Visiting Friends at Lithia Springs–Day–March 28, 2012

4/We slept in the service bay with “Baby” last night.  She gets a little nervous when she is separated from us;o))  However, we needed to be up and out early before the workers got there and were ready to continue work on the punch list.

Since “Baby” was going to be in the service bay all day, we were free to go see our good friends, Sherry and David.  They are staying at Lithia Springs State Park about 15 miles from Lazydays.

We arrived at the State Park shortly after lunch time.01 - Lithia Springs Entrance

The ride through the campground is quite lovely!02 - Lithia Springs Driving through Campground

Our first view of Winnona hidden behind the trees ;o))03 - Lithia Springs-First View of Winnona

They have a beautiful site along the river. 
However, we are amazed that David got Winnona into this spot. 

It is down a hill…
04a - Lithia Springs-Site 36

then a sharp left so they faced the river. 
04b - Lithia Springs-Site 36

We just loved their new pet frog!!
04c - Lithia Springs-Site 36 - pet frog

We visited for a short while. Then off we headed
to see the park and the springs. 

But first, the group photo!
04d - Lithia Springs-Site 36 - Friends and View

Florida has more natural springs that any other state.05a - Tour of Spring - Explanation Sign
(Be sure to click any photo to enlarge.)

Here is a photo of the main spring. 
There is a swimming area on the right.
05a - Tour of Spring - Spring Head Swimming Area

The left side of the springs is off limits. 
It is being reclaimed and put back to its natural setting. 
The area flows out to the river.
Already it is quite lovely.
05b - Tour of Spring - Left to the Spring Run to the River05c - Tour of Spring - Reclaimed Natural Areas

While we were enjoying the beauty, the park manager came by.
He spent quite a bit of time explaining
 his plan for improving Lithia Springs SP. 

He was so enthusiastic and really loves his job!!05d - Tour of Spring - Park Manager Explaining his plans

Even the Muscovy Ducks wanted to hear his plans;o))05e - Tour of Spring - Muscovy Ducks listening to Ranger

We spent a couple hours touring this lovely park.  Then headed back to the campsite to sit and visit some more.  It is always fun to be with Sherry and David and compare notes about things we have done or plan to do.  We all enjoy the same types of things. 

As always, the time flew by and just before dinnertime, we got ready to leave.  However, we discovered our keys were locked in the car.  I could never tell the story as well as Sherry did, so just click on this link to her version.

Nancy refers to the locked key adventure as the test of our emergency broadcast systems. 
Our system worked. Plus, we got to have a lovely dinner and spend more time with great friends.  This was one time a problem became a blessing:o))


  1. David did a great job getting Winnona in that tight spot, see what you have to look forward to. ;c)

    It's a beautiful park, and David and Sherry are so much fun to be with, I'm starting to think you locked the keys in the car on purpose...

  2. OK Paul, you caught us!! Yep, dinner was terrific;o))

  3. Love that your emergency broadcast system not only worked but fed you too! :)

    I think we have the twin to Sherry and David's pet frog :) He used to sing to us in the morning at Estes in Rockport. We thought we left him behind, but I think he hitched a ride with us to San Antonio cuz he's been croakin' morning and evening. We have no idea where he is!

  4. How did you sneak this into my blog list without my seeing it for FOUR days. Good GRIEF!!

    Well I have to say that your pictures of Lithia Springs are way better than mine all around. I'd forgotten about our pet frog. I'm going out to see if he survived the trip to Koreshan. HOpe he doesn't have any family back at Lithia.

    Just BTW - Lithia Springs is a county rather than a State Park in case anyone cares and you kindly left off the 25+ speed bumps which would deter any big rig driver with any sense. :-)

  5. Getting out of that site without a scrape was actually more difficult than getting in. Thanks to Sherry and the walkie-talkies we learned about from you, we made it without a scratch. Now I just need to go back and see where toad 2 is ...

    It was our pleasure that you were able to stay for dinner and pass some more time together. Funny how these things just happen, but it turned out to be a good thing all around.


  6. I DO love it when things turn out so well!