Around the Lake - Thursday - September 8, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 1 - Part 3

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Once we got rid of Mr. No Shoulders and finished setting up the campsite, a few of us walked around the lake to the State Park Office.  I needed to confirm the count for the Saturday night full moon kayak trip.

03c - Walk to Park Office - painted mail boxBeautiful mailbox on the campground road!!

03d - Walk to Park Office - beauty berry bush - dipping dotsBeauty Berry Bush
Nancy here:  I think this should be called The Dippin' Dot Bush!

03a - Walk to Park Office - hikersTrail to the bridge and boardwalk.

03b - Walk to Park Office - bridge over damBridge over the spillway.

03e - Walk to Park Office - our site the moonersOur site from the boardwalk on the far side of the lake.  We had a report that someone in the above photo may have mooned us, but we have no evidence ;o))

03g - Walk to Park Office - park officeState Park Office where Bill met Ranger Mark who will be taking our group down the lake under a full moon.  Sure hope Ranger Mark knows what he is getting himself into ;o))

03h - Walk to Park Office - campground across lakeThe campground is directly across the lake from the office.

As we headed back to the campground, we met Bruce and Laura as they arrive.03i - Walk to Park Office - Bruce and Laura arriving03j - Walk to Park Office - hitch hikers
Alrighty then, the whole CAROLINA CLAN is here!!

04d - The Campfire - Bruce and LauraBruce and Laura and their 5th wheel04d1 - The Campfire - Bruce and Laura campsite

04e - The Campfire - Rick and GailRick and Gail and Lucy, the motorhome!04e1 - The Campfire - Rick and Gail campsite

04f - The Campfire - Paul and JillPaul and Jill and their new Big Sky 5th wheel.04f1 - The Campfire - Paul and Jill campsite

04h - The Campfire - Gin and SylGin, Syl and Smudge and their motorhome04h - The Campfire - Gin and Syl Campsite

04i - The Campfire - Dan and TriciaDan and Tricia and their 5th wheel.04i - The Campfire - Dan and Tricia Campsite

04j - The Campfire - Ray and KrisRay and Kris and their motorhome.04j - The Campfire - Ray and Kris Campsite

04g - The Campfire - Steve and EvinSteve, Evin and Doodlebug  - Their 5th wheel is on order!!



  1. You got some great photos there! I'm having so much fun reading this from your perspective :)

    Except for the welcoming surprise, of course ;)

  2. *Sniff*, now I'm really jealous that we weren't there. Next time!!

  3. Boy these are great pictures. Helps me remember all the folks, and their rigs. Thanks!