Happy 4th of July–Wednesday–July 4, 2012

My back is slowly getting better – not yet strong enough for lifting or exercising.  Of course, with the thermometer still pushing 100, we have backed off the real strenuous exercise for now!

However, we did get a little walk in today.  Early this morning, we drove to Savannah Rapids Park to see the Augusta Canal Tow Path.  We also wanted to check out the bike bath that runs to Augusta.  If it ever gets cool and my back gets better, we would like to give it a go ;o)

The Savannah Rapids Park was amazing!! 
(click any photo to enlarge)

It had a wonderful walkway along the canal. Most of the original buildings and locks have been preserved.  What a beautiful place to walk! 

Looking up the Savannah River, above the dam and rapids.

One of the two locks used to move boats down the
Savannah River to Augusta and then on to Savannah.

You can walk or cycle the tow path.
We only walked to the pedestrian walkway.
However, this path goes about 7 miles to Augusta.

Crossing the Pedestrian Walkway

View from the walkway

There was a large crowd at the park today.
They ran a 5K or 10K race to support wounded warriors..

 Did I mention it was REALLY hot?!?!?

This is the lock keeper's cottage, circa 1900
which now serves as the visitor center.

After our walk along the canal, we stopped at the grocery store and got gas in the Tahoe.  However, our main focus was to find a Lowes or Home Depot to get some heavy duty ant killer stuff. We are being over-run with ants.  This is a beautiful spot and apparently the ants like it as well.  We should have realized there was a problem when we saw folks spraying their entire site when we arrived!!!  We are about to use Dan's Ant Eradication Method….the blow touch;o))

Nancy and I are both veterans.  She was in the Air Force and I was in the Marine Corps.  So today is a special day for us.  We don’t do a lot of hoopla on the 4th of July, but the birthday of our country is a good reason to celebrate.  I even wore my flag shirt today.  We had a cook-in;o))  It is just to hot to be outside let alone have a fire or grill going.  We did have picnic fare… watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, baked beans, coleslaw and of course, Hot Dogs!!  Well... we really had Soy Dogs;o)) 

Happy Birthday America!!


  1. That looks like a picnic anyone could enjoy. Glad to hear your back is getting better and you are checking bicycling opportunities for us all.

  2. WAIT---no corn on the cob on the 4th???

  3. Not to sound like a broken record, but: Terro Liquid Ant Baits. Seriously. You will not be sorry.

  4. My husband and I plan to be in Savannah next month, so I'm making a list of possible things to do. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and the things you've done. Hope you don't mind, but I pinned one of your photos to my 2012 Road Trip board on Pinterest. I can't wait to see the canal for myself!

  5. Kay, thanks for your comment. Don't mind the Pinterest photo at all.

    However, Savannah River Rapids Park, which is where the canal is located, is just north of Augusta, GA not Savannah, GA. It is on the Savannah River which does run all the way to the City of Savannah. August, GA is 130 miles from Savannah, GA. Sorry if I confused the location;o)

  6. Haha your comment about Dan's blow torch made me laugh! I second Gail's comments about Terro. If you get that, you won't need a torch. ;-) Just might have to slide into Modoc on our way down to Florida. Looks so nice! Love the canal walk.

  7. Bill, you look so patriotic in that shirt, love it! Nice 4th meal..and soy dogs too!