A Dam Visit ;o)–Tuesday–July 3, 2012

Since my back is still sore, we have not been power walking or cycling.  I am trying to give my back a rest.  So we decided to do a little auto touring this morning.  We got out early to try and beat the heat!!

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Modoc COE Campground (#5 on the map) is located on J. Strom Thurmond Lake.  The lake was formed when they built the dam north of Augusta, GA on the Savannah River. 

Closeup of lower lake
Modoc COE campground is #5

There are 13 COE campgrounds around the lake!!

There are 23 Day Use and Boat Ramp Areas

There are serveral State, County and Forest Service Parks.

We left Modoc Campground and drove south
to the J. Strom Thurmond Lake Visitor Center (#1).

We spent some time looking at the great exhibits
and picked up brochures for all the COE campgrounds. 

The view of the dam is really spectacular
from high above at the visitors center.

Description from plaque in the above photo.
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On both the South Carolina (#2) and Georgia (#56) side of the dam, there is a park call Below the Dam Park.  We visited both and got to see the “backside” of the dam;o))

View of "Backside" from South Carolina ;o)

Driving across the dam to the Georgia side of the lake.

View of "Backside" from Georgia ;o)

On the Georgia side of the Lake,  we checked out two day use areas near the dam. Both were nice, but if you are camping on the lake, they don’t offer more than you would have at your campground. 

West Dam Day Use Area #55

Lake Springs Day Use Area #54

Not sure what kind of duck this is??
He was enjoying the water!!

I was surprised how empty both day use areas were since it is July 4th week.  I guess the heat is keeping folks away;o((

We really like Modoc. However, the COE has several campgrounds around the lake.  We checked out two of them today.

Petersburg COE Campground (#52) is the closest to the dam.  It’s an OK campground.  However, if we could get a site in what we call “the best” loop, we would love to stay here!!

Best loop is site 48-51 on the water!!

Sites 48 - 51     50amp, level and lake front :o))
Site 51 on the left was our favorite, but any will do.

Our last stop of the tour was Ridge Road COE campground (#49.)  We did see deer, but the sites were not as nice as either Modoc or Petersburg.  We are looking for sites that give us water access for the Sea Eagle as well as a place to put in the fishing line.  Most of Ridge Road sites sit up high with a nice view of the lake, but very limited lake access.

We headed back to our campsite just about lunchtime.  The heat had picked up and it was time to just chill.  We relaxed inside.

Our relaxation was interrupted for awhile.  You may have seen a container of bug spray in my hand in a picture with Willie in the previous post.  Unfortunately, Modoc does have an ANT issue!!!  We were busy spraying the little devils all afternoon.  We can’t help but think of Dan and Tricia with their “Ant” stories. I think a trip to a Home Improvement store for a pump sprayer and ant stuff is in our immediate future.  The sooner—the better:o(((


  1. George has been using Spectracide with a pump sprayer on all the ant hills in the yard. He sprays it on all the things that touch the ground on the RV too. It really works great!

    Love all the COE campgrounds you show. Puttin' them on our list!

  2. Oh dear ants. We've only had them a couple of times and spraying the tires, covers jacks, cords and hoses seemed to do the trick. But if it rained, I had to spray all over again.

    Thanks for the information on the campgrounds. They look like places I'd enjoy. Those water front spots will get me every time. I guess I could try very hard to go to a place named after Strom Thurmond but it would definitely be difficult. ;-)

  3. We're going to have to start following you around, you find the greatest campgrounds!

    Along with the ant spray, I use some petrolium jelly, put a one inch band around the sewer hose, water hose and electrical cable just where they start to come up off the ground. The ants don't cross.

  4. Terra liquid ant baits. Best thing ever. I was totally amazed at the job they did. Overnight. I am now a firm believer and always travel with some...just in case! Available at Target :)

  5. Dan has a new hobby...ant watching...doncha know?!! We picked up the little buggers again in either GA or AL and had a heck of a time getting rid of them. Finally used Terro liquid ant bait (with the little squares not the premeasured stuff) and voila - no more ants. Worked quick, no pesticides (it's borax and sugar I think). We got it at Tractor Supply for $3. Dan baits them outside too so he can watch them. ;-) I went to Hickory Knob SP with my mom and sisters for several years attending their Outdoor Women's Retreat. Wonderful SP!