Waterfalls and Squiggles - Thursday - July 19, 2012

First task of the day was to take down the screen room and see what damage the storm had done. 

We lucked out!! 
Only a few torn spots and they can be mended!!

Next on our agenda was to find some COOL weather!!

The town of Highlands in the North Carolina mountain
was predicting a high of 80 degrees today!!

Time for a road trip....

Warning Lots and Lots of photos ;o)
(click on any to enlarge)
A - our starting point Oconee Point Campground
B - next stop, Highlands, NC
C - next stop, Cashiers, NC
D - next stop, Whiteriver Falls
E - return to Oconee Point Campground

Heading through Seneca on our way north.

Next we passed through Wahalla, a pretty little town!

As soon as we left Wahalla,
we hit the SQUIGGLES!!!

Yes, the squiggles.

That's what Nancy calls the up and down,
curving and narrow mountain roads;o))

Our speed slow to a crawl the rest of the day.

We couldn't believe we saw cyclist on these road?!?!

Up we went, crossing into North Carolina.
We couldn't believe the 55mph speed limit sign!!!

Our first view of the mountains.

We crossed the Eastern Continental Divide.

It was about 11am when we arrived in Highlands, NC.

The temperature was only 71 degrees:o))

Highlands is a beautiful mountain town.

Our first stop was the visitor center.

It's located in this beautiful home
which has a true slamming screen door!!!

There is so much to see in this area.  The town itself is filled with art galleries, cute stores, and unique restaurants! 

We were focused on seeing some of the many waterfalls in the area. The weather was perfect and the host at the visitor center made some wonderful suggestions.  With directions and a map in hand, off we went...

Bridal Veil Falls is only 3 miles north of Highlands.
It is located right on the highway.

The original highway ran right behind the falls.
You can still drive behind the falls if you want to.

On our way to Bridal Veil Falls, we saw a pull off on the other side of the highway.  On our way back towards Highlands, we pulled in to check it out.

It was a beautiful spot, with a dam and waterfall.

Of course we had to climb down to get a closer look ;o))
It's difficult to describe how much we were enjoying being outside in this cool mountain air, enjoying nature.  If only we could find a way to move Baby to the mountains?!?!

Our next stop was west of Highlands. 
 Glenn Falls is a set of 3 waterfalls along a hiking trail.  Sounded like the perfect place to enjoy the lunch we had brought with us.

Our directions were perfect.
We found the gravel access road!!

In short order we were headed DOWN the trail ;o))

There were still Rhododendrons blooming.

Gorgeous mountain views

We continued down, down, down!!!

We finally got to the first of the 3 falls.


Then we went down some more ;o((

The second falls were prettier than the first!!

We considered continuing on (down) to the third falls,
but chose to just look in that direction instead ;o)

We needed to eat some lunch and then start back to the top.

It has been some time since we have done much hiking in the mountains.    Being flatlanders we need to develop our mountain legs;o))

We arrived back and moved on towards Cashiers, NC.

Along Route 64, there is a pull off
where you can view Whiteside Mountain.
Whiteside Mountain is about 390 to 460 million years old.  It rises to an elevation of 4,930 feet and is called the Jewel of the Appalachians.
There is a 2 mile loop trail
which we hope to do on another trip to this area.

It was a short, curvy (squiggly) trip to Cashiers, NC.

Cashiers is another pretty mountain town.

We drove south through Cashiers to get to our next destination.
Upper Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall
east of the Rockies, falling 411 feet!
It was an easy 1/2 walk to the falls.

There were beautiful views along the way!!

But to see the falls,
it was 154 steps DOWN :o(

Let's just say, the steps were worth it :o))

Of course, it was 154 steps back up ;o(((

Well, we had a marvelous day in cool temperatures!!

We saw so many pretty things
truly enjoyed our time in the mountains!!


  1. I think you need a bigger memory card in your camera, then you could get a few more pictures in your blog... ;c)

    Glad you were able to escape that heat and find a fun place to explore. Even if it was mountains! It's good for you to exchange all that sea air for some mountain air.

  2. I'm just LOL at your true slamming screen door comment. We had three of those for over 30 years and never thought a thing about them except to try to catch them before they slammed when Carrie was a baby. Even the dogs could open the door to the screened porch and go in and out. SLAM - out, SLAM - back in repeat.

    You two are a travelin' pair that's for sure. I could feel the coolness of your day. Thanks so much. I needed a waterfall and cool temps fix here where it was NINETY THREE today. What about that campsite behind the waterfall for baby??

  3. What a beautiful area...more spots for us to explore. Have you ever hiked parts of the Appalacian trail?

  4. Nice pictures, but I am really impressed with the temperature:)

  5. Thanks for the beautiful tour. I feel cooler just looking at it :)

  6. Beautiful water falls! Sounds like a perfect day. We are so glad we picked higher elevations this summer; it makes SUCH a difference to be able to get outside! I had to smile at your staircase photos; we've encountered a few of those lately, too. All the way down you know you're going to have to slog back up!

  7. That is one of my favorite areas of NC! Thanks for the wonderful tour.
    It totally amazes me the roads we find cyclists on across the country. Many of them are scary enough in a car, much less a bike! They have to be awfully trusting souls. I'm too chicken to get out there like that.

  8. What a beautiful little town Cashiers is! Will have to add that to my list (which is already rather long). waterfalls are great! All of your pelicans are having a grand time up north!

  9. Very nice picture of the two of you at the falls. We just love waterfalls!