Departure Day :o( - Monday - September 12, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan, Day 5

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Today would be our last day here at Cheraw State Park.
We really hated to leave this beautiful place and
our wonderful friends!!

We got up early and walked.
The moon was still out and the sun was just beginning to rise.
01 - Morning Hike - Before Sunrise

Today was a half powerwalk.
Nancy had her camera so I knew she was on a mission this morning.
We headed in our usual direction, around the lake and
down the road towards the Turkey Oak Trailhead.

02 - Morning Hike - Past the Boat Launch
We passed the boat landing next to the campground,
went down the boardwalk and passed the Park Office.

This Hummingbird was getting an early start to his day!
03 - Morning Hike - Humming Bird Park Office

We continued down the road passed the golf course.
04 - Morning Hike - Past the Golf Course

Then Nancy saw a bird high in the tree!!

Could it be the elusive Red Cockaded Woodpecker??

05 - Morning Hike - Nope not a Woodpecker
Nope  ;-(  So we continued on towards the trailhead.

We had almost reached the Turkey Oak Trailhead,
when we met Ranger Mark.

He stopped his truck, got out and asked
 if we had seen the woodpeckers yet.

We told him no and he said to go back
to the restricted area we had passed.
Then just walk into the area and listen.
We would hear them and see them this time of the morning!!!

Well, I knew Nancy would be spending some time on this adventure,
 so we parted ways.

I continue my powerwalk and Nancy went woodpecker hunting ;o))

Nancy here:
I headed back to the restricted area as instructed by Ranger Mark.
06 - Morning Hike - Woodpecker Sign

Having been given permission to enter the area, I did and just stood quietly and listen.  It was really amazing.  You could hear the woodpeckers talking to each other.  They would pop in and out of their holes in the trees.

Getting any sort of photo was going to be a challenge.  They were never still.  The RCWs are small birds and move extremely quickly.  If they did stop it was very high up in the trees.

Can you see this fellow???

Holding my camera as still as possible,
I zoomed in as much as possible.

Finally..... The Red Cockaded Woodpecker !!!

Just a little closer ;o))

I spent quite a bit of time just watching and listening to these fun woodpeckers. They were very vocal and seemed to have quite a community in the grove of long-leaf pines.

As I turned to leave, I heard this one making a new hole. He sat on that branch hammering away!!

08e - Morning Walk - Woodpecker high in Tree building new hole closeup

I could have spent more time just watching and listening, but it was time to head back. At least I know that the endangered Red Cockaded Woodpecker has a great home here in the Long-leaf Pines of Cheraw State Park!!

These pine cones are where it all begins.

Here is the new generation of Long-leaf Pines.

As I headed back to the campground, I saw a few more things that just need to be photographed…

Here is the Tea Cup Long-leaf Pine !!


Doesn't he look inquisitive???
11 - Morning Walk - Squirrel  

Uh Oh… didn’t see this sign before ;o))
12 - Morning Walk - Uh Oh Didn't see this sign before

Just..... BEAUTIFUL !!!
13 - Morning Walk - Pretty Grasses

Jill and Paul paddling on Lake Juniper :o)

What a great way to spend my last morning at Cheraw!!
Now, back to Bill :o))

Back at the campsite, we leisurely took our time
breaking camp and getting ready to leave.

We shared a few more laughs and lots of hugs,
before heading to the dump to empty our tanks.

 The Last Dirty Deed ;o))

Of course, it is never Goodbye, just See You Down the Road!

We all agreed to meet again next year,
probably at Huntington Beach State Park,
sometime after Labor Day. 

I’d be willing to bet the Carolina Clan may grow in size before then :o))

We got home safely and unpacked both the Pleasureway and the Tahoe.

The last time we saw George, he was taking a moonlight kayak ride with the Carolina Clan.

I’m not sure where George is now,
but I’m sure he will be well taken care of :o))

Until Next Year...


  1. Nice pictures of the park, have a safe journey!

  2. Yep, we will be on our way to Florida. We might have to find a way to horn in on the fun.

  3. What a fabulous time you all had. And GREAT pictures of this elusive bird. I've never seen him thanks for sticking it out to get his picture in spite of losing out on the powerwalk. There's always another one of those but not of the RCW.

  4. What a great time with great people! Thanks for all of the laughs and memories! Dan and Tricia

  5. We're ready to take temporary residency in the Carolinas, as long as we don't get stuck with George.

    Finally victory getting Woody Woodpecker's picture! Persisitance pays off. ;c)

  6. oooh! oooh! Maybe we will just be there come Labor Day next year :)

  7. Site #11 looked awfully empty after you left :)

    Can hardly wait until the next one :)

    That George, he sure did get around. I'll bet he really enjoyed that kayak ride, all tucked in. He probably fell asleep :)

  8. Nancy and Bill, your postings of our great weekend have been wonderful! I too will be going back and reading from time to time just to laugh and smile. What great memories we made with great friends. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully more friends to join us!

    Bruce and Laura

  9. I love the idea of the Carolina Clan growing and laughing together. It was such a great weekend!