The Day After The Storm–Monday–July 2, 2012

Neither one of us got a decent nights sleep.  We tossed and turned, listened for the winds and just could not settle down.  We’ll crash tonight, but right now it’s clean-up time.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a clean freak;o))  But with my back still aching, Nancy had to do a lot of the work.  We wanted to put duct tape on the the damaged area to prevent any further damage. As soon as you walk outside, there is a reminder of the storm!!

Nancy got up on the roof, cleaned off the debris and snapped some photos for insurance purposes. We really were lucky we didn't have more damage!!

With me on the ladder and Nancy on the roof,
we managed to put strips of duct tape in place. 
Baby has her First Bandage;o((

Just as we were finishing up Heather, the COE Park Ranger, stopped at our site to check on things and take a report.  No sooner had she left when Willie, the foreman of the crew that took the tree down, stopped to see how we were doing. 

Like I said before, these folks were terrific and genuinely concerned about us:o))

When we finished the first aid, we went for a long walk.  Even though it is still scorching hot outside, walking helps my back more than sitting.  We wanted to survey all the damage within the campground and also see if there was another site we might like better on a return trip.  It already seems like we have been here a long time and it is barely 24 hours!!

We were not the only ones to suffer storm damage.  A travel trailer about 100 yards from us had a limb go through their A/C and into their living space.  It rained in their trailer:o(

Several others had dings and dents. 

This fellow was pulling out
before the tree overhead came down;o((

Lots of screen rooms and awnings had to be trashed.

Lots of trees down...

both real


not so real... 

Because of my back,
we hadn’t set up any of our outside furniture.

I feel lucky!!

This afternoon, we just chilled and then went for another long walk after dinner.  Will report later on favorite sites when things are cleaned up and we can get a better idea of what the sites might really be like.

We are officially tired. 

We will welcome a good nights sleep!!!


  1. You did a great job on Baby's bandage. David wanted to know if you got the duct tape recommendation from Car Talk.

    Guess you'll add that you hadn't put out any of your furniture to your lucky list. That would be a good list to have in your case.

    Hope your back is lucky too Bill. Great pic of Nancy on the roof. It's the twin thing, I do all the roof climbing too.

  2. Not only are you two lucky, even Baby ends up with color coordinated duct tape! How cool is that? :)

    Hope the insurance adjusting and repairs are quick and easy and that the back heals just as quickly!

  3. Don't know how insurance will handle it but Lazy Days has an excellent body shop. Wish there was something we coulddo to help.

  4. Hopefully all the insurance claim stuff will go quickly and you get Baby fixed quickly. If it goes longer, and there is a long wait, you might want to consider some Eternabond tape. It is much more weather resistant than duct tape.

    Hope that it doesn't come to a long, drawn out process.

    As for your back, we both feel your pain. :c(

  5. What a testiment to Winnebago construction that the windshield did not crack and the door still opens! Seals should be checked during repair to be sure they were not compromised by the impact. Mother Nature was indeed kind and gentle in helping 'break in' the new rig. Things could have been sooo much worse. Glad you are all okay and taking it well. I feel that back pain. Try Aleve if you haven't already.

  6. Sorry it happened but another testament to the utility of having a couple of rolls of duct tape in your emergency kit. Hope the repair process goes smoothly.

  7. I know you both are thanking your lucky stars! Wow - looks like it could have been so much worse. So glad it wasn't though!