A Little Moving, Fishing and Campfire–Tuesday–April 10, 2012

We started our day with a sunrise walk at the beach. 
It was chilly, but the sunrise was wonderful.00-Sunrise00b-Sunrise

After our walk, we had to change sites today from site 308 to site 314. That’s a whole 200 feet! When we made reservations there were no sites available for 14 consecutive days. That’s because the campground is full for Spring Break;o((  We started in site 296, then 308 and now 314. Oh well, no big deal and we get lots of practice closing up and setting up Baby!!!

Site 314, the best of the three!!
01 - Site 314

Just off the patio is this Momma Cardinal on a nest;o))02 - Momma Cardinal on Nest

We were set up at our new location just after breakfast… our day was just getting started. Nancy and I decided to sit down and come up with a departure checklist for our moves with our new home.

Bill’s New Office !!
03 - Bills New Office

Nancy’s New Office !!
04 - Nancys New Office

We borrowed several departure lists from sites on the internet and combined them with our unique issues and came up with a pretty comprehensive checklist.

Here’s a great idea for keeping the canisters in place.05 - Canister Elastic
I put 3 small cup hooks on each side. 
Nancy just runs elastic bands from hook to hook and
the canisters are secured!!!

I’m sure there will be things we missed and the list will have to be tweaked. However, I think it’s a good start!

After lunch we went to the beach armed with beach chairs and fishing equipment to do a little surf fishing. Let me rephrase that – I went surf fishing and Nancy brought her camera. I was thrilled to catch a whiting and a couple of stingrays.

First catch – the whiting
06 - Whiting

Then another hit
07 - another hit

Sting Ray Number One…
08- Ray No. 1

A little later, Sting Ray Number Two…09 - Ray No. 2 back to the ocean

Nancy was in her element snapping pictures of whatever caught her attention. 11 - Fishing Pier12 - Gull

It was breezy with temps in the low 70’s. I was comfortable with a bathing suit and t-shirt. However, Nancy was chilly and I know a lightweight sweatshirt with a hood is on her must get list this week.

Shortly after dinner, we had our first campfire since we got our Motorhome. 13 - Bill made fire

I have always liked to sit around a campfire and Nancy came out with a bag of marshmallows to roast. We only had a few (we’ll have smores some other night), but they hit the spot.

Today turned out to be a very relaxing and enjoyable one – a beautiful sunrise, an easy move, catching fish and sitting around the campfire. I just love this retirement thing :o)))


  1. Isn't it terrific to just sit & relax..no hurries, just 'being'. Love it!

  2. This just sounds fantastic for the both of you. I am SO happy to see you two finally really enjoying your new life that you waited so long for. Everything's ahead of you now!!

  3. So glad to see your retirement in action! Looks like a great fit. :c)

    Nice day fishing, it's real, not a dream like you used to have in your working days.

    Nifty system to keep all you things in place. Keep these great ideas coming!

  4. What a great day fishing! Nice pictures, Nancy. Now, what did you do with the Stingrays??? Inquiring minds want to know, doncha know :)
    Keep having fun!

  5. Looks like a great day!!! Hope you have many more.

  6. Oh, to relax....do some for me, ok?!! Looks like a great time.

  7. Gail, we return everything caught to the ocean. However, if you want the Rays, we will save them for your freezer!! You betcha;o))

  8. Great day! I miss a campfire. With the drought, burn bans all over Texas and New Mexico - no campfires :(

  9. That sure was a perfect day! Continue enjoying - so happy for you.

  10. Hey Bill...... Love your new office. You know you have come up in the world when your office has a fire place. I have a fireplace in my office, too!

  11. Just another great day of retired life eh?

  12. Sounds like you two are getting it figured out. All these moves and you really haven't gotten too far.:) Looks like you've learned from your previous full time gig and are slowing down quite a bit. Enjoy!!!

  13. Such a life....Bill looks extremely relaxed....

    Bruce and Laura

  14. Judy is trying to talk me into going to MBSP when we finish our workamper job after labor Day. Now that she has seen these pictures I'll get no rest. Thanks a lot!!