Morning Powerwalk - Friday - September 9, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 2 - Part 1

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I knew we were going to have a a full day with the Carolina Clan.  Last evening, they decided to walk the Turkey Oak Nature Trail this morning.  Those interested in going were to meet at our site at 9am.

As is our daily ritual, Nancy and I went for our sunrise powerwalk first.  We walked from the campground to the Turkey Oak Trailhead and back.  It was a little over 5 miles.

00 - Walk to Turkey Trot TrailOur route from the campground to the trailhead

01a - Morning Walk - Lake FogSunrise over Lake Juniper

01b - Morning Walk - Golf CourseDew cover golf course

01c - Morning Walk - Sun RiseSun is getting a little higher!!

01d - Morning Walk - Pull UpsLooks like Bill lost his legs ;o))

01e - Morning Walk - Baby Long Leaf PinesBaby Longleaf Pines

01f - Morning Walk - Sunrise Golf CourseSunrise over the golf course

01g - Morning Walk - Approaching Nature TrailApproaching the trailhead

01h - Morning Walk - Nature TrailTurkey Oak Trailhead – our turnaround point
We'll be back here in a little while!!!

01i - Morning Walk - mail boxThey have the prettiest mailboxes here!!

01j - Morning Walk - park officeWalking past the Park Office

01k - Morning Walk - path to boardwalkBack to the Boardwalk

01l - Morning Walk - boardwalkAround the lake to the campground

Entering the Campground

Back to our campsite

What a BEAUTIFUL way to start the day!!!


  1. Thanks for the fun of following Bill on the walk but how did he do it without those legs???

    Those with broken ankles want to know.....What do you guys call a powerwalk? Is it based on heartrate? AND You two are always out before sunrise. Does that mean you change your times based on when the sun comes up? Or do you go out and walk & ride in the dark when it rises later and later??

  2. Dear Broken Ankle ;o)

    We don't measure anything.We try to walk between 3.8 to 4.0 mph (I have walk to the beat music) for an hour or more. As for the time of day, it depends if I work or not. We have walked with head lights, but prefer to see dawn appearing. If I have to work early, I am on the treadmill around 5am ;o((

    Our key is to Just Show Up... Walking everyday is the key and walking at a pace that makes us sweat is even better.

    We think the most important thing we can do for a happy retirement is to stay healthy:o)))

  3. I miss seeing a golf course; it's been over four months. Great photos of the sunrise!!