We’re Getting Settled In!–Saturday–April 7, 2012

This week has been extremely busy for us.  We have spent a lot of time getting things at the store to make our “Baby” our home.  Another half day at the DMV getting our tags, paying our property tax (ugh) and getting our address changed on our drivers license.

Nancy has also been on line making reservations for us for the next couple of months.  When you are near the beach, you have to have reservations this time of year;o((  I can’t believe all the time it has taken to get somewhat organized.  Our home will evolve as we live in it.

Tomorrow, we will have Easter brunch with Nancy’s Mom at her home.  This is the first time in many years I haven’t been glued to the TV watching the Masters.  But after brunch, we have accepted an invitation to watch the final round with our good friends, Bill and Cris!! They only live a few miles from us here at Myrtle Beach SP.  I am really looking forward to that!!

Nancy just commented to me that we haven’t had time to relax yet.  We promised each other that we will take time this coming week to just chill out… time for the beach chairs;o))

From Our House to Yours
03 - Morning walk BEAUTIFUL!!
Happy Easter !!!


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Enjoy the Masters (go Mickelson!) and relax, breathe in the shore breeze.

  2. Busy little bees make the most honey hunny!!

    But where are the pictures of your purchases and tales of your upcoming reservations??

    Are you all signed up with your Florida address forwarding or using something/someone in S.C. for a while??

    Sure missing you and wishing you were here!

  3. Happy Easter to you, too! I bet you're going to hate cleaning all those Easter Bunny footprints off your shiny new "Baby". ;c)

  4. I remember that time...the buying, the organizing, the excitement :) It's almost as fun as the journey. Some of that excitement eventually wanes a bit, but the exciting lifestyle remains. And what a life it is :)

    Happy Easter to you both!

  5. Happy Easter and may you continue toenjoy your new lifestyle.

    It's about time.

  6. Happy Easter to you and Nancy. Glad to hear your planning a little time to relax this week enjoy.

  7. Beautiful picture of the sunrise. I hope you both had a great Easter and got a bit of relaxing in.