No Internet or Cell - Friday - July 27, 2012

We arrived at Table Rock State Park, SC yesterday.  All is well except we are offline completely.  We came to the visitor center to use their MIFI.  Just want you to know we are fine and will be here until next Thursday, August 2.  If you need to reach us, leave a voice mail or email and when we get a connection we will respond.

Enjoying the mountains...we'll be back in a week or so:o))


  1. It always comes as such a surprise to me when we get somewhere and have no cell or internet. I guess I just think it should always be there! I do think that :)
    Have a wonderful week and we'll see you when you return :)

  2. Sometimes no cell or internet can be a good thing! Complete peace and no distractions :)

  3. OH BOY! You are really out in the wilds now! :-))) I'll miss you while you are gone. Be sure to take notes so I can see what you were up to. But enjoy the solitude, something we don't get much of or maybe even enough of in any life in the 21st Century.