A Little Ride, A Little Shopping–Friday–July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Nancy’s lucky number is 13!!

This should be a Good Day!!!

Well, it was!!!!

It has rained the last few days, sometimes easy and sometimes heavy downpours with thunder-boomers. We really wanted to bike the Augusta Canal Tow Path Trail while we are here.  But, with all the rain, the clay/mud trail surface would be a mess.  So we will have to ride it during another visit;o((

We did manage to ride the North Augusta Greenway again. It was raining when we left MODOC. However, the skies cleared (it’s Nancy’s lucky day) and we rode about 13 miles. 

A beautiful multi-use trail

Riverfront Greenway

We found a pretty neighborhood

Chicken Coop, Flower and Vegetable Garden

Lovely spots all along the trail
It is really a nice trail and very well kept.

After the bike ride, we went in search of a farmer’s market.  The one Nancy had found online was no longer there;o((  So we headed to the Savannah Rapids Park to go the visitor’s center which wasn’t open during our last visit. 
This building was originally the Lock Keepers house.

While we were there, the volunteer told us about another produce stand run by Mennonites.  It was really, really nice!! 

The Good Earth produce stand

Our FAVORITE food of summer:o))

 Yep, it is Nancy’s lucky day;o))

Last stop was Wal-Mart
where we finished our grocery shopping. 

On the way back to MODOC,
we past this bicycle shop.
Great name, don't you thing!?!?!

 OK, now we are stocked up and ready to head to Oconee Point COE Campground on Lake Hartwell this Sunday!! 

Yep, It’s been a GOOD DAY!!


  1. Looks like Friday the 13th is a very nice day!

  2. Glad you had a lucky and fun day. A fellow Journey owner was not so lucky at Winnebago GNR:(

  3. Those tomatos look divine! They haven't ripened up here yet! But...we now have Pelicans with us, dontcha know? :-)

  4. Looks like a super day. Nice ride and local produce. Hope your new spot is out from under the trees. Wish we were too or that these Florida thunderstorms would just turn back into ordinary rains - no hurricanes allowed.

  5. I've found that some of the very best fruit and vegetable stands are run by the Mennonites. I think they must have a very green thumb, dontcha know? :)