A Do Nothin’ Day–Friday–July 20, 2012

Nancy here: 
As I type this blog, I thought you might enjoy seeing
 a picture of my current office!!
It's a tough life, but I am managing;o))

Back to Bill:
Well, we have finally learned to slow down.  We actually had no plans for today:o))  Just took the day as it came!!

We did get out for our morning walk.  Oconee Point COE campground is in Clemson Country.  All the land around the campground is part of Clemson University and is used for agricultural research.  We walked out the road to inspect their peach farm…

The trees were loaded with peaches!!

On the other side of the road,
we passed “The Experimental Forest” ?!?!
Not sure what they were experimenting?!?!

However, we did see a deer walk out of the forest, cross the street, find the only small hole in the peach farm fence, and make itself at home in
the peach orchard ;o)))

At the end of the road
there was this cute cottage.
They had lots of feeders for all types of animals.

The sign on the mailbox called it
“The Nut House” … too cute;o)

On thing we have decided we really like about full-timing is always having new and different places to walk.  Every week or two, our location changes and we have a new and interesting place to walk.  It is also good exercise as we are walking some hills and not just the flat land we have at the beach!!

The peaches on the trees inspired our breakfast. 
 It’s nice to have time to cook if you want in the morning.
 We had some fresh peaches that would be wonderful
on top of homemade buckwheat corncakes :o)))

Well, I am not sure you can call this breakfast as it was very close to 11am by the time we were eating;o))  But then again…time just doesn’t matter!!

The rest of our day we just piddled around.
Yes Tricia, we are good at it also;-) 

Nancy was entertained for the longest time by a crazy young bluebird.  It would get on the motorhome or Tahoe mirrors and then attack its image.

It could care less that Nancy was right in front of it
taking its picture!!

Folks, this went on for hours and hours….

However, when it left, that was it. 
We never saw it again. 
Sure hope it didn’t hurt itself.

While Nancy was busy supervising the Bluebird, I was learning a new skill set.  Remember the screen room that needed some sewing…  Well, I have never used a needle and thread before in my life and Nancy decided it was time for me to learn since she was very busy;o)) 

Our family has a running joke with Nancy about sewing.  There is a line from the movie, The Three Amigos, that the kids use to say to Nancy all the time… “Sew, sew like the wind old woman!” 

Well, the tables got turned
Nancy was relentless!!!
I will not claim to be a seamstress,
but the screen room is back in working order !!!

Before we knew it,
we had piddled our day away… 

It doesn’t take much to keep us happy:o))


  1. I think days like that are priceless! Glad you found a new skill set Bill :)

  2. Those are actually the BEST days. Just doing not much and doing it slow and easy. I think you've done a reboot on how to full time.

    Poor Bluebird he must have thought he had some competition and gave up when he couldn't get the rival to go away. :-) I'll be that's how the famous grumpy bluebird picture got taken. Those are some great ones you've got.

  3. We had a Cardinal doing the same thing at the house before it sold. Lo and behold, we have another crazy one here. You look really good with a needle and thread!

  4. That last picture, are you laughing or in pain because you just sewed your finger to the material?

  5. I don't think a fence can be built that will actually keep a deer out. They always find a way. Those peaches look great.

  6. Wow, I'm impressed Bill. Now if you could learn to take more pictures of Nancy :) Great bluebird shots..we have cardinals that do the same, talk to their reflection in the window..too funny.

  7. Piddlng is the best, dontcha know? And I think that I am perfecting it with this lifestyle! Love the bluebird pics. Maybe Bill will start cross-stitching next? lol

  8. Those are great shots of the bluebird. Too funny!