Hwy 17 to Murrells Inlet and Huntington Beach State Park. 

Bridge out of Georgetown across the Waccamaw River

Before we got to Huntington SP, we made one more stop to feed "Baby!"  We haven't fueled her since we left Georgia on our trip north from Florida. She was pretty thirsty when we stopped;o) The Journey has a readout you can scroll through to see the gas mileage, as well as tons of other exciting statistics. I was pleasantly surprised to see Baby is in great shape and getting 10.7 mpg....more than we anticipated!!

Before we left this morning, we tripped the GFI outlet by connecting a portable heater in as Nancy was blow drying her hair. No big deal, I knew where to reset this or so I thought. I tried numerous times to rest the GFI and reset the main breakers -- NADA!! Finally, I called our "Easy" button... Gin. She directed me to ANOTHER set of breakers I didn't even know we had and sure enough we found the culprit. Thanks Gin!!  We sure have a lot to learn about our new home.  With time, patience and great friends we will do it:o))

Entering Huntington Beach State Park

Crossing the Salt Marsh Causeway

If we have to call one area home, this would have to be it.  We spent many hours at this wonderful state park when we lived in our Stix and Brix home.  I know you've seen this photo before.  I promise you will see it again many times while we are here!!  Not a bad place to call home;o))

Entering the Campground

All set up on Site 109

We arrived at Huntington Beach Campground where it was a windy 58 degrees;o( Tonight, it's going to go down to the 40's...YUK! We are in for a day or so of long pants and sweatshirt weather. Since tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment and need to get the oil changed in the Tahoe the cool weather will not be an issue. Then we hope it warms up so we can take full advantage of the beach and this beautiful park!!

Nancy here:  I am giving Live Writer a rest.  I posted this directly in blogger.  Once I get things figured out, I want to go back to Live Writer so I do not have to be online to prepare the blog.  But at least I got it posted!!


  1. Sure glad you got it posted cuz that sure is a mighty nice place you're at...doncha know??? :)

    Sure is nice to have an easy button and we are sure very jealous of Baby's mileage :) We can only dream of mileage like that!

  2. Boy do I have MPG envy. We don't get quite 9 even when we aren't towing Ruby with kayaks and bikes. And no where near that when we are. But then poor Winnona is a gas guzzler not a Diesel Darling.

    Glad to see you are back at Huntington. It is a gorgeous place. Hope the weather warms up so you can get some beach time.

  3. Haha, I love it..Easy button. Nice to know a few others that have the same rig. Looks like the weather is going to be looking up next week with warmer temps!

  4. We get about 7.5 mpg with Tawanda but she is heavier and towing Suki. That does make a little difference. So what kind of mileage does the Tahoe get since you don't tow it? :-)
    The weather looks like it ill be great next week!

  5. Awwww...one of our favorite spots too! Enjoy!

  6. You are absolutely right, we are not towing a vehicle right now. But since we got 11-13mpg with our little Van (not towing) we didn't expect much more than half that in Baby. So we shall see when we add a toad what the verdict is. But right now, we are happy:o))

  7. Man, that is some great mpg! I can see Saudi shieks crying over not being able to sell enough oil because of your Baby.

    We get between 7.5 to 8.3, depending on the wind direction. Usually it's a headwind. :c(

    Nice drive down to HBSP. Looks like you're enjoying your new life!

  8. Great mpg. Don't complain about the weather too much it is already getting into the 90's here in the southwest.

  9. We stayed at Edisto Island State Park a few years ago and loved it. We considered Huntington Beach at the time, but did not know which would be better so we flipped a coin. Enjoy.

  10. We like to stay off the interstate as much as possible too and really enjoy traveling through Small Town America.

    Love your easy button. :-)