Visiting Downtown Augusta–Sunday–July 8, 2012

We figured Sunday would be a good time to visit downtown Augusta.  We would avoid the weekday working crowd!!  However, the heat has been relentless and today it continued.  We pulled out of the campground before 8am to try and beat the heat.

Our first stop was Clark Hill Recreation Area, just before we crossed the dam to Georgia.  This is another of the many COE day use areas and was really nice.

Clark Hill Recreation Area

View of the dam from a picnic shelter.

Next we cross the J. Strom Thurmond Dam.

We headed west on 221 to Pollards Corner
where we turned on Rt 104 towards Evans, Georgia. 

Here is a map of today's trip
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

A:  Start at Modoc Campground
B:  Evans, Georgia
C:  Augusta National Golf Club
D:  Augusta Canal Tow Path Trail
E:  Augusta River Walk
F:  Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home
G:  N. Augusta Greeneway Trail
H:  Return to Modoc Campground

Before heading to Augusta, we wanted to get some non-perishable groceries and find a unique place to eat breakfast.  We rarely eat out, but since we have been stuck inside in this heat, it was time for a treat;o))

Our first stop was Walmart in Evans.  Next we hit Home Depot for a couple things we couldn't get at Walmart.  By now, we were hungry!!  We found a fun 50's Diner and had a down home breakfast instead of our usual fruit and cereal:o))

Evans Diner

Fun Interior

No Tofu Scrambler on this menu ;o((

Bill's breakfast:  Memories of a Former Life ;o))

Nancy's Breakfast:  At least there were some veggies ;o))

After breakfast, we headed to downtown Augusta.  On the way, we drove past Augusta National Golf Course, the home of The Masters!!

Augusta National Golf Course
They obviously don't let you in and you can forget getting a decent photo!!

Next stop,
the end of the Augusta Canal Tow Path.
We hope to ride from Savannah Rapids Park to this point
sometime next week if the heat breaks.

We continued on through downtown Augusta.
Sunday morning... No Traffic!!!

We parked on 9th Street just a short walk to the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk runs along the Savannah River for several blocks.  Normally, this place must be very busy.  There are shops, restaurants, hotels, a marina and an amphitheater. However, with the heat... the place was empty!!

Along the Upper Walkway 

The Amphitheater
Across the River is North Augusta, South Carolina

Rosemary Planters
The aroma was wonderful!!

Unique Augusta Highrise Building

Bicycle Policeman...  Hot Job!!!

We walked down to the lower level to try to find a cooler spot.

Railroad Bridge with weighted section
The large weight can lift the section
 to allow larger ships to go through.

The walk was beautiful and the trees made it a bit cooler. But when the temperature hit 95 and was still rising, we decided to cut our walking tour short.  The heat was just too much;o(

Once we got back to the car and got the air conditioner running, we drove by Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home. 

We had one last stop before heading back to Modoc.  We wanted to find the start of the North Augusta Greeneway, a Rails to Trails bicycle trail.  We left downtown and crossed the Savannah River to the South Carolina side.  Just a short distance from the I-20 exit, we found the parking area.

As we headed back to Modoc, Nancy made me make a u-turn so she could get a photo of a Century Plant in bloom.  Apparently this does not happen very often and once the plant blooms it dies ;o(( 

Hopefully, later this week we will be able to get the bicycles out and ride one or more of these trails.  The temps today and tomorrow are near 100 but we did see a possible high of mid 80s by Wednesday.  We'll just have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store!!


  1. Bill's breakfast: Memories of a former life-still works for me! Looks good and I'm sure tastes good. This is the kind of breakfast we love :)

  2. Beautiful Century plant and a good looking breakfast.

  3. Nice tour! Atlanta is another place on our list. Hey, a good (bad) hearty breakfast isn't bad once in awhile :)

  4. Isn't it great every once in a while to look all that fat and grease in the eye! LOL
    Really terrific looking place to do it too. We just love authentic diners. David would drive out of his way for that breakfast at that place for sure.

    I can't even think about bicycling in this heat. You two are a wonder!! Mid 80's does sound mighty nice hope you get it.

  5. The riverwalk looks like it's a nice place. I absolutely love rosemary!