Our Last Day at Myrtle Beach SP–Saturday–April 14, 2012

Today is our last full day at Myrtle Beach State Park and then we move south to Buck Hall Recreation Area in the Francis Marion National Forest.  We completed all the pre-departure things yesterday: haircuts, groceries and laundry.  So today is going to be a fun day!!

We walked as usual first thing this morning.  Somehow, we missed sunrise by about 5 minutes.  We have really enjoyed the beautiful sunrises at the beach and today was no exception :o))
1 - Morning Walk - Sunrise

State Park Fishing Pier at Sunrise2 - Morning Walk - Fishing Pier

Under the Boardwalk – Down By the Sea ;o))4 - Morning Walk - Under the Boardwalk

Even the Pelicans are early risers!!
5 - Morning Walk - Birds waking up also

After breakfast, Nancy packed us a lunch and we went to the beach
to do a little surf-fishing. 
 01a - Bill Fishing

I only caught one sting ray, but the peace and quiet was fantastic.  01 - Bill Fishing01b - Poor Sting Ray

I don’t remember the last time we had a picnic lunch sitting on beach chairs just staring at the ocean and occasionally watching our fishing poles to see if anything had jumped on our line;o))
03 - Picnic at the beach02 - Waiting for the fish to bite

Nancy took her usual ton of photos...

First time we’ve seen a Swan in the ocean ?!?!05 - Swan in the ocean

All kinds of birds!!
06 - bird 1
06 - bird 2
06 - bird 3

I don’t know who came up with this definition of fishing, but I really like it –

“Fishing is a jerk on one end waiting for a jerk on the other!” 

Not that we are jerks, but it just sounds about right to me;o)

This photo is for those who just need to take a break. 
Stare at it awhile, you’ll feel much more relaxed ;o))04 - Fishing Poles and Oceans

Not a fisherman, then just stare at the waves!!04b- The Waves

We got back to the campground mid-afternoon and after showering, Nancy took a much needed nap.  I think I just wore the young lady out moving the beach chairs with the changing tides;o))  We both agree it has been a great last day to a fairly busy two weeks. 

07 - Sea Foam
We are really enjoying the newly found “down” time!!


  1. Now, that is absolutely my kind of day. I think I could do that over and over and over again.

    I think the swan was lost though :)

    Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. That looks like an awesome day!! I love the ocean! :)

  3. You guys have been working so hard, you deserve a LOT of down time. Enjoy!!!

  4. Boy that seems like a fast 2 weeks. Hope you really got to enjoy that great beach a lot and you weren't TOOO busy.

    Great pictures Nancy. I'm very interested in lots of pictures and tour of Buck Hall it's been on my list to go to for a couple of years and we've never made it.

  5. Swan? In the ocean? Interesting! I so love the beach. Safe travels.

  6. Yes that swan really looks out of place. I think I saw the fishing pole twitch. Must be a fish on the line.

  7. What a great life. Great pictures, Nancy!

  8. Glad to see that you are finally "slowing down" and having fun.

    Last time I went fishing, the only thing I caught was my own butt. How's that for a jerk catching a jerk?

  9. If I close my eyes, I feel like I am at the beach. Thanks!

  10. How long are you going to be at Buck Hall? I live just down the road in Mt. Pleasant and would love to meet you, as Hub and I are slowly preparing for our life as nomads.