The British Are Coming ;o) - Saturday - September 10, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 3 - Part 1

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I woke up about 6am—looked over at Nancy and she was still asleep?!?!  That never happens!!  I guess the 2 glasses of wine she had last night did her in ;-) 

As I put my shorts and sneakers on, got my IPod ready, I realized Nancy wasn’t moving very quickly to get ready.  I asked, “Are you walking this morning?” She promptly replied, “You had ice cream last night and I didn’t.  You need to walk and I don’t… Bye, Bye ;o))” 
I guess that is a NO!!

When I finished my walk, Nancy had a surprise breakfast for me – PANCAKES!! 01 - Pancakes for Breakfast
Usually we have a bowl of cereal with soy milk,
a banana and a glass of juice. 
So this was a treat :-)

It was a beautiful morning to sit outside and eat our breakfast.00 - Beautiful Morning

We just love the shoe drying pole at our campsite ;o))00 - Watershoe Dryer

Sometimes you see the funniest things!!01b - tough paddling
Hard to paddle a canoe when you face each other ;-)

After enjoying our morning outside, it was time to get ready for another hike.  About 10am, Gail, Laura, Bruce, Nancy and I decided to hike out the campground road to the old boy scout camp. 02 - Campground Road Hike - Getting together

Instead of going directly to the campground road,
 we took this short cut through the woods to the road. 
Gail wasn’t real thrilled with this decision ;o(( 
02b - Campground Road Hike - Narrow path to horse camp
But she was a great sport and very happy
we didn’t see any little creatures along the way ;o))

It was a gorgeous morning as we headed down the road!!02c - Campground Road Hike - Campground Road

We saw some deer tracks but never saw any wildlife.02d - Campground Road Hike - Deer Tracks

We reached the scout camp and found this huge
fire pit and benches.
 02e - Campground Road Hike - Campfire area
Not sure what was so funny!?!? However, I have learned by now that with Carolina Clan, laughing is done for no reason at all :o)))))))
 02e1 - Campground Road Hike - Campfire area

After a little “laughing” break, we continued on and passed some of the old cabins.02e2 - Campground Road Hike - Campfire area

Earlier this morning, we had heard a lot of gun shots. 

About 2 miles into our hike, we ran into British Soldiers, in full uniform, who were training their dogs.
02f - Campground Road Hike - British Troops
Perhaps we have found the source of the gun shots??

We had a short conversation with them. They told us they have been “in the states” for a week and would be staying for three more weeks.02f 2- Campground Road Hike - British Troops
We asked how they liked it here and they told us it was HOT!! 
They were use to rainy, cold London.

When they asked us not to step on any buried devices on the road,
we took it as our queue to turn around and
head back to the campground.
02f3- Campground Road Hike - British Troops02g- Campground Road Hike - Almost Home
It was another nice hike!!

On the way back to the campground, Laura was laughing with me about their “backwards” kayak trip.  She said that Paul had been really kidding her about it and she wanted to get even with him.  What better way to get even than to reverse Paul and Jill’s kayak seats. 

Oh, but Laura would NEVER do anything like that!! 

Hmmm…. this is Laura,
but I don’t think that is her boat ;o))03 - Moonlight Paddle - Laura that's not your boat

Well, we are all going kayaking tonight,
so time will tell!!


  1. LOVE Nancy's comment about walking.....You GO girl!!!

    You do know that laughter is a #1 nutrient for good health!! Even though the USDA has no levels defined for it. No wonder you all can do so much hiking and kayaking. Can't wait to be part of all that laughter.

  2. You had a great time and got back in one piece with no stepping on buried "devices". I used to think the Brits were friendly...

    Keep a close eye on that Laura, you never know what she'll be up to next. :c)

  3. This is just a guess, but I'll "betcha" we were laughing about George!!!!

    Where is George anyway????

  4. Haha, you guys are so much fun to be around! I can't wait until we are part of that.