A Trip to Walhalla–Wednesday–July 18, 2012

Today I had scheduled maintenance for the Tahoe.  I know it was due for an oil change and 4 new tires.  I also thought it might need brakes and a wheel alignment as well.  Nancy wanted me to scope out any Laundromats along the way.

Nancy printed out directions for me.  We don’t have a GPS in the Tahoe.  However, we had driven this way on a previous trip, so I was fairly confident I could get there and back;o)  I’ve never been very good with directions.  We always say I’d still be out West driving in circles if Nancy hadn’t been with me!! 

After our morning walk and some breakfast, I was off.  I made several stops along the way.  First stop, the bank, to get rolls of quarters for our laundry.  There, I asked for directions to a Laundromat and I found it!! 


Next stop, Xpress Lube, for the oil change. 

Then on to Super Service & Tires to get the new tires.

I spent several minutes speaking to the owner
whose name was Bill;o))

I told him I knew I need tires, wheel alignment and possibly brakes. His shop was large and most of the bays were full... that’s a good sign. 

The service tech that was assigned to do the Tahoe was a courteous young fellow. He showed me that my old tires were wearing on both the inside and outside.  This indicated that I had been driving on underinflated tires.  I told the owner and the tech that I religiously check my tires and always make sure they are at the prescribed 32 PSI that the label and manufacturer suggest. They just chuckled a little bit and told me they should have been at least 35 PSI, but 37 to 38 PSI would have been better.

I’m a stickler for following the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Bill showed me that Michelin changed their recommended pressure a couple of years ago to a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 40 PSI.  How the heck was I to know that?!?!  I was glad to find out all this and real happy to learn I didn’t need brakes or a wheel alignment:o))

However, I am happiest of all that I got my errands completed and found my way back to the campground without getting lost:o)))

Nancy here:
I was rudely interrupted while typing this blog by a severe thunderstorm....AGAIN;o(((  Night after night they seemed to come through.  Tonights storm was a little worse than the others. We managed to get everything put away except for the screen room. 

It doesn't look too happy at the moment...
We'll check it out tomorrow.

We saw that we are not the only ones experiencing severe weather. 
Hope everyone is safe and sound!!!


  1. That was a lot of errands for a retired guy to have to take care of in one day! Now what are you going to do for the rest of the month???

  2. Whew - that sounded a lot like w-o-r-k. Go enjoy yourself with some outside activities (and preferably with nice weather!).

  3. Now that's one honest shop if you told them you were prepared to pay for a wheel alignment and a brake job and they didn't just do unnecessary work and pocket the money. How did you find them?

    Hoping the screen room is none the worse for wind and rain. PLEASE don't send it down here.

  4. Bill...you are quite the guy to find all those places, and avoid unnecessary car work too. We've been having wild weather here too.

  5. I am one of those directionally challenged people so I think you did an excellent job of getting all that done without getting lost! The day I bought my first gps was such an enlightening day :)I cannot be trusted without one.
    Hope the screen room is still in one piece. You have definitely had your share of bad weather this summer.