A Great Hike and Beautiful Views–Friday–July 27, 2012

Today we knew we had to get out early.  The weather, as usual, calls for afternoon thunderstorms again.  We certainly don’t want to get caught high up on a mountain in the woods when they roll through;o((

We decided the hike to Raven Cliff Falls would give us a challenge and still allow us to be done by noon, well ahead of the incoming storms.  Raven Cliff Falls trailhead is north on Rt 276 in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area near Caesars Head State Park.  As we drove to the trailhead, we unexpectantly came upon a pull-off that had a cute bridge across a creek. 

Bridge to Bald Rock

As we crossed the bridge, we walked out on a huge granite rock and found spectacular panoramic views!!

Western Side of Table Rock Mountain

What a great start to the day!!

We arrived at the parking area for the Raven Cliff Falls about 9:15.  Our plan was to hike to the falls overlook, Trail #11, about 4.5 miles round trip.

Trail Map Close-up
(be sure to click to enlarge any photo)

Both of us really enjoy hiking on natural trails versus paved trails.  This was definitely a natural trail:o))

Up we go along a high ridge.

Bill had to hold on at times;o))

There were lots of roots that could set you on your butt
if you don’t pay attention ;o((

This tree looks like it is holding the boulder in place!!

It was a beautiful hike with lots of ups and downs. 
 We are feeling the elevation changes!! 
But that’s a GOOD thing!!

Finally, we got to the falls viewing platform.

Wonder if we are related to these Mills?!?!

Raven Cliff Falls are beautiful, but we were still 1/4 mile (as the crow flies) from the falls.  To get any closer would require at least an addition 8 mile round-trip hike!!  I think we’ll pass...maybe next time;o))

This was a case of the journey being the best part of the day.  The falls were beautiful, but the hike was really the best part of the adventure!!

Once back at the trailhead, we enjoyed our lunch and then drove just a couple of miles south to check out Caesar’s Head State Park.  This state park only has primitive camping.  It has a nice visitors center and overlook.  However, it is not RV friendly so DO NOT bring an RV to this location!!!!

The road to get here has lots of SQUIGGLES!!!

On the way to the Overlook, we passed this cute BUG;o))

Caesars Head State Park is the central information venue for hiking in this area.  However, if you get the chance to stop, the overlook alone is worth the trip!!!

Caesars Head SP viewing platform

Raven Cliff Mountain where we just were hiking.

In the center is the western side of Table Rock Mountian.
To the left is Stool Mountain (goes with the table)!
The highest point is Pinnacle Mountain.
The water in front is Table Rock Reservoir.
It provides the drinking water for Greenville, SC.

Higher than the Hawks!!

It would be hard to beat the beauty we have seen so far today.  However, we had one more place we wanted to visit.  Campbell’s Covered Bridge is located in this area.  It is the oldest remaining covered bridge in South Carolina.

Campbell’s Covered Bridge
The bridge was built in 1901 and is only 35 feet long and 12 feet wide. 

Campbell’s Bridge Inside
Really nice that they have decided to restore and maintain this beautiful bridge.  It now is part of a pretty park and on this hot afternoon, the kids were playing in the cool water near the bridge:o))

We made one last stop at the Table Rock SP visitor center.  It was perfect timing.  While we were using the free WIFI to check email, the nasty storm blew threw.  It was over by the time we left and the temperature had dropped 20 degrees!!  It’s been a great day and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


  1. See, you have beautiful mountain views too! We have learned out here in Colorado you have to be off the mountain by 1PM...storms pop up at the blink of an eye, and you do not want to be the highest point where lightning strikes ;-).

  2. Another beautiful hike with awesome views. Looks like the kids (Adults?) have spray painted on the granite? :(

  3. Bill did a great job ensuring all the trees were standing up straight.

    Amazing to think you were higher than that hawk, thems some big hills!

  4. Glad you got some good hiking in- looks like a wonderful part of the state.

  5. What a beautiful area and great pictures...thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fabulous day you had! I really enjoyed imagining myself there with you in those pictures. Keep hiking and sharing. I'm following you.

  7. Looks like a gorgeous hike! Blue skies and green trees! Doesn't get much better than that! Miss you both!

  8. Great pictures and hike! That bridge looks like it's leaning just a wee bit, dontcha know? Great place!

  9. What a great hike! Steve and I love camping in parks with great hiking trails. Great pictures...thanks for sharing! We definitely are going to have to head east again...so much to see!