Easy Travel Day–Thursday–July 26, 2012

Today we did our “normal” power walk and then took our time enjoying breakfast.  We have an easy travel day from Oconee Point COE Campground to Table Rock State Park Campground… a total of less than 50 miles.  That’s my kind of travel day…just a bit over an hour’s drive:o))

Leaving Clemson Country;o))

Pickens, SC closest town to Table Rock SP 

Where is Table Rock SP??

(Be sure to click any photo to enlarge)

Our first view of Table Rock Mountain!!
Traveling Hwy 11 towards the State Park

When we arrived at Table Rock, we backed into our site (#8), set up and then had to go to the visitors center to check in. 

Campground Map 

Apparently a bad storm came through yesterday and knocked out the computer at the Campground Store/Office;o((  We have had enough ‘Bad Storms’ this summer!!

Our site has no “IT” factor, but it’s level.

Our Street 

Our Site 

Our  Yard :o((( 

The campground here needs a lot of TLC.  Both the roads and the sites are in need of repair. Nancy remembered that when we were here with the Pleasure-way Van we had a difficult time getting level.  Nothing has changed;o((  She was sure to get the last site on the entry road.  Sites 2-8 can handle larger rigs and site 8 will at least give you a little privacy but no room.  Just be sure if you come in a large rig to stay away from the sites above #8.  Just driving a big rig through the upper campground would be a challenge.

Hairpin curves in the upper campground 

Another warning…  Be sure to enter the campground from West Gate Road off Hwy 11.  DO NOT enter at East Gate and try to drive the state park loop to the campground.  We made that mistake in the VAN:o((  There is no warning until it is too late to turn around!!  It could be a real problem for a big rig!!!

Since we arrived before noon and the temps were in the mid 90’s, we decided to drive to find a couple of waterfalls.  The first waterfall was Twin Falls.  We drove an extra 20 miles through the squiggles on the mountain roads as we misread the directions to get there;o((  Once we found the parking area, it was just a 1/4 mile walk to the falls.

Twin Falls Access Trail

It was worth the effort to get here.  The 70 feet of bare granite and 2 rushing waterfalls made for a beautiful site.

Twin Falls

The next waterfall, Wildcat Branch Falls, can be viewed by everyone…it is roadside on Hwy 11.  It is a small falls with a pool of water below.  Looks like a wonderful place to chill off on a hot day.  But after seeing Twin Falls, it was a bit disappointing.

Wildcat Branch Falls

In my opinion, Table Rock State Park Campground really needs some work.  However, we came here to hike and that is where Table Rock SP shines.  There are many wonderful trails and we plan to do several.

Trail Map

Ultimately we plan to hike to the top of Table Rock Mountain
(the red trail)!!

Pinnacle Lake and Table Rock Mountain 

So stay tuned and we will bring you the beauty we find on the trails!!


  1. Wow! That looks like quite the hike! Hopefully the higher elevation will bring you cooler temperatures. I'd hate to tackle that in 90º heat!

  2. Many state parks in our area are being forced to eliminate positions and upkeep due to budget cuts - seems backwards because if they let them go no one will want to go there and they will not have that income.

  3. Oh thank you for my waterfall fix! Just gorgeous!! Sounds like you picked the best campsite there is - way to go Nancy. We often found that if the hiking was great, we'd be gone all day so the site wasn't all that important. Now with the heat, that might not be true.

  4. It looks really nice. One thing that I have found less than my expectations in Colorado is the lack of spectacular waterfalls. I guess the rest of the scenery makes up for it. Have you ever been to Watkins Glen NY? Now THERE are awesome waterfalls!

  5. Beautiful falls and beautiful lake. Looks like it was worth the "squiggles" ;)

  6. The scenery makes up for the site :) Looks like it will be great hiking for you both..have fun!

  7. I carry some clippers to cut back overgrown branches. No one has ever given me a hard time about trimming the site to allow my RV to "fit".

    Looks like another gem of a CG to visit. You sure know how to find them! :c)

  8. You guys are in the same campsite we were in when we were there. It is the best site for big rigs, but that isn't saying much. We like you were there to hike. We did hike the 7.2miles up to Table Rock and it was a very hot day. We loved it though! When we came down, we immediately got into the spring with the falls at the bottom. It was awesome! Yes, the campground needs alot of work....
    See you in a few days....

    Bruce and Laura