Winding Down, but NOT Done! – Sunday – September 11, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 4 - Part 1

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9/11 – A day we will always remember.  Ten years after the tragedy, we knew there would be many tributes throughout the USA.  This is one time I was glad we didn’t have TV, as I didn’t want to see it relived all over again. Our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones.

Nancy and I did our customary power walk and when we got back to our campsite, Nancy put on her hiking boots and off she went.

Nancy here:  During our power walk, we heard and saw the Red Cockaded Woodpecker at the end of the boardwalk ;-)   However, I did not have my camera ;-(   So I decided to head back out and try to get a photo of these endangered birds.  They were gone by the time I returned to the spot we had seen them, but it was not a wasted hike.  I will do a separate blog of what I did find!!

I relaxed, took a nice long hot shower and sat outside day-dreaming as I looked over the lake.  I kept smiling, thinking about all the fun we’ve had.  Soon we had a crowd of people again at the campsite.

02a - Day 4 - A group has gathered

I don’t quite know how the conversation started about milk, cheese, and dairy, etc.  However, Gail announced proudly that she was from “WisCON’sin, The Dairy State, Don’t Cha Know!”  Rick followed up with, “You Betcha!”  It struck a funny bone with all of us and another set of nicknames was born. 

Rick and Gail  (AKA  YouBetCha and Don’tChaKnow)
04e - The Campfire - Rick and Gail

There was a lot of laughs about last nights moonlight kayak trip. 
Some of us were working on a little extra coffee this morning ;o))
02b - Day 4 - Gail and Gin COFFEE

Unfortunately, it was now time to say,
“See ya down the road”
to some of the Carolina Clan ;o((

02c - Day 4 - Goodbye Laura and Bruce
See you soon, Bruce and Laura!!

02d - Day 4 - Goodbye Ray and Kris
Safe Travels and Happy Trails, Ray and Kris!!

The rest of day, the clan came and went from the campsite. 
We laughed about this and that. 
We even got a wonderful idea from Jill and Paul. 
Paul has made a very simple clothes dryer for the 5th wheel.

How cute is this?!?!
02e - Day 4 - The clothes dryer02f - Day 4 - The clothes dryer closeup

Some of the clan went out for one more kayak trip.

As Dan and Tricia paddled by our site, I mentioned to Nancy how mechanically inclined and clever Dan was.  Years ago there was a TV show called, “MacGyver.”  MacGyver was really handy and could fix anything.  He would use string, rope, matches, and one time he even used a Hershey Bar to fix a nuclear reactor.  Of course, it was pure B.S., but the fictional guy was talented.  So handy Dan got the nickname “MacGyver!”  I also thought he was really good at plotting how and where to hide  “George.”  Dan told me Tricia actually came up the ideas – he just carried them out.  I told Nancy and she said, “What a couple – MacGyver and Conniver!”  Sounds like another nickname to me…

Dan and Tricia (AKA  MacGyver  and  Conniver)02 - Day 4 - MacGyver and Conniver

Tonight was going to be our last night with the Clan ;o(( 

We got the campfire started just as the sun was setting. 

What a spectacular sunset it was…
02h - Day 4 - Sun Set02g - Day 4 - Sun Set02i - Day 4 - Sun Set

Tonight was get rid of the junk food night.  Food came out of every rig!!  There were pretzels, peanuts, chocolate almonds, marshmallows (regular, large chocolate/vanilla and coconut ones), graham crackers, homemade peanut-cashew butter, chocolate bars and coffee cake.  Basically all the important food groups were present ;o))

Yes ladies, I remembered to get the coffee cake recipe for you. 
Just click on the photo to enlarge it!!
02i2 - Day 4 - Coffee Cake

While the coffee cake was great, it definitely was a smores night. 
We were even introduced to Mexican Smores!!

If laughter is the best medicine,
we were all cured of everything this weekend. 

For Nancy and I, it has been quite some time
since we have laughed so much…
day after day!! 

It was wonderful sitting around the campfire
enjoying each others company!!

02j - Day 4 - Campfire

Thanks to each of you
for making this a wonderful time
we will never forget :o))


  1. Can we be adopted into the Carolina Clan, even if we're from Virgina? (And hopefully soon, from South Dakota).

    Good times with good friends, hope your ribs stop hurting from all the laughter shortly. ;c)

  2. I'm going to save this set of your blogs so I can read them every time I need to smile :) I am transferred back to Cheraw just reading them. We did have a good time, didn't we? Of course we did, don'tcha know :)

  3. Paul and Marti our adoption policies are very simple.

    If you have been or every intend to be in North or South Carolina.... YOU QUALIFY!!

    So we know of several trips you have made to South Carolina... You are in like flint;o))

    Welcome to The Carolina Clan:o))

    Just watch out for "George!!"

  4. Ya never that we have a rig..once we learn how to use it, we may be down!

  5. And you told me I only qualified because I actually had lived in North Carolina for a couple of years. Boy Paul is getting off easy. :-)

    Great sunset pictures, great fire picture and great stories of what sounds like a fabulous time that I am so sorry I missed. I could have been doing that with you guys instead of breaking my ankle. It would have been so much more fun!!

  6. I have been to North/South Carolina at least 10 times. Does that qualify?

  7. Laurie and George... If you have a rig, you are part of the clan!!

    Catherine and Jo Beth... 10 times!!! Qualify??? I think you just became the Clan leader ;o))

    Sherry... You didn't need to have proof of residency, remember we are twins :o))

  8. Wow, what a great time you all had -- and wonderful memories made!