Rain, Rain, Rain!! - Sunday - April 22, 2012

We woke early to the sound of rain;o(( Actually, we had about 2 inches of rain overnight. Our morning walk got cancelled. Instead, we drove about 40 miles to check out Dreher Island State Park for future stays. Dreher Island SP is actually 3 islands in the middle of Lake Murry. We identified which sites we liked, but spent very little time there. The rain was coming down in sheets and sideways!! One thing we realized is this is an extended stay campground as the drive there, while not difficult, was a long way on tight roads. This is not an overnight type of campground.

After lunch, we drove to our son’s house to do laundry. When we got to their house, we opened the door and yelled, “Mom & Dad—We’re Home!!” That is exactly what the kids use to do to us when they came home from college to do their laundry masquerading as if they were coming to visit Mom & Dad;o)) Of course, they told us we were grounded for not getting home on time!!!

While the washer and dryer were doing their magic, we played Scattagories and cards. A nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. After the wash and games, we went out for a nice Italian Dinner!! Nancy and I were so happy to spend some quality time with Brian and Chris. We are already looking forward to our next visit with them:o))

What a GREAT weekend!!!

We will be heading to Huntington Beach State Park tomorrow for a little R&R. I guess you could call Huntington our “Home” campground since it is very close to where Nancy’s Mom lives. However, getting a site in the summer could prove to be a challenge. But we will make it work. A couple weeks here and then a few weeks out and about. It is a transition time for all of us!!

Nancy here:
Yesterday was “Earth Day” and Mother Earth really showed here stuff!! After our walk yesterday morning, I went back out with my camera to photograph some of the beautiful things along the walk. Hope you enjoy!!  Happy Earth Day:o))

Mountain Laurel,
very unusal to see in this area!!


Wood Fungus

Baby Longleaf Pine

Grown-up Longleaf Pine

Nature IS Amazing!!!

Need Your Help!!!

Live Writer is giving me fits:o((   I am about ready to throw in the towel.  Blogging is not much fun like this!!!

When I post draft to blog, I get this message:

and cannot post the draft to blogger. I tried publishing directly from Live Writer and got the same error message.

If I do a “select all”, then copy and paste the entire blog into a new Live Writer post, it will then allow me to post the blog. However, now when you click on the pictures in blogger, they will not enlarge. I tried to search the blogger web sit for the 403 error and could not find any solution.

OK, just tried to do the "select all" and paste...this time I got the 403 error anyway;o((

I am now going to try and redo the entire blog in blogger.  If this gets posted and you have any idea what I am doing wrong....



  1. Nancy, this error occurs usually when you've used up your free photo storage allotment. I made that mistake when I started and got into the same mess. Google gives you only so much space to keep your large photos, I think it's 1 GB. If you are uploading the huge version, that would be the issue. If you resize your photos before uploading, there is unlimited storage for those. I don't remember what the size limit is...I'm thinking 800x800 or something like that. I hope this helps. If you're already re-sizing, then I'm at a loss but maybe one of these other clever readers will have an idea :) Good luck!

  2. I just got an email from Google telling me I have to migrate my blog to Google via a provided link. Of course, opening the link, it doesn't recognize my user name or password. I sent them an email, hope they come up with an answer soon.

    We looked at Dreher SP, the sites are sure tight and small. We'd have a much tougher time fitting in at 39'11". Hope someday to find a site there that we can fit in and book. Looks to be a great place for a long stay.

  3. Oh boy, all these problems with blogger. I am one of the few who does not use Live Writer. I haven't had any problems YET :) Beautiful pictures of the wildflowers.

  4. Hope Gail's right. The only time I've had that prolem was when I didn't have enough signal strength. I just kept trying and eventually it posted from Live Writer. Blogging shouldn't be that hard. BUT, your pictures are fantastic and I love that you can be in a neat park and just drop in on your son and DIL....and....do your laundry. :-)

  5. Thanks Gail, I think you may be right!! I do size, but only to 1000x1000. Did not have a problem until the 'New' and maybe not so improved Blogger was forced upon me;o(( Will try resizing to 800 or less. I went back and checked the blogs that I copied and pasted...it resized those photos to much smaller. I really think you are right on!!!

  6. I see that you guys are in the site next to the one we had in December. :-) Love love love HB and look forward to seeing the gang there in October/November! Hope you both are doing well!