Beach Walk After Hurricane Irene, Part 2 - Sunday - August 28, 2011

Here is Part 2, a week late ;o((

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Nancy here: Be sure to take a look at Part I if you missed it. Hope you can find it ;o((

Well I am confused.  I just posted Part 1 and it has disappeared :o(( It took a long time to put it together and it appears blogger ate it!!  I will try my best to recreate it when time permits. you know anything about this!?!?!?

We finally reached the Jetty and it was clear that Hurricane Irene had visited before us!!

The Jetty was cover with sand and sea grasses.05n - Beach Walk - On Jetty Looking East to OceanLooking east towards the ocean….
05n2 - Beach Walk - On Jetty Looking West to Murrells InletLooking west towards Murrells Inlet…

05n3 - Beach Walk - On Jetty Deep Sea Fishing BoatJust as we got to the jetty, this fishing charter boat was headed out through the inlet.

05n4a - Beach Walk - On Jetty Water over at EndThe ocean was still a bit rough and was splashing over the end of the jetty.  We did not go much further for fear of getting soaked ;o))

05n6a - Beach Walk - On Jetty - Ruddy TurnstoneThis pretty bird is a Ruddy Turnstone.  The only place we have ever seen them is on the boulders around the end of the Jetty.  Wish I could get a photo of one in flight.  The colors pattern of their wings is amazing!!05n6b - Beach Walk - On Jetty - Ruddy Turnstone

As we headed off the jetty and back down the beach you could really see the damage to the dunes :o((
05P13 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Missing Dunes

We came upon this turtle nest that had been exposed by the storm.05P5 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Turtle NestIt was sad to see the eggs destroyed, but so goes nature…05P6 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Turtle Nest

These sunglasses had spent some time in the ocean!!05P - Beach Walk - Going Back - Sunglasses

Both sides of a starfish….05P3 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Starfish front
05P4 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Starfish back

Bill and I had been really taking our time and not paying any attention to the tides.  Well, the tide came in and we ran out of beach !!!05P7 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Tides Up

Alrighty then… shoes off and carry-on ;o))05P8 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Shoes Off

05P9 - Beach Walk - Going Back - SanderlingSanderling enjoying this beautiful morning!!

05P12 - Beach Walk - Going Back - WilletThis Willet was enjoying the surf which is unusual.  We rarely see them at Huntington Beach SP, but if we do it is usually in the Salt Marsh !?!?!

05P10 - Beach Walk - Going Back - Sea WeedThis is an interesting seaweed specimen!!

05P11 - Beach Walk - Going Back - PelicansPelicans skimming along the waves!!

Our walk up the beach ended just as it started :o))

We are glad to know that the damage done by Irene was minimal and nature has a way of renewing itself.

If you ever have the chance to visit Huntington Beach State Park, you won’t be sorry.  We are so fortunate to have this right in our own backyard!!!


  1. Nancy, I can't find part 1 either! I hope it's a temporary blip and it resurfaces tomorrow!

    That is a beautiful beach. I could be right at home there :)

    See you soon!

  2. Great post- all the years we lived in Florida I never learned all those long legged beach birds. It is nice to see some of them identified.

  3. It's amazing the things you see washed up on the beach. When we lived on Sandy Hook, NJ, we'd walk the beach often, one time I even found a full set of false teeth laying in the sand. Somebody wasn't happy about that.

    Great pictures as usual. The power of nature is as awesome as its beauty.

  4. Oh blogger - if it isn't one thing it is another.
    Hats off to you for having the stamina to reproduce Part I. I never redid our great trip to Hot Springs in Arkansas. It was too hard to do in the first place.

    I know I'm reading Part II before part IU but I'll go back when you get it posted. Sure beats the other choices I have for what to do at this point. :-)

    Great pictures here as usual. I too am learning the birds from you. But I'll never remember them so you'll have to identify them over and over and over.... LOL

    Particuclarly LOVE that pelican picture it's fabulous!!

    Very sad about the eggs. Poor turtles have a tough time for sure.

    Thanks so much for this walk with you. And the phone call. You two are such great friends!!