Walk Across the Dam–Monday, July 9, 2012

It is going to be another scorcher today with highs about 100 degrees and the heat index approaching 110. YUK!!  Nancy mentioned the other day that she wanted to walk across the dam from SC to Georgia and back.  It is a 2 mile round trip:o)

Well, this morning was going to be the day.  We were out of the motorhome by 7:30 and drove 5 miles to the Strom Thurmond Overlook to park the car. 

Ready to get going!!

We're off...

There are sidewalks along the Dam on both sides and nice safe guardrails:o))) Anyone that knows me well, knows I really have a phobia with heights.  Today was no exception.  By the time we walked over and back, I was sweating profusely. Not because of the heat, it hadn’t hit 80 yet.  But because of the height!!  Nancy walks to the edges and snaps pictures.  All the while, I am looking down at the ground in front of me, putting one foot in front of the other, barely seeing my surroundings. I’m sure the views were spectacular.  I will have to see them from Nancy’s photos;o) 

J. Strom Thurmond Power Plant

Savannah River flowing south

Spillway Gates

Halfway there... Welcome to Georgia!!

Loaner Life Jackets

All of the COE recreation areas provide
loaner life jackets at their swimming areas.

It's a great idea,
but right now the water is a little low;o)) 

Halfway across the dam, a porta-potti was tied to the rails.
Also, look to the lower left of the photo. 
You can see an extension cord.
The plug is over the edge
goes down to the power plant!?!?!?
Guess they are prepared for all issues ;o)))

Yep, he's hugging the road :o))

That's a BIG lake.  1200 miles of shoreline!!!

Adorable Swallows - 3 adults and 2 babies

Approaching the visitor's center

Back where we started!!!

We spent the rest of the day in the comfort of the motorhome.  Nancy worked on scanning her mother’s photos and learning to load them in a digital photo frame.  I entertained myself with ant patrol duty and sudoku puzzles.  Another chill day waiting for the heat to break!!!

Nancy here:
As I was posting this blog, we got to play the "here comes some nasty weather" game again;o((  After the tree falling storm, we know we need a weather radio.  I get online and follow the radar each evening, but if a storm approaches after 8pm, I'll be asleep;o))  So we need a weather radio to alert us to problems.  Please let us know if you have one and what you like or what you don't like.  There are so many, it is difficult to know what to get.  Thanks for any help you can give us!!


  1. Eton makes a good weather radio, I think it is the FR300 that I have. Its got NOAA alerts and alarms, it is both battery and solar powered and has a flash light.

  2. Nice walk between the states! Beautiful!

  3. We have the Midland WR-120. After I figured out how to program it, I'm a happy camper. Works well as long as you program the right SAME codes (yes I messed up one time!). It's inexpensive, small and works like a charm. The "beep" is enough to make you jump out of your skin. We have it set so that it only beeps at warnings; not watches.

  4. You find the most interesting places to hike. A dam between two states, who'd a thunk.

    I guess they put that porta pottie on the dam because the sound of all that water might just bring on the urge. ;c)

  5. We have the Midland WR-100 weather radio that we picked up at Kroger. Can't remember the price now, but it was inexpensive. Maybe around $35-$40? It's easy to program, and the alarm will definitely wake you up if you're asleep.

    Sweet picture of the baby Swallows protected between the adults.

  6. Great picture of the two of you off on your adventure. Way to go Bill. Keep up those efforts. I guess Nancy will be the one to go up on the roof and sweep the water off the slide toppers after heavy rains? And the debris off after the latest big winds? That was me today! Thanks for the hike, I really need as many as I can get. The only time I get outside now is to run around and around and around the campground roads and walk from the car into the hospital.

  7. I think that looks like a fabulous hike. I'd be like Nancy hanging over the rail to take a picture. Rick would be hanging onto my shirt so I didn't fall in :)

    We have the Midland WR-100 just like Mike and Terry. I think I got ours on Amazon. It is very easy to program and it will make you sit upright in bed when that thing goes off! If it goes off during the day, I jump. I could turn it down but am afraid I wouldn't hear it at night. That's the price I pay for safety :)

  8. We have an oregon scientific. We had one before that we got from Radio Shack and it never worked right...despite returning it for a new one. 4 times. I think it was a Midland. No problem with the Oregon Scientific.